Note 4 render lands in our inbox: real or fake?

by: Andrew GrushAugust 28, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 exclusive

Earlier this month GSM Arena was lucky enough to get their hands on a set of images of what could be the Galaxy Note 4. The images revealed a device that followed a similar aesthetic to the Galaxy Alpha, complete with what appears to be a metal frame and a slightly more squared body. While it’s still unclear if these images provide a legitimate look at the Galaxy Note 4, we now have a new render that shows off the front of the device in a bit better detail.

The render comes to us from an anonymous source, and though it matches up with previously leaked images, there’s really no way to guarantee this is the real deal. We do find it a bit suspicious that this image happens to reach our inbox just a day after the Note 4’s default wallpaper leaked to the web. That said, even if this image proves to be an unofficial render, it still gives us a pretty good look at what could be the next iteration of the Galaxy Note.

galaxy note 4 leak

For more details on what to expect from the Note 4, be sure to check out our Note 4 roundup post. If you’re curious about what else we’ll likey see at IFA, we have a preview post for that as well. What do you think of this render: real or not? If legit, do you like the look of the Note 4’s front?

  • banglaz bless

    Looks fake.

  • joser116

    Love that big screen. Samsung really needs to go all out with this phone if they want to compete with the rumored Apple phablet.

    • ThunderCrackR

      You mean APPLE needs to go all out with their phablet if they want to compete with Samsung’s Note line!

      • joser116

        I get what you mean but all Apple needs to do is put a bigger screen, good marketing, and the Apple logo on the back and people will buy it.

        • ThunderCrackR

          iSheeps WILL buy it. But they buy everything Apple make. There are still so many people who HAVE brains and think that for that screen size the SPen and Samsung features are best suited. We will wait and see. Samsung invented and made this ”PHABLET” category succesful, so I am sure they will keep selling well.

          • William Talbert

            How are you any different then a Apple fan ?

          • das

            he has a brain ,apple fans dont

          • ThunderCrackR

            Yes! Thank you for telling him!

          • ThunderCrackR

            I don’t know. Maybe, because I use my brain when I buy something. Why should I buy something with around $1200 (in my country) when it costs only $200 to produce, when there are $700-800 priced devices with better processors (Galaxy S5, Alpha), better screens (S5, Find 7), better sound quality (One M8, OnePlus One), better design (Z2, One M8, Find 7), water resistance (S5, Z2) etc.? That makes me ”different”, if you could understand! By the way, it is ”thAn (someone)”, not ”thEn!

          • William Talbert

            Lmao I own the m8 secondly just because you can’t afford a Apple device doesn’t mean people who buy them aren’t using their brains or wasting money because it’s more expensive retard,I happen to love android but have no issues with Apple products, they are a solid device with a good OS.Now piss off and have a nice day.

          • ThunderCrackR

            They are OK, they work really well, they do their job but with that price they sould cook for me (especially after seeing the Note4). THIS is the problem. Also, have a good day too!

          • SContrerasMer

            I’d buy it for “One hell of a hardware, it will surely get CyanogenMod

          • There are a lot more isheeps than Ssheeps!

          • ThunderCrackR

            Not ”a lot”. If you sum 5s and 5c sells around the globe and compare it to the S and Notes sold in the same period, I am sure that the result will be very similar. How do I know that? Apple started their iPhone series some years before Samsung started the S and Note but there are around 550 millions iPhones sold and around 350 millions S and Notes. So, Samsung sells have speeded up to make the difference be ”only” 200 millions. They should be on par nowadays.

          • Woe of [S]unjΔy

            Samsung did not invent the phablet category.

          • ThunderCrackR

            Yeah? Then who was? Please enlighten me! Big devices always were but people never bought them because they did not really used that extra space with something, they were simply bad designed. No one loved the idea of these devices before Samsung introduced and succeded with the first Note and its SPen. Even when they launched the Note people said it will turn into a disaster but it was unexpected succsessful. Now, everybody tries to do the same thing: LG G Pro, G3 Stylus, Sony Z Ultra, HTC One Max and others but they do not have the same succes because they simply lack something. So, as I have already said, enlighten me! Who was the first to succed here?

          • Woe of [S]unjΔy

            The first to succeed and inventing are too different things.

            Secondly, the LG G Pro, G3 Stylus, Z Ultra and One Max aren’t lacking anything. They manufacturers simply don’t include features that utilize the big screen. Someone who is in the market for a Note device isn’t in the market for the previous devices because they are aimed for people who only want a big screen without fancy features.

          • ThunderCrackR

            ”Secondly, the LG G Pro, G3 Stylus, Z Ultra and One Max aren’t lacking anything. They manufacturers simply don’t include features that utilize the big screen.” So they lack something: FEATURES! :))) Also, tell me, as I used both words (”created” and ”succeded”), who was the first? As I have said, you need to use the space with features, that is what a phablet is produced for, not only its big screen. If not, it is simply a small tablet with phone capability! So, tell me! Who was the first?

          • Woe of [S]unjΔy

            They don’t lack features because they are not trying to appeal to people who want features, they’re marketing their devices to people who only want a big screen. Its like saying that the Moto E is lacking highend specs. I’m pretty sure that a phablet is only a phone with a big screen.

            Here are phablets that were released before the Galaxy Note:

            HTC Advantage
            LG GW990
            Dell Streak
            Dell Streak 7

          • ThunderCrackR

            And they were really ”impressive”! No, they are still oversized phones. Not even that, as the Streaks were TABLETS, even Dell called them tablets. The LG is not really big, at 4.8 it is the same size as an SIII. As when it comes to the Advantage, really not worth commenting. No, sorry. Still, no. At least from my point of view (and many other site/blogger writers, like the ones from this site).

          • Woe of [S]unjΔy

            I think you’re changing the definition of a phablet, a phablet is an oversized phone.

            Phablet: “a smartphone having a screen which is intermediate in size between that of a typical smartphone and a tablet computer”

            It was 4.8 but not the size of the S3. It was very long and had little width. They were called tablets because the “phablet” wasn’t used back then. The Dell Streak has telecommunication support and is therefore a phablet. Why is the Advantage not worth it? It was a 5 inch mobile phone, the Note was 5.3 inches which isn’t much bigger.

          • ThunderCrackR

            Not worth? Just look at it. It looks like a mini laptop, not a phone. But, hey, call them as you want and think. I am sick of this comparison. Everybody has the right to have his own opinion. Anyway, Samsung is the reason why this category still exist and has been named like that. End of story!

          • THatch

            If everyone can have their own opinion, then why do you have to attack every opinion that conflicts your own?

          • ThunderCrackR

            First, if I would have attacked every comment that conflicts my opinion I should have at least 6000 comments I think.
            Second, we had a long discussion on that matter and I wanted to put an end to it in a nice way, because really, I have one point of view and he has another and this is OK.
            Third, he was the one who started the disscusion, not me.
            Fourth, do you think that you are much smarter by reopening a 3-days old disscusion and telling people which things are right?

        • Michael Samsara

          True – but there is no accounting for nor known way to fight the knee jerk reaction of people buying simply from force of habit. This is one of the advantages with any product of being first to market. Apple “did” the first smartphone and by virtue of the time it took the competition to field their entries – got a big foothold – both in market share as well as in mind share. But, nothing lasts forever – just ask General Motors, and without a genius at the helm anymore – history, as relates to similar genius driven enterprises once absent their genius – start to stagnate and go downhill within about four years. In the end, it won’t make no never mind – as the Amish say – and the competition created between Apple/Samsung/Sony/HTC/LG will only help to spur them all to try harder – especially as the market matures and ultimately contracts.

      • Michael Samsara

        NOW you’re talkin’! lol

  • Kean Kakeesh

    boxy design …… i think it is real !!

  • George Holleway

    I feel like it could be accurate except around this time we usually expect carrier branding to show itself on renders. Either way, its basically a Samsung design, nothing too impressive. Unless metal. Still unoriginal.

  • OliverNetworkInc

    thanks been reported to Samsung Korea about that. the worker would get punished . thanks

  • MasterMuffin

    I’d say it’s a well done fake.

  • Rekinu

    Now I’m glad I took Note3, it seams to be the same phone

    • Thank you, so my Note3 would seem to be relevant for another year?

  • Ashley

    looks like shit, it should be real :D

    • das

      that htc max looks like shit ,brick

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Probably very close to real

  • jack

    Happy with my Note 3 for another year, but Note 4 will take the top spot as best phablet when released and it’s going to be a beast.

    • Karman Nagra


      • Mustafa Yaman

        WELL SAID

    • Even though I am not a big fan of Samsung,there is no denying that the note series is great,I love the design,the S pen everything,I had the NOTE 1,but the size was too big for me.

    • THatch

      I agree, my note 3 is great. The only problem is that I have verizon, and didnt buy the dev version, I won’t cyanogenmod, which requires an unlocked bootloader, which the dev edition has, I hope samsung releases a bootloader unlock for my note 3 after the note 4 release.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    Even if it’s fake, could you tell the difference? Will still not have Edge to Edge (which only ?sharp? achieved so far!), it will still have a plastic backpiece which imitates dead animal skin (wtf?!) and will be bloated with samsungstuff. Ofc will look brilliant on a specsheet and ppl will buy it like crazy…s-Sheeps.

    • das

      ypo jealous blood

  • Preben Nielsen

    Seems that it’s simply impossible for Samsung to design a phone that does not look like terrible. Even put into a case you would still be able to see that ugly button :(

    • das

      and no case can hide that ugly htc bezel for its logo and ugly speaker grills either

  • wat

    ugly but I am sure it will look like this

  • Jason Washington

    I believe that this is fake because the note 4 is most likely suppose to be water resistant but theres not cover for the charging port and Samsung would not have that ugly material on the back and the stylus is too bulky Samsung usually goes for smoothness in design

    • Mike Gonzalez

      who says it has to be water resistant!? the Galaxy Alpha is not and i hope the Note 4 isnt either, cuz Samsung only can achieve that by making the bezels massive like the S5

      • ThunderCrackR

        That bezels are for durability, not really for water resistance. Have you seen how well the S5 stands when it comes to drops?

    • ThunderCrackR

      It can be water resistant and could have no covers. Samsung already achieved that. Just look at the S5 Mini which is IP67 and has no flaps!

  • Johnnyboy

    Waw that looks exactly like the…… Note 3! So new form factor???

  • My Note3 is better than that. The designer should get fired.

  • Jayfeather787

    Looks accurate. Don’t care. Waiting for the Nexus!

  • Karman Nagra

    As fake as it looks, it might be legit. Take a look at the date, September 3rd. It doesn’t make sense for a fake to pay so much attention to detail.

  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    That may be what the real Note 4 looks like but I do not think that is a real image of it.

  • ThunderCrackR

    There is something wrong with that home button. I cannot say what but there IS something!

    • M3D1T8R

      The fact that it exists is what is wrong.

      • DroidGuy360

        i wouldn’t buy the phone if it didn’t have a physical home button. why would you want on screen buttons taking up precious screen real estate? on a tablet, fine, but not on a phone.

        it also allows for a fingerprint scanner, duh. it works perfectly on my Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

      • ThunderCrackR

        The same thing could be said about iPhone’s one, Find 7 touch buttons, HTC One M8 ”Logo” bar, Sony BIG up and down bezels, LG G3 cracked top due to introducing the USB etc. There are many things which should not exist but they are still here!

    • vgergo

      It looks like the home button from the Note1. I actually like the home button, that’s how I turn on the screen most of the time (and I programmed the back key to turn it off from the home screen – XGELS lets me do that).

      • ThunderCrackR

        Nice! Yeah, I also use the home button for turning on the screen. I tried a kernel with KnockOn support but I still prefered the home button. It is more convenient.

      • Me too, agree – the home button has a usefulness. Convenient tool for switching on my device.

  • Noel

    Looks like the Sammy Alpha phone…not bad.

  • xtriker360

    So it will look just like the note 3? :(


    Yawwwwwwwn, looks like Note 3 and any other Galaxy front face. No wonder they are losing market share. Boring design, gimmicky improvements and not much new warranting upgrading. Glad I have my One Plus One and. Note 3 in shelf as backup.

    Ian. B

  • vgergo

    If it has voice wake up like the Note 3 (and unlike the S5 where it only works in Car mode) I am getting it. Always listening voice wake-up is my favorite feature, especially with S for Switch Voice, so I can wake it to Google and not SVoice.

  • fredphoesh

    God I hope it’s fake… I was thinking of buying one, and this is soooooo boring!!! Sheesh Samsung designers have NO CLUE!

  • Remy Basi

    iz biuriful <3 :'(-tear

  • Brian Samuel

    I think Note 4 is going to be the best phone of the YEAR! Its going to blow your mind of !

  • David Onter

    I think it looks pretty good

  • Kasi Viswanathan

    edge to edge design perfection

  • jake

    Now that Samsung has showed us the silhouette of the phone. it’s mmore rounded than this render so I’m calling fake