Galaxy Note 4 to be released week of September 15th (RUMOR)

by: Andrew GrushAugust 7, 2014

Galaxy Note 4 the Date Episode 2-2

Just the other day we learned that Samsung will host its next Unpacked Event on September 3rd, just ahead of IFA’s official start. It’s pretty much guaranteed that the Note 4 will be announced that day (especially given the obvious hints in the teaser image above), but when can we expect to see it ship? We’ve heard more than one report claiming the turn around from announcement to release would be short, and now a tipster that reportedly works for Samsung may have shed a bit more light on to how short of a turn around we can expect.

According to the tipster, Samsung notified him and other employees that there are two black out periods for time-off in September, the 3rd through the 5th (IFA announcement) and the 15th through the 28th (Note 4’s release week). If this source proves correct, that means we may see the Note 4 arrive in a little less than two weeks after its announcement. While not nearly as impressive as HTC’s near-immediate launch of the M8, that’s still a pretty fast turn around and a bit faster than we’ve seen from Samsung in the past.


Now it’s important to mention that we can’t confirm that the tipster does in fact work with Samsung, though the above image certainly lends a bit more credence to the claim. Either way, we’d take this report with a grain of salt for now. That said, the less-than-two-week turn around does fit with just about everything we’ve heard so far.

What do you think, excited for the Note 4 based on what we currently know? For those looking for even more details, be sure to check out our official roundup post.

  • MobileRoamer

    Better sooner than later. Already have a buyer for my Note 3.

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Yup almost time to sell our babies.

      • Mike – Construction Contractor

        You are a class act. Now we know what is wrong with the world – people like you talking down on others.

        But, I guess it makes you feel better about yourself.

        • Nate Fredricksen

          I honestly can’t tell what’s satire anymore, and that scares me. It’s getting dangerously thin in the veiling department.

  • MasterMuffin

    Still don’t understand why they can’t have them ready on the day of unveiling

    • It’s so they can gain momentum before release day by leaving a few days after the unveiling so people talk about it and spread the news. Apparently, a lot of people judge a phone’s success by their first day sales, so it’s important for the company.

      • MasterMuffin

        True dat. They should at least have one for everyone at the event

  • namesib

    I’m just waiting for photo leaks or at least a spec list… :/

    • Mike – Construction Contractor

      Samsung has done a great job the past two years keeping image leaks under control. The supposed hardware specs are out there but they can change.

  • Michael Lemos


  • Zapped1976

    STA is samsung’s tablet/cell phone division, they also work directly with the vendors in best buys