Possible first images of Galaxy Note 4 show metallic frame

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 11, 2014

galaxy note 4 leak

Grab your saltshakers – purported images of the Galaxy Note 4 just leaked, showing what appears to be a metal frame similar to that of the Galaxy Alpha.

The images were sent to GSM Arena by an anonymous source, so there’s really no guarantee that they are the real deal. This disclaimer out of the way, the images don’t show any sign of tampering and seem credible enough.

samsung galaxy note 4 leak (3)

samsung galaxy note 4 leak (2)

So, what are we looking at here? The most obvious feature is the metallic-looking frame going around the sides of the phones, which is very similar to the frame of the Galaxy Alpha. The frame is chamfered on the edges, and features what appear to be plastic inserts, ostensibly to ensure antenna reception. The bottom edge of the phone shows a microUSB 3.0 port, a speaker grille, and the S Pen slot.

samsung galaxy note 4 leak (1)

The back of the phone is likely textured plastic, similar to the Note 3’s, but without the faux stitching. The squared off camera and LED/heart rate sensor module are also similar to those we saw in leaked Galaxy Alpha shots.

On the front side, the only distinctive feature are the very thin bezels. Rumor has it the Note 4 will feature a 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 pixel AMOLED display.

In a related report, Phone Arena published the alleged retail box of the Note 4 showing a render of the front of the device that’s quite similar to the images above.

samsung galaxy note 4 leak (4)

Do you think these images are legitimate? If so, are you happy with the Note 4’s design?

  • Jack Parker

    Oh God it looks awful

    • Luka Mlinar

      At this point I’m more surprised at people expecting a better design from Samsung than Samsung pulling a Samsung again :D

      • PoisonApple31

        People are just bored.

    • Pack Jacker

      Thank god it looks better than a iPhone..Pheww !!!!

    • Mr

      I wonder if that’s what everyone says when they look to your face? I bet you’re not the best looking human being out there either.

    • Zizou

      How abut NO .!!

  • JRE

    Looks legit to me because it’s almost identical to the last one, a la Samsung

  • Kamal Qara’in

    What is the back cover made out of? Tarmac?

    • retrospooty

      LOL… No, but it does look like hideous 1980’s textured era plastic.

      It has to be a “test mule”. They couldn’t possibly release something that actually looks like that.

    • IncredibleBulk

      Rhino Hide..And that pointy thing at the bottom is a Unicorn Horn..

    • Lol. Good one.

  • MobileRoamer

    I hope it’s real. That looks slick. I wanted a metal frame with a removable back. The best of both worlds. Please let this be it.

    • “Haters gonna hate anything and everything” I completely agree with what you said. IMO it looks nice. Haters just find a reason to hate Samsung.

    • systemupdate

      Good point but Sami gotta hire a ton of programmers to give out updates ASAP. It takes them ages so that is why they are losing customers.

      • They are better than other OEM’s atleast except HTC.

    • Tyrone_83

      Now watch the HTC fanboys use the excuse “so you guys were hating on the M8 because it’s all metal now Samsung has an all metal so you you guys can stop bickering.” If anybody here follows PhoneDog,com on Facebook you know what I mean.

      • Chitty

        I thought people hated on the m8 because of the gimmicky crappy camera, only useful if your only looking at photos on the phone????

        • Tyrone_83

          well that too but people are ragging over the housing more than the camera

  • Lee Ming Han

    Too squarish. And did they save money by digging the roads out and put them on the back cover?

    • SandPox


    • Shark Bait

      I know! how can Samsung be so bad at designing phones, I would have to try real hard to design something that bad!

      • V-Phuc

        Show us your great design!

        • Shark Bait


          • k4ever

            Thats the Note 3. Looks great to me except you made the top bezel too thin so now it doesn’t match the bottom. If your whole design complaint is the Samsung logo under the speaker, you need a better job/hobby!

          • Cicero

            Your design is nothing about reality. That no bezels is not possible in the real world. So drawing something don’t mean you can implement it. Think about you not being the only one smart person and all of Sammy designers are stupid ones. They have to follow marketing principles (brand identity).

          • Shark Bait

            yes but sammys brand identity is faltering. They used to be known for the best specs, which they no longer have. They used to be know for good value, which they no longer have. They are no longer exclusive or luxurious. They have a serious identity issue they they need to solve big time. They have spent the past few years chasing and mocking apple, its hardly a way to build a strong brand identity of your own.

            on another note, their are bezels, just small ones, which is 100% possible, they already exist.

        • Shark Bait

          and yes
          i do this shizz as a job, these are just some quick ones im aloud to post

          • V-Phuc

            Holy crap, how’s that different from what we just saw? Come on, be serious for a sec, woulda you? Or “you cannot be serious” as one famous American tennis player screamed in a past Wimby event.

          • Bryan Kwong

            John McEnroe!

    • Were you expecting it to be more of a triangular shape or circular??

      • Lee Ming Han

        Rounded. A little bit more.

      • MasterMuffin

        To avoid Apple’s legal team ;D

        • V-Phuc

          Apple will sue anyway. Square, rectangular, pear-shape, hexagonal, etc. LOL. To be more serious, stop complaining people: A brick, which all smartphones nowadays are, is always a brick. No matter how much/little you chip at the edges. Until someone comes up with a truly different form: circle, hexagonal, etc., deal with it, woulda you?

      • Lee Ming Han

        No wonder they’re having a war now.

  • GadgetGuy

    While I’d like to better understand what the back is made of, I DEFINITELY think it’s a step in the right direction. And not because of the notion that if it’s not metal, it’s crap (since Galaxy phones have been tagged with this for a VERY long time) but to quell the noise that has been dogging Samsung since so many other Android manufacturers have been bringing their A-game relative to phone design and their use of higher quality construction materials.

    NOW – on to the open question of TouchWiz redesign…

    • k4ever

      It looks like the Note 3 back (minus the fake stitching), which is plastic that has a fake but elegant leather look. All of my friends mistook the back of my Note 3 for leather, even after playing with the phone for a while.

  • adam zaib

    Imho the design looks really good even better than the note 3.

    • MasterMuffin

      Agreed, the photo may just make the back look more horrible than it actually is. Improvements have definitely been made here

      • adam zaib

        I know it’s too soon to talk about the note 5 but that’ll be the phone to get. 64bit OS with 4gb Ram, 32/64gb internal storage, 2560 x 1440 resolution on an amoled display, possibly a 3500mah battery along with android L’s battery saving mode ON TOP of the ultra power mode introduced on the galaxy S5 this phone (note 5) should actually be a beast in terms of battery and performance (most likely a snapdragon 810). The camera should be much better by then too as the galaxy s6 will be out next year and the note lineup usually improves on the S series + if they keep along the designs of the note 4 (if that is the note 4 up there) then thats deffo the phone that no one will be able to beat next year.

        • Fabio

          Note 7 will be the phone to get..

          • MasterMuffin

            I’d wait for Note 11, that will be something!

          • Marco Lancaster

            Note 11? So outdated…

        • V-Phuc

          Greed will kill you, my man!

      • Marco Lancaster

        You get the point. Actually for me the back looks exactly like the same faux leather of Note 3.

      • crutchcorn

        Oh yeah! And I liked the Note 3 design… But this knocks it out of the ballbark!

      • k4ever

        As a Note 3 owner, I agree. The photo probably does make it look worse than it is. The leatherette backing on the Note 3 looks worse in photos also. I loved the chamfered metal sides. The camera is recessed instead of sticking out like on the Note 3, so that is nice change. The front looks identical to the except the bezels look slightly thinner and the menu button has been replaced with a multi-tasking (recent apps) button (left of the home button). The photo of the box looks a little stretched lengthwise.

  • Al-Mothafar M. Al-Hasan

    I like back cover idea, it least its not bandage and it will hide finger prints, but that frame is aweful for real, they must make it smother and not protruding like that.

  • mystikalrush

    It looks huge! Not very eye appealing. GG Samsung. LG has taken over.

  • Javon

    As a galaxy note 3 owner I have to say that the camera are is a step in the WRONG direction, it looks horrendous. As for the rest of the body, I think they should have made the back flush with the phone. Even though it probably would have been thicker I think it would have looked nice. Another thing I wish they did with the phone was finally make all the buttons on screen, because if you look at the front, it already looks as if it basically has zero bezels. So this phone could have been all screen with only 5% bezel. This would have looked completely badass with android L. But hey we can only wish right.

    • PoisonApple31

      Touchwiz Android L will still look like crap.

      • Man I hope not. I’m thinking with L Samsung and other OEM’s will tone down on the skins because there would be no need for them with Material design. If Samsung ruins L with a skin I’d be really mad. (Not that they’d care lol)

  • jaketyler27

    well the phone looks legit but the box is fake for whoever sent that in. the phone on the box is very different to the phone images ie. sensors and home button. in my opnion it looks very square and from these images i dont really like the design. i have the note 3 and wont be changing to this..

  • stavrospaok

    The phone is legit, the box is not.


    The Note 4’s design is the same as every other Samsung Phone. Square, Plain, Boring.

    • das

      so is sonys and htc and apples designs ,so now what u gonna buy ?

  • xtriker360

    As a note 3 owner, the LG G3 looks way better, imop.

    • G3 looks good but the Note series is better, I can’t wait to ditch my G3 and get back to the Note line, This thing kinda blows actually

      • xtriker360

        Do you missed the physical button?

        • I don’t mind either but if I had to choose I prefer the physical button over on screen buttons.

    • Me

      The LG g3 is a flop and their screen sucks. Samsung will teach LG how to make a good QHD. With better brightness and none of that dim crap. I’d rather get the quality over quantity. Note 4 few!!

      • Lilith_Black

        Have you tried out the brightness urself?? The brightness is fine to me

  • WantNewNexus

    Not bad

  • Romeo Bucur

    If this is real.. and if this is the finished product.. and if it does not come with 2-3 really inovative features that thrump the lack of design change.. it will.. be a flop.. the first one in all of the Note line series. No Note 3 owner will upgrade just for a 2k display and a new processor. And Samsung should really stop hireing Porche’s designers.. cause it’s getting really old..

    • PoisonApple31

      Clearly you don’t understand Note 3 owners, and if you are one you are in the minority.

    • MobileRoamer

      Yeah because you know what all the Note 3 owners want. If Sammy listened to people like you to begin with, the Note line would never exist. And there would be no phablet class of devices. Going by track record, I’ll say this will be another hit for Sammy.

      • Romeo Bucur

        Ok.. i will make this easy or you.. since logic and reason obviosly are not your best attributes. I like the Note series.. i own one of the Note series.. the previous comment was just my way of objecting to the ( apparent ) lack of progress design wise of the Note series. And yes.. i stand by my point.. and that is that the only thing that would make this phone.. with this design to work.. and sell.. would be if it comes with something new.. and useful.. that we haven’t seen before ( not a fingerprint scanner or UV sensor.. but something that is actually useful for the day to day user ).

        • MobileRoamer

          You said, “No Note 3 owner will upgrade just for a 2k display and a new processor.”
          Because YOUR LOGIC said so. HAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

          • Romeo Bucur

            And no owner of Note 3 will do that.. JUST FOR THOSE 2 EXTRA FEATURES.. Let me guess.. iphone user ? Only an Iphone user can be view his own stupidity as a quality and season it with this amount of arrogance..

    • ThunderCrackR

      This is like saying that Sony changed the design during their Z series, or HTC’s Ones, or G3 over G2 or any iPhone and any Lumia ever produced and Samsung did not! They are all the same as the previous one!

      • Romeo Bucur

        No one will have anything bad to say about a Sony Z device… as it is very nicely built and feels great in the hand.. same for an HTC One as well.. Iphones look and feel good as well.. there is no need to chang if you are already building a great feelig device .. that everybody loves.. but when for 2 or 3 years.. people are giving you smack for the cheap feel of a lot of high end devices.. in my book.. you take note of that and you change the design / looks and feel of the device.. you do not ignore it like Sammy was doing up untill now..

        • ThunderCrackR

          well said, until now. now look at the Alpha.

  • Kasi Viswanathan

    great and perfect looking edges and corners

  • tell4ever

    why the hell would they only put one speaker at the bottom of the phone, why not two like the oneplus one

  • fatima

    well, it sucks.. i had high expectations of note 4 design

    • I have high expectations for the S6 design it would’ve been too soon and costly to try to change up the design on the Note 4. Design doesn’t happen overnight and they just started talking about redoing the design after the S5 was released.

  • Fabian Taveras

    Its looks fine. At first glance I thought the back looked like the one plus one’s 64 GB variant.

  • Roberto Tomás

    I don’t like the metal. It looks garish.

    This version clearly is not a Youm display .. that’s another thing I don’t like about it.

    • das

      the bended display will mostlikely be on limited edition samsung phones like the galaxy round was

      • Roberto Tomás

        hey thanks for the response. got a reference you can post up?
        I am not looking for a flexible phone — they are using those displays even on flat display-format phones. The rumor I read, that was all over most tech sites, was that there were 2 variants, one with the youm and the other without.
        There was another rumor about the note 4 having a curved edge like that one prototype, but that was unrelated and during a time when people thought there would initially be only a cpu difference at most in the variants of the note 4.

        • das

          google galaxy round ,limited to some south korean networks i beleive

  • Pawv

    Not much different than the look of the note 2………. Samsung is just getting lazy and they don’t care anymore. I saw this with the s5 and now note 4. Even the note 3 was just meh

    • das

      why do u care how the phone looks ? so ucan show off how a phone looks to others when they dont care either ?

      • Pawv

        Cuz it’s one of the things I look for in a phone…. Why should I have to explain that to you?

        • das

          ok so youre just a numpty

    • You must be blind as a bat in sunlight if you think this phone looks like the Note 2. The Note 2 and Note 3 don’t even look alike and this phone definitely doesn’t look like the Note 2

      • Pawv

        Nope. Not blind. 20/20 vision. I’m just not impressed. And yes it hasn’t changed much at all, except for being slightly more squared each time.


        • The Note 2 is more round, thicker, and has thicker bezels.

    • JDMillest

      what phone do you own?

  • Xavier_NYC

    I’d have to see it in person but doesn’t look bad. Looks like a bigger version of the Galaxy Alpha but with better specs and a leather back.

  • Bobby Burkov

    I think it is fake. First look at the one on the box and the one above it. They have lots of differences. Look at the number of the holes on the speaker. There is no shiny bezel and the button is like the one on the note 3. Oh wait it look exactly like a note 3. Look at the back cover close to the bottom. See how the phone has curve to it, but the back cover doesn’t ?!?

  • Woe of [S]unjΔy

    Awful design.

  • Clinton

    I think the design works pretty well.Samsung tried to go curvy with the note 2 and the s3 ,but the more rectangular design of the previous generation of the respective phones were more attractive.
    And a for a stylus enabled phone, I think this rectangular design works much better than a curved one.
    It’s not a major improvement over the note3 but an improvement nevertheless. .

  • ColdNeutron

    I hope that’s a real metal band around the sides, not their fake chrome plastic.

  • 2.3 snapdragon

    Honestly I prefer plastic over metal back any day I dropped my htc one m8 and now it has a dent and I can’t remove the back now tell me how metal back is better again?

    • People don’t understand until it happens to them.

    • V-Phuc

      Is it in a case now, or just too late? Ever thought to put a case on, right from the start?

      • Jake Wrigley

        And hide the beautiful natural look of the phone? A bit pointless. Just saying.

  • Nabeel

    Heart rate Monitor missing…………..:(………………………………..

  • Dominic Giordano

    I think it looks really good I like the bottom of it especially. I bet it would look even better in white or gold.

  • TechLover

    How did they manage to make another ugly back that rivals S5?

  • KUSH

    Gonna say fake! Missing USB cover. Gotta have one to be waterproof.

  • jordanknight

    i say this is fake, and if the galaxy note edge is true (dont want to get too excited about it), i will be getting that variant.

  • Luis Fernandez

    I like the design of the device. Really looking forward to this device next month.

  • Corey Bell

    It need to be truly IP67 certified!! Better audio quality as well, put some beats speakers in it!!!

  • Zizou

    I am a samsung hater . But in my Honest Opinion ,this design is damn good .
    Note 4 ll rock .
    Back cover z ruggged hard plastic coz its removable and easy to handle . Good going sammy .
    Next Step , resurrect the crappy touchwiz .

  • Adon

    Its interesting how,ITS NOW look more like an Sony Xperia. Anyways, looks ok, plus from the look of things the Galaxy Alpha is probably a Note 4 MINI. As for the actually phone in the picture, ITS A PROTOTYPE People, the Finally product will look better. Because in my option the item in the picture look like a rough cheap phone or a good clone. The back,what leather is that,Stone and Sand leather. Anyways, Samsung better step up. I want her 64bits,18-20mp camera OIS,seriously. Or maybe thats what OnePlus we do for their next phone (still cant get a OnePlus One,gosh).

  • SaRPeR

    So Galaxy Alpha is actually a Galaxy Note 4 Mini ?

  • Wmgallagher

    The date on Phone on the box is what has me believing its a fake or mock up. Tuesday 15 of September isnt until next year.

    • Ben Edwards

      Good spotting, hadn’t even noticed that.

  • Note 3 cost around 630$ and note 4 comes with more new features so it can cost up to 800$

  • xoj_21

    I LOVE IT, the back… pattern bugs a bit but it will be in a cover anyway

  • Pedro Nieto

    I like it. Doesn’t have a USB cover like the S5. It may not incorporate water-resistant dustproof and water-resistant feature. It is nice to have but not show stopper for me. I just wanted to point it out since the article didn’t.

  • Ken

    I don’t like the back cover, perhaps it’s the material that they chose. But I like the flat surface where the camera lens doesn’t come out. And on the front side, the looks seems so out dated. it’s like a smartphone from years ago but except that it’s much bigger now. I’m a little disappointed with this version.
    I’m still quite happy with my Note 2 so I’ll stick with it for a while. But I might be looking for a 5″ phone next year because I prefer the one hand operation aspect.

  • Skies

    I’m about to go out to buy the LG G3. But after seeing this, I will have to wait for the Note 4.

  • Jake Wrigley

    I’m frothing. That looks amazing. EBay, here comes my note 3! Love the even more squared design

  • jim

    if its real, then yes.. but im just wondering where is the flash…?

  • Qbancelli

    Lol @hardware buttons

  • Gautam Rajan

    I dont see flaps for the USB port which indicates this phone will not have the IP67 rating of the S5. That is really disappointing considering, water proof phones really do make a lot of difference.

  • Duh,seems too big for a phone

  • Michael

    Don’t like it. Was kinda hoping for a somewhat water resistant exterior like the S5! It’s still a squared phone with sharp corners that doesn’t feel good in the hands.

  • Nimrod Levy

    if it’ll have 64bit cpu and 4gb of ram, I’m buying one instantly, if it’ll sport less than than, i won’t buy one – I’ll w8 for the goddamn nexus.

  • Rajvir Singh

    10 out of 10 in design for me..
    Now only if they could debloat Touchwiz slightly and make it optional to download Add on apps instead of making them System apps. So that every hater can shut up..

  • Now this is what I’ve been waiting for if the rumors are correct.? I’ve held off purchasing another Samsung Galaxy Note until I new more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The only thing the Samsung has got to remind them selves is that going cheap will only give them a bad rap and they will lose dramatically if they don’t change their future mobile specifications. ie; go with the better hardware/software and people with buy. My thoughts only.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Reading this article (and many like this in all the menial tech media), ppl would think, that apple’s propaganda is very concerned about Samsung, and want to help Samsung to smash Apple. Suggesting Samsung to go with “premium aluminium” for the flagship phones.
    WRONG. Even insane!!!!!!
    The point here is only to convince the ppl , that iphones are “premium” but Samsung flagship phones ARE NOT.
    And to repeat this thousand times, until it starts to sound like true. Old propaganda trick.