Samsung Galaxy Note 3 unboxing and first impressions

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 26, 2013

Samsung galaxy note 3 box aa

And here it is. A little over three weeks after Samsung lifted the veil on the Galaxy Note 3, the S Pen-equipped device is finally in our hands.

We got to play with the Note 3 at IFA for quite a while, but it can be hard to make an opinion on a device without using it in its natural habitat. Luckily, we now have a review unit on hand and all the time we need to learn its deepest secrets.

The first step, of course, is the unboxing. What’s inside that eco-friendly box? Our Joshua Vergara, back home after his world tour, is ready to show you.

There you have it – the first step in our coverage of the Note 3, which will include close looks at all the new features of the device and, of course, an in-depth review.

The Note 3 comes with either a Snapdragon 800 or an Exynos 5240 processor, 3GB of RAM, a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, a 3200 mAh battery, and a 13MP camera. On the software side, we have Android 4.3 with TouchWiz and a series of new S Pen features. The design also got a revamp and the new phone feels better in hand thanks to the textured back plate.

Interested in the Galaxy Note 3? The device just went on sale unlocked (though with some region-based restrictions) around the world, and will soon become available from retailers small and large.

For more info on the Note 3, check out our full coverage, our hands-on post from IFA, and our quick look comparisons with its top competitors.

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  • fatyss

    Great smartphone ruined by Samsung false steps.

    • Rooney-


      • Gary

        Region locked.

        • frankie

          if you read xda i dont think they’re really “region locked”

          anyway i want to repost this indepth review

        • simpleas

          that’s not even samsungs fault

          • John Mortimer

            All Samsung phones are now region locked in the eu

          • Gary

            why not

  • Rooney-

    The pack looks so beautiful :)

    • Victor V.

      Back or pack?if you meant the pack than yes I like the packaging they currently galaxy s4 came packaged with the same stuff..supposedly it’s made out of recycled paper and all of the packaging is mainly comprised of biodegradable materials. at least that was true when it pertains toy galaxy s4…the back is pretty as well lol .

  • Tuu Hoang

    sooo…. all the note 3 reviews started coming out yesterday, but all the units seem to be the factory unlocked sold for the americas. Looks like Octacore and HSPA+ only? And what’s this deal about region unlocking? Damn you Samsung!!! Might just have to buy an AT&T bloat filled unit just to get working LTE!!!

  • itMatters

    single band lte and $50 more on sprint

    battery increase by only 100mah

    same screen as s4 expected a non pentile, rgb is just better looking and I’m not talking about pixel peeping also screen is less bright than s4

    spen is smaller harder to hold not to mention the amount of pressure point did not increase

    no dual or front facing camera

    • simpleas

      I just find these random belittling comments hilarious when clearly The Note 2 to the Note 3 was a huge upgrade in every area possible. 1080p screen, Lighter, Bigger Battery, CPU/GPU monster,13MP camera with CRI LED, bigger screen, 3gb ram, 4k video, 120fps 720p Ultra high def 24 bit 192khz audio, USB 3.0, all in a smaller form factor what more do you want?, a nuclear phone?

      • backAtu

        bigger battery than a 100mah bump.

        screen evolution not reused tech

        tri band lte so lte will have better reception and add speed

        better audio it only makes sense to face the speakers towards you

        bigger pixels rather than megapixel count


        tw to not be so bloated

        how about giving us that great exynos sammy harked about at ces

        these are the things that should had been on the note 3 BUT its not
        @simpleas these are the things I want

  • simpleas

    Awesome video. Thanks a lot! Can’t wait to upgrade my Note 2

  • g0vt_h00ker

    What happened to the cute eastern European boys doing the reviews? :(

    • So what about these cute boys? What is your interest in them? Are you a gaaaaay?

  • Dusan

    It’s a very nice upgrade from my One X. It’s big but fits nicely in the pocket. No problems whatsoever. I’m no Samsung design fan (this is my first Samsung phone) that’s why I didn’t go for their previous phones as I thought they were ugly. However Note 3 is beautiful and feels great in hand because of rugged “leather” feel on the back. 9/10 because of bloatware. Can’t wait to root it and get rid of all the bloatware.

  • sfasljkas

    So any news why it seems Europe and some parts of america are not affected? Asia including middle east is not affected at all by the restrictions

    • John Mortimer

      All Samsung phones in the EU are locked , (new stock) but they can all be unlocked if they are 1st used by a EU sim

  • Danny

    what color should I get the note 3 in

    • udimwit

      Get a yellow one.

  • hoggleboggle

    this thing is fast! I ran the 3DMark benchmark and it came back with a score of 18200 despite downloading apps and updates in the background!

  • Androiddude

    Should I really be worried about whether the note I want to purchase has the snapdragon vs the exynos?

  • agenius

    Using it right now (snapdragon edition). Best. Phone. Ever.