Here’s a bunch of photos taken with the Note 3 by a Samsung employee

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 2, 2013

Galaxy Note 3 samples leak (1)

Just today we’ve heard that Samsung is going to unveil the new Galaxy Note 3 together with the Gear smartwatch on September 4. That means we’re a little over a month away from the next big thing in Samsung’s lineup, and that more leaks are bound to appear.

Here’s the latest one, intentional or not. A person that appears to be an employee of Samsung Electronics in Mexico uploaded several photos to his Google Plus account, including some taken with a SM-N9005 device.

SM-N9005 is thought to be a variant of the Galaxy Note 3. The designation first appeared on a Samsung Kazakhstan site back in June.

Here are the pictures.

So, what do these images tell us about the Galaxy Note 3 camera? Mostly, they tell us that the Note 3 will probably feature the same camera as the Galaxy S4, which is good news or bad news, depending on your expectations for the new device.

The resolution of the images, 4128 x 2322, which is about 10MP might seem weird, until you consider that the photos were cropped to 16:9, from the sensor’s native format of 4:3. Other useful specs we can spot in the images are the f/2.2 aperture and the focal length of 4.6 mm. Of course, EXIF data can be easily faked, but these images match up with earlier reports.

The quality of these images appears to be pretty poor, but you probably shouldn’t judge the Note 3, or any other phone for the matter, based on such photos.

Finally, did you notice the reflection of a squarish device in the top image? That’s a Note 3 prototype for what is worth.

  • najiy91

    galaxy note 3 square?sharp edge?i like it!(“,)

    • Matthew Brown

      It doesn’t actually look like that. It’s just a prototype. It will most likely look like the S4.

      • najiy91

        proof friend?

        • viaimages

          Proof is in the pudding. Wait til it comes out :)

        • freddieboy


    • Jaun Lombard

      I also think it will look like the S4, but man…all the prototypes looks square!! and that I like!

      • freddieboy

        Actually it will look more like an oversized I-5. Flat/square edges, with metallic ring, very flat on back side, with Carbon Fiber batt cover.!!

        • fat,ugly&stupid

          that would be sweet

    • freedomspopular

      That would be so uncomfortable.

      • freddieboy

        Oh, but it will b so pretty. And with my Case-mate textured case, will make no diff.
        And besides that will gives Apple something to get upset over. Also when u combine
        it with the Galaxy Watch, will b great combo & u can leave u’re large Note 3 n u’re
        pocket/purse & play Star Trek ! !

    • Gaurav Gupta

      yes i also noticed in the picture sample’s reflection

  • These images are illustrative, and we can learn a few things after it. The true and proven.

    • le_lutin

      Say what?

      • The Black Hand

        These replies are common, and no one can understand it. The tried and true.

        • viaimages

          read that a few times.. must be too early cuz i gave up trying to understand it. LOL

  • le_lutin

    “Mostly, they tell us that the Note 3 will probably feature the same camera as the Galaxy S4, which is good news or bad news”

    Surely we already knew that the camera would be at least as good as the S4? Therefore this is only bad news.

  • Sergio Rainor

    I think Sony Honami will be better (at least about camera).

    • freddieboy

      Note 3’s camera will have a few more tweaks & features S4 does not. Stabilization & sphere, just to mention a few.

  • iJimaniac

    Am I the only one surprised to see an Apple product on a Samsung employee’s desk?

    • The Black Hand

      You shouldn’t be. Iphones use Samsung parts and have for years. It’s not as big a deal as you think when you know this. LG too.

      • iJimaniac

        I was just being funny guys. Take a joke :P

    • viaimages

      Nope. Sammy is not prejudiced like the fruit is against other manufacturer’s devices; whereas, the latter wants to eradicate anything that is shaped similarly

      • PeterBlood

        Are you kidding??? Shamscum is totally shamelessly “terminate with extreme prejudice” in their stealing from others. Excuse Apple (or ANY company) for living for protecting it’s R&D! It’s more than just about “shape” which is just how your type likes to disingenuously lower the argument bar. There are legitimate gripes. I see too Sammers also tries to use SEP & FRAND as a weapon in court so I guess they are beyond reproach as an “honest” company.

        Fortunately our President sees the folly of the ITC’s ruling, whether foreign or domestic. Samsung will actually benefit from this presidential pardon, and warning, as they themselves are being sued over similar stupid SEP infringements from another company. Of course this should have never got as far as Obama’s desk. Another thing is Samsucks 3G patent in question was a very tiny part of it and yet they were asking for draconian fees for it and would not negotiate in good faith to something reasonable and in proportion and in fact what it charged others. You might as well be a fan of the Third Reich as to be a fan of Samsung. KNOW THY SLAVISH COPIER.

    • jing

      know thy enemy

    • abazigal

      They are just employees, not mindless fanatics who must boycott anything not Samsung.

      It would be like saying that a cashier who works at Macdonalds can never eat at any other fast food outlet ever.

  • yellowflash94

    Now if only he took a selfie in the mirror then we can see the phone.

  • D. Dub

    It was a woman who took the pictures – note the fingernails in the reflection of the iphone…. that or a man who really likes long, pink fingernails.

  • Gaurav Gupta

    in the iphone’s reflection it shows the the note 3 is in square shape

  • Gaurav Gupta

    note 3 will look beautiful if it will have square shape or sharp edge with slim body like in nokia sony and in note 1

  • natasha

    why the hell is an iphone on the table? about note3 im only intrested to see about its bettery life..

    • abazigal

      Looks more like an ipod touch actually. I think the back is green in colour, and it doesn’t seem to be any sort of casing.

  • PeterBlood

    Gee high quality high pixel count blurry crappy shots – sold!