Galaxy Note 3 rumor roundup – everything we think we know [Update]

August 27, 2013

    Specs and features

    Those different Galaxy Note 3 models will obviously be available in different regions, so depending where you live, you may end up with a device packing either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor or an Exynos 5 Octa CPU.

    While design rumors were often conflicting, specs rumors for the phone usually mentioned the same hardware: Snapdragon 800 or Exynos 5 Octa CPU, 3GB of RAM, camera with optical image stabilization and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

    Speaking about CPUs, we’ve seen plenty of alleged benchmark results for the Galaxy Note 3 already, but we’ll take them with the appropriate grain of salt. First of all, if genuine, those benchmarks were performed on test units, which means we should be more interested in the score of the final versions. But considering Samsung’s recent benchmark mini-scandal, should we trust benchmarks for its devices anymore?

    [Update August 27, 2013:] A fresh, but unconfirmed, report claims that the initial batch of Galaxy Note 3 shipments will only be Qualcomm Snapdragon 800-based models, with Exynos 5 Octa Galaxy Note 3 versions expected to launch later on.


    Purported Galaxy Note 3 Prototype | Image Credit:

    That said, here’s what we expect from the Galaxy Note 3 in terms of hardware:

    When it comes to software features, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will apparently be in there since launch (as previously rumored), with TouchWiz on top, of course.

    We expect the new Note 3 to pack some of Samsung existing Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4 apps – some more useful than others – and we expect the company to introduce more software features of its own, particularly S Pen-related.

    Galaxy Note 3

    Purported Galaxy Note 3 camera sample

    Just like the LG G2, the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to have a main camera with optical image stabilization – purported Galaxy Note 3 camera samples have been leaked a few times, although we’ll be waiting for the handset to become official to better assess its camera powers. Expect some camera-related Samsung software features as well from this Galaxy Note model.

    [Update August 27, 2013:] New reports reveal that the Galaxy Note 3 will not offer camera optical image stabilization features after all, with the Galaxy S5 said to receive it in the future. However, the camera of the new Note may pack a unique camera feature, 4K video recording. Additionally, the Galaxy Note 3 is also rumored to offer 24-bit/192kHz music playback quality.

    Launch date and pricing

    At this time, we have no idea when the phone will launch, but we expect it to hit plenty of markets in the near future. We also expect the handset to be available in a variety of colors (with more color options to be rolled out in the coming months) and we expect dual SIM versions of the Galaxy Note 3 to be launched in certain Asian markets – after all, that’s how Samsung does business.

    However, we’re going to remind you that unlike in previous years, there’s going to be quite a war in the “phablet” market. The Galaxy Note 3 will have some tough adversaries including the already launched Sony Xperia Z Ultra (see our review here) and the rumored HTC One Max.

    Does that mean Samsung will have an added motivation to launch the device as fast as possible after its IFA introduction? We wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen. Some reports did say that Samsung may be interested in releasing the Galaxy Note 3 as quickly as possible to make up for the poorer than expected Galaxy S4 sales.

    The phone was also said to start mass production this month – which seems like a logical move for the company.

    Galaxy Note 3 GFX Bench

    Galaxy Note 3 GFX Bench results | Image credit: Sam Mobile

    For what it’s worth, the Galaxy Note 2 was unveiled on August 29 and launched on September 26 last year. The Galaxy Note was announced in September 2011, and started selling in late October 2011, with the U.S. only receiving it in early 2012.

    [Update August 27, 2013:] Since publishing our rumor roundup, the Galaxy Note 3 has been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG, which can only mean the launch is near. In fact, a new rumor is saying that the Galaxy Note 3 could ship as soon as September, with Samsung said to launch only 32GB and 64GB versions of the handset. As for colors, the phone is expected to be available in black, white and pink in the first months.

    [Update September 1st, 2013:]∫ Since the last update, we’ve received information on the release date of the Galaxy Note 3. Details inside! It looks like the Galaxy Note 3 will be arriving in first tier, premium markets like the UK and Hong Kong as early as September 16, with a public release to occur as early as September 21st]

    Wrap up 

    Make no mistake, the Galaxy Note 3 rumors aren’t going to stop. We expect to see more leaks in the coming weeks, and we’re going to update this rumor roundup accordingly.

    One thing is clear though, the Galaxy Note 3 is one of the most expected Android handsets of the second half of the year. The question is, will Samsung’s new Note be able to surprise us with anything? What do you think?

    Will you buy the Galaxy Note 3, or are you getting a different extra-large smartphone this year?


    • Chris

      “Various reports claimed that there will be a variety of Galaxy Note 2 models out there”??? Note 2 or 3??

    • legoman

      doesn’t matter what they do the battery size is pathetic just 100mah increased? the adreno 330 uses way more juice than the 320 as shown in another review site of the lg g2.

      • Joshua

        Like ChrisBrown Wbeater said, hopefully there will be some crazy optimizing. Also, remember it’s supposed to be 1080p.

        • crazy

          Crazy optimizing by Samsung in Android?

          • Joshua

            Yes, so the applications and overall UI takes a smaller toll from the battery life.

          • simpleas

            yeah thats why they owning everyone. including your sorry azz

      • Ivan Myring

        All rumours I have heard say 350mAh increase.

        • bikerider

          did u read the article? there are more sources that says the battery will be 3200mah

      • Plazmic Flame

        Battery size pathetic? Welcome to the internet but the Note series is a great example of battery life, only second to the Motorola Razr Maxx series of devices.

        You must have lots of hands on experience…. /sarcasm

    • ChrisBrown Wbeater

      hopefully the screen is not pentile and yeah like the other guy said hopefully the battery is bigger or maybe theres some crazy optimizing going on. Oh and I thought most note 3 will come with 32gigs of storage? maybe with thatbnew nand emmc 5.0 or something???

      • Gilles LeBlanc

        Yea you know with all these LCD superphones out there I really love OLED to the point I think I require it.

      • simpleas

        Will it matter at 1080p? GS4 officially has the best mobile screen at this point in history. and im happy if it comes with that.

    • xtriker360

      So when do you guys think this will be available in the US?

      • Joshua

        Most likely a month after announcement, give or take. It’s impossible to know until Sammy tells us. Also some carriers and countries get it it before or later than others.

        • xtriker360

          I’m getting a phone by September 20th (my birthday) I was hopping to get this or the LG 2? I really don’t know what to do. Do you guys like this one better over the LG G2? And do you think I better wait for this one?

          • Joshua

            Awesome, my b day was July 28, and i will be getting a new phone too. I am waiting for the Sony Honami/ i1 announcement. If it isn’t on verizon, I will jump on the LG G2 bandwagon right away.

            It the matter of GN3 or the G2, what it really comes down to is two things. One is a 6 inch screen just too darn big. That was my problem. Also, is the S pen necessary. I have the Galaxy Note 10.1 and i love it. Honestly, i would go G2.

          • Joshua

            Oh also remember the G2 has unique button placement. Some people don’t like it. But hey, don’t know it till you try it.

          • freddieboy

            Note 3, no doubt, its worth the wait.

    • Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts

      Lego, remember we have been told the new phone will have a quantum leap in battery life, so the rating of the battery is secondary to how it will actually perform. We can’t wait to get a hold of this one so we can do design details on the lakes, ponds and streams we build on the fly!

      • fromtheback

        i looked up on what lego is talking about. on phonearena they did a battery consumption test with the adreno 330 in the lg g2 and that thing chewed up the battery. the adreno 320 fared way better

        • freddieboy

          Its not the GPU eating power. The Snap 800 quad core n ATT unit has the ability to go from 1 core or up to 4 as needed. Batt life will b as good as Note 2 or better.

    • ProudToBePinoy

      “Galaxy Note 3 GFX Bench results | Image credit: Sam Mobile”, is this accurate?

      • freddieboy

        Yes it is. My wife’s Galaxy S4, with Snap 600 @ 1.9ghz with Adreno 320 & only 2 gigs of ram is @ 16.4Fps on AnTuTu. Much higher than my Note 2 @ only 4.7Fps. The Mali 400 n the Note 2 is not a very good GPU, since the Snap 800 @ 2.3ghz & Adreno 330 with 3gigs of DDR3 ram should b 50% faster which is exactly what is shown. We have a winner. 1st set of pics are correct. Did u notice the dedicated Camera button below power button on right side..?! Also since Samsung partnered with & purchased 50% of major carbon fiber co. u may see @ least a carbon fiber rear batt cover. Also the units actually look like an oversized I-5. Guess apple will b thrilled.

      • bubby

        Why is the s4 outperforming the Note 3??

    • AnnunakiEnvoy

      Notice the 1st picture labelled ‘Galaxy Note 3 concept’ in this article?
      I have the feeling this is nearest to the real thing.

      • Plazmic Flame

        Probably spot on because it looks like the GS4 design…

    • Joe

      If the note 3 looks anything like the render on the top of page 1 of this article, I’m gonna be on it like flies on sh*t. I notice some people saying the phone will be too big…well, I’m ready for a phablet! A few years ago I had the Droid X, and then moved on to the Galaxy Nexus which I’ve had for about a year and a half now.

      The Droid X only had a 4.3″ display, and the G-Nex is 4.65″, so I’m ready to take the leap and have a display more than one full inch larger (assuming the 5.68″ rumor comes true).

    • Steve- Construction Contractor

      I have the Note 2 which has been a great choice.

      Unless I pay full-price, I may not be getting it unless there are enough features to make me thing otherwise. But I sure want to.

      • Mark Doten

        Are you able to use the phone with one hand (flipping through screens, send texts, etc) or is it too big?

    • Guido

      AWESOME! The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be mine when it is available for purchase :)

    • hades

      can’t wait until i got hold of my new SGN3. SGN as always been my partner in biz and work — productivity and features truly unmatched! still got my iphone anyway for call and text use only! it is not as useful as my SGNs. but i love both…

      • Topcat488

        I’m kicking the same combination… OG-N7000 with a iphone, i skipped the SGN2 because i love the “FAT” 16:10 ratio of the Note 1. And it looks like the SGN3 will also be 16:9 ratio but i can’t wait any longer… I’m getting it. Other Phablets must have a built in stylus with S-Pen like functionalities, in order to compete in my book.

        I’ll be getting a ip5C to go with the SGN3, for like you said quick calls or texts, and for that internal memory that hold so many 1GB+ App games. unlike most Android phones that need SDcards, and games can’t move to SD cards anyway.

    • dissatisfied

      Very disappointed in rumors, especially the wimpy 5.68 screen size. I’ll probably head over to the sony xperia z ultra when it comes to tmobile, or just stay with my note 2.

      • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

        then go with the Galaxy Mega, that shit is huge.

    • Jimmy Drew

      With Steve 200 percent more than likely pay full boat for Note 3. Got to be visible in bright sunlight.

    • Osama Rehan

      Hahah note 3
      Can’t beat iPhone

      • kato

        Bitch please

      • SeraZR™

        Haha noob

        Can’t understand sh!t :D

    • Idris Hussain

      Definitely this time Note 3.

    • RaptorOO7

      Will it have the obligatory Verizon Tramp Stamp on the HOME button again.

      • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

        Verizon tramp stamp, lol. that’s a good one.

    • Note Lover

      I will upgrade to the Note 3, from the Note 2, can’t wait!!!!!!

    • Jones7

      Screen size and battery = total let down for me.. Should have had at least 6 inch display and 4000mah battery, though phablet isn’t official yet.

    • Md.Hasan Reza

      Nice apps and software.Thank you. Android,apps,software,theme,

    • Friendly Photo Zone

      I LOVE my Note II, it’s mostly replaced all my other computing devices. After I rooted it and “fixed” all of Samsung’s artificial restrictions, my laptop became almost obsolete.

      Having said that, the thought of a 1080p screen in 5.7″ size has me drooling. And I no longer want to use a phone without an S-Pen, so I guess the Note 3 is on my shopping list for the near future! Especially if the rumors of 24bit/192khz sound turn out to be true… the sound quality from my wife’s HTC One has me really jealous.

      • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

        I have the Note I which I still love and use. I have the One vs my Wife’s S4 and she loves my camera but I miss all those Samsung-Only goodies.

        Life’s been great since switching from the iPhone 4 back in Nov 2011.

    • venvet

      debating between z ultra or note 3

    • Robb

      If this concept is real (which it probably isn’t) samsung will get sued for the rounded edges which apple has a patent on.

    • John Rainey

      I wonder if there will be a package deal with the new smart watch? I think that would be good.

      • Mark Doten

        I just saw one on Verizon.

    • TronPhenix

      I would love to get the note.

    • sick person

      yah that looks “nothing” like the iPhone!

    • sick person

      I see samsung is also letting the pictures of its phone to “leak out”…. i wonder who why!

    • Sasmianto


    • Lwise Ouahrani
    • Hitesh

      I am using Samsung note 2 n waiting to see note 3 in my hand
      Am dieing to see note 3.

    • Jack

      I can’t wait to see the pre order offers for the Galaxy Note 3! I hope it will be not to expensive.

    • Mark Doten

      Maybe you guys can help. I’m trying to decide between a note 3 and an s4. I’m unsure how useful the SPen is and whether the screen size is too big. I need to be able to type one handed.