Galaxy Note 3 renders try to predict the final design of upcoming smartphone

by: Chris SmithSeptember 2, 2013

Galaxy Note 3 Concept

A couple of fan-made Galaxy Note 3 renders try to predict the final design of the smartphone by using various elements of the recent Galaxy Note 3-related imagery.

In the past weeks we saw a couple of reports showing the alleged front-panel of the handset, a picture of a purported prototype Galaxy Note 3 unit and its rumored lockscreen wallpaper.

Using those elements, Stellist Design has put together these images (above and below). We have an overall square design although round corners are present, slim bezels and a button layout similar to what’s available on the Galaxy Note 2. A stylus will almost certainly be there as well.

In addition to providing the Galaxy Note 3 render above, the site has also compared it with the Galaxy Note 2. Existing reports say the two phones will be similar in size, even though the newer model will have a slightly bigger display.

Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy Note 2 Concept

That said, we’ll remind you that this is just a fan-made render, and we’ll only be able to show you the official Galaxy Note 3 press images alongside hands-on pictures in the following days.

The Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled on September 4 in Berlin, Germany, and Android Authority will be there to report on everything Samsung announces, as it happens.

While you wait for more detailed coverage of the phone, check out our Galaxy Note 3 rumor roundup and release date notes.

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  • fahim


  • Fantastico

    The tiny bezel looks impractical.

    • Carlos Dangerousness

      They say that with the new stronger glass it will hold up fine. We’ll see.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    I dont get it, why is this thing hyped so much?!

    • MasterMuffin

      It’s the bigger flagship phone from the biggest Android manufacturer. That’s why

    • kkkk

      Because it is the successor of the phone (Note2) trying to be copied by different manufacturers-Sony, Nokia, HTC etc.. Note2 means the most unique and productive Android flavor among all smartphones. IT IS THE TRUE PICTURE OF WHAT A REAL SMARTphone is, just enclosed within big structure ;)

      • why, oh why…

        You do not seem to a typical sound like a religious fanatic. It is just a big phone, get over it

        • kkkk

          Duhh and whats worse than being a stupid hater..
          I just owned a note2 and everything i said is based on my experience.. im not worshiping samsung, i dont care about them.. i just love SuperAmoled, Sfeatures, SoundAlive, Spen, microSD, expandable memory etc.., i hate their overused design language, i hate the glossy back, i hate the minimal lags coz im amazed with sense5..

    • cuz

      Cause there are too many fanatics who mislead an OEM with GOD or whatever mystical figures. Just look at “kkkk” posts, it’s a perfect example

    • Chris

      You would need to own a Note 2 for about a month in order to realize how much better it is than any other phone. Once you go big and get used to the size, you don’t want to go back to anything else. I still regret selling my Note 2 for my S4, even the resolution kicks its ass. Thats why many people can’t wait for the Note 3.

  • Luka Mlinar

    It’s just back and forth between the S2 and S3 design shapes.

    • Milind Sagar Vashist

      it’s not gonna look like this, it will look similar to s4

      • Luka Mlinar

        I like how you see some huge difference between the S3 and the S4 :D

        • Skander

          Turn it to the side and back, it’s not huge, it’s there.

          That’s the point of a brand, you recognize it’s a Galaxy.

          • Luka Mlinar

            “That’s the point of a brand, you recognize it’s a Galaxy.”
            This would be a solid argument if it wasn’t for Sony. They make each phone so different yet you always know it’s a Sony.

          • Skander

            Nothing is different in Sony phones also really, you can barely know which one is which.
            It’s the same.

            You can use the side changed argument (considerable actually) with the S4 – also the back.

        • Milind Sagar Vashist

          design wise there is not, but in terms of hardware, there is a lot of difference buddy, :D

  • jjordan

    I really hope they used more premium matters in the note 3 like a metal band around the device instead of that cheap looking plastic band they used on the note 2…I’m not complaining about the plastic back cover because I realize the polycarbonate that they use is more for function than style. I just really hope they work on the small things. Put more premium materials where it matters. Also I hope they make the amoled screen as bright as they possibly can…my only complaint with my note 2 is outdoor visibility.

    • kkkk

      What metal? Aluminum?? Note 2’s weight is already substantial.. Please think what will happen to N3 in case of metal? For gym purposes? Lol

      • jjordan

        If they substituted any kind of metal around the note 2 it wouldn’t add but a few grams…yes aluminum would probably be the material they should’ve used but aluminum is a metal

        • Mutomi Sconi

          wrong, only an itard or nokia would use something heavy like aluminum, the proper way to go as any chemist could tell you is to use a magnesium based alloy

          • jjordan

            Apple uses aluminum and the HTC one is made out of a solid block of aluminum aswell…I’m talking about making the cheap metal band around the rear chassis aluminum…its 1 little band…plus aluminum is extremely light

  • It looks awesome! I can’t wait for the Note 3 to be unpacked!

  • nadeem

    Hang on a minute. Guys this is Elongated Note1. :D

  • Grman Rodriguez

    Looks ugly, I hope it’s not as square. One of the things I liked about the Note 2 is that it was more rounded than the ugly Note 1

  • Hakim Leveille

    I’m changing the wallpaper

  • Yichard Rarrell

    Don’t worry about Samsung HATERS those will always exist why because of 42% market share of the entire android platform.

    They just jealous that Samsung dominates every industry. I just sold both my cars and bought a Samsung forklift to drive to work cuz Toyota and Honda got soft.

    People just tired of the dominance of Samsung which has existed since 2011.

    Think about this, you have Samsung at 42% market share, LG at 6%, Huawei at 5% and everyone else BELOW 5%. That adds up to like… 67% total or something like that.

    Google would be in shambles right now if it weren’t for Samsung. They put their famed Nexus on like 3 carriers globally and they can’t outsell Samsung. You know they want the Nexus to be the top dog, handing freebies out at developer conferences and stuff like that. So they made their own operating system that took 10 years to get to this point. So what?

    Android got placed on the map with the HTC Evo in 2010, because Sprint is a bigtime carrier and they have a wide global influence. But after that it’s been all Samsung. The Galaxy S2 in 2011 started Samsung dominating Android.

    What else did these other chumps do? Make the first Android phone? Make the first cellphone ever made? The first Droid? Develop wireless radio technologies that are critical to our everyday lives? Bunch of wannabes and has beens, that stuff never made any real importance and doesn’t matter anymore.

    Then you take the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4. Those device rule Android. Samsung IS Android.

    Now you got the Note 3 coming out and it’ll probably sell 150 million in the first week. Nothing else matters after September 4th.

    HTC coming out talking all this game about build quality and good speakers, hired Iron Man. Motorola with this touchless control and active notification. Nobody cares about that nonsense, that stuff isn’t of any real importance. Galaxy is the real deal, no gimmicks, no nonsense. They know what people want. Eyeball scrolling. I can wave my hand over a phone and scroll 1/4th of the way down a webpage. Can your speakers do that for you?

    I laugh when all these people start talking about all this smooth scrolling, software optimization, hardware acceleration. Consistent design. Lag-free, fast phones. Piss on Stock Android. I’ve used stock Android before, it’s too fast. It’s fast to the point that it’s a flaw. Touchwiz is just right. I laugh when so many people don’t realize that Samsung software engineers know what they doing.

    Bottom line? SAMSUNG. Nothing is gonna be as good as the Note 3, for like, 7 years or something. NOTHING.

    • EKfine

      well that escalated quickly…

  • bruno

    looks like the first note.