Quick comparison: Galaxy Note 3 Pink vs White vs Black

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 9, 2013


The dust around Samsung’s new Galaxy Note superphone is beginning to settle, but we still have a few more angles to cover for all of you Note enthusiasts.

This time, we take a look at the three color options that the Note 3 will be available in when it launches later this month. As it suits a businessperson-friendly device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is being offered in the perennially elegant Jet Black and Classic White options, but for those who seek a little more color in their life, there’s a Blush Pink option as well.

We were told that the Blush Pink option will only be available in certain markets at launch, but it should make its way across the world eventually.

So, which is the nicest Galaxy Note 3 color option? That’s for you to decide, but after playing with these devices for a while, I personally am most interested in the Black version, maybe because the faux leather esthetic goes better with a dark paint scheme. Take a look at our Joshua Vergara going through the three color options in the IFA 2013 video below.

And, if you really want your Note 3 to stand out, know that Samsung is planning to offer a whole bunch of different colored back covers, from lime green to gold. Here’s a sample:

Which one’s your favorite?

  • Jaun Lombard

    Black one looks classy!

    • asd

      IKR for once i prefer the black design of a phone

    • Failbot

      The black one looks SO good. Before the design changes, in my mind I saw myself buying a white note 3… now I am having real trouble deciding.

  • technology

    The black one looks the best.

    • dodz

      yeah i can see the white one’s future, its gonna have some stain and some yellowish tint while the black just hides it lol. black ftw!

      • iPhart

        You can clean it. Or even buy new back cover,

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Dude trust me unless you have a case this thing is gonna fall apart on you. The clips on the battery cover if you open it more then twice will snap off. Those grip lines on the side are silver coated plastic which will scratch off because grooves lack surface area. Your gonna love this phone even though there are 2 better ones for the same price. Enjoy !!!

      • D’Ander McSullivan

        Looks like you been using the Note 3 for months.

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          No I havent but my note 2 speaks for itself. I’m getting Z Ultra this time, what are you getting?

          • D’Ander McSullivan

            lol You did not crap on anyone’s parade, sir. The Z Ultra does not offers anything that makes me fall in love with it but the waterproof feature, which is not a deal changer for me. I’m getting either the One Max (if it has a stylus) or the Note 3 as soon as I can see lots of reviews of them both, and not based on comments before they even release. Not trying to be offensive though.

          • Failbot

            Waterproof unless said water contains salt or pool chemicals, or anything else. Useless waterproof except from your brita, and maybe rain.

          • Velvetmxo

            +1 Z ultra

          • iPhart

            You DON’T HAVE Note 2, iLiar. And you are not buying Z Ultra iboy. You will stick to your puny iphone forever.

            Nothing can beat Note. The King. And Note 3 is the most beautiful smartphone.

          • galaxylove

            What the hell have you been doing with your phone? I’ve had a note 2 for a year now and I’ve never had ANY problems with the back cover. And thats coming from someone who switches the battery out at least once a day.

      • RaptorOO7

        Smells like some CrApple jealousy going on here. I have seen iphone scratched to hell in a few days due to the crappy coatings CrApple puts on them.

        Save me the BS comments, anyone with a brain would use a case which is what I always do.

      • yeah, no.


      • iPhart

        I have Note and swap battery every time from dock charger. I don’t charge with cable and never wait for charging. No problem with the clips.

    • scooby mcfqew

      Best is subjective on this subject. Black is most common, I like different.

  • Carlo

    Once you go black. .. you need a wheel chair :)

    • Phoebe Ellen

      Bahahahaha! Good one Carlo. =P Love your sense of humor =) I like gray! Industrial gray.

      • Carlo

        Seriously I think I will get the black one. So classy. But I hate Verizon I know they will ruin the front again with their stupid logo :(

    • Phoebe Ellen

      White Chic movie..bahahaha.

  • Valtheus

    I think black one looks best in this model too. But ofc i might change my mind once i see it for real. :P

    • Failbot

      Apparently the black version feels more leather-like as well. If this is true, it makes the decision for me.

  • Lin

    I like how the black makes the screen on the front of the phone seamless. Plus you can use a black magic marker to touch up scuffs on the back.

  • Mattie Stockard

    Eventually?!?! OMG… I need the pink one!

  • Ollie_Williams

    Im not gonna lie but the pink one looks hot

    • Failbot

      I love the camera jewel on the pink one. I like the black second best, and kind of dislike the white, its a shame they didnt make it chrome looking.

  • Primus01

    I’m getting a black one.

  • dont fail

    This video failed. Failed as in neglecting to mention the texture on the bezel that is under the glass on the white one (& the pink 1 I think.) I’ll stick with white, no issues with my white N2. I might get a different color back plate to be different.

    • aaa

      black colored version also has textured bezel and even faux brushed metal look visible under some angles similar to note 2s grey variant but this time it looks better http://smartmania.cz/images/upload/f6d_img05.jpg

    • Enivri

      Can you explain this in a little more detail? Is there any difference between the colours besides…the colour?

  • g0vt_h00ker

    That is not hot pink… or whatever camera you’re using is terrible

  • Rocio Sajuan

    Pink one :)

  • Che

    the pink is never available in the US.

  • Cheese

    Does pink colour available in malaysia???

  • sam

    I usually pick white , seems more feminine for a woman, but this time I want the black with a hot pink cover! I can’t wait. I played with the xperia for awile and although its a pretty phone, I prefer the note 3 for myself, size is better and better overall.

  • Nakronite

    If you are getting S-Cover with other colours, which colour note 3 would suit better? Remember the back camera still shows the colour of the phone.
    For example you have a white note 3 with a black s-cover. On the back of the phone, you will still see a bit of white where the camera is. Now this may or may not look good.
    So my question is which note 3 colour is best for someone who likes to change back cover?

    • Failbot

      Yeah, I agree. I really really wish they made the camera jewel on the white phone in silver/chrome instead of the white which looks a bit off.

  • Andy James

    its a matter of choice, i went for the white one but rang vodafone today and am getting it swapped for the black one, the white is nice but i find it a bit girly , just got to wait for vodafone to get more in stock now grrrr , great phone though

  • bobby