Galaxy Note 3 New Year Prize Pack Giveaway!

December 29, 2013


    Thanks to the good folks over at Opera Browser we are excited to bring you another exciting giveaway. Last week’s winner of the Happy Holidays prize pack was: Gergő B. (Austria).

    This week 1 lucky person will win a prize pack that contains everything you see below (Worth more than $1400):

    Opera Browser for Android

    Opera has spent 2013 revamping their entire mobile browser interface. Earlier this year, we reviewed all the big changes to Opera Browser. With their latest big update, there is now a  new Opera tablet UI that optimizes the look and feel for tablets.

    How to enter the giveaway

    It really doesn’t get any easier than this, folks. All you have to do is enter your information in the RaffleCopter widget below. From there, you only need to enter once and you will be in the running for the draw each day! And the odds of winning something will be very good. You can earn entry tickets into the giveaway by completing the following tasks in the RaffleCopter widget located below.

    • (1) ticket to download Opera Browser
    • (1) ticket to leave a blog post comment
    • (1) ticket to like the Opera Facebook Page
    • (1) ticket if you follow Opera on Twitter
    • (10) bonus tickets available if you refer friends to enter the contest. After completing your entry you will be given a unique URL that you can share on your social networks. If someone enters the giveaway via your link you will earn a ticket with a maximum of 10 bonus tickets.

    Join the giveaway

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Terms & Conditions

    • The giveaway is an international giveaway* and is open to everyone worldwide.
    • * If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
    • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
    • We are not responsible for any import duties or taxes that you may incur.
    • You must be age of majority in your resident Country
    • Only 1 entry per person, winners will be verified.
    • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
    • This giveaway is operated by Android Authority

    Good luck everyone!


    • Harit Singh

      I would switch if the browser is faster/smoother than Chrome

      • Admir Skenderi

        i totally agree!!

      • Rok Ješelnik

        so would i

    • Jayfeather787

      Holy crap this is amazing. Thanks Android Authority. I want a fast and stable browser that runs with ION kernel!

      • Séverin Rubio

        truly amazing yes !!

    • Jayfeather787

      Who won the last giveaway?

    • Austin Scott

      If the browser was faster and more secure that would make me switch browsers

    • DubiniD

      a faster browser

    • Rúben Santos

      It must be fast, sync passwords and bookmarks with a desktop version and obvioulsy have a desktop version.

    • stockandroidguy

      Faster and Ease of use

    • siddharth_birla

      I always use this browser. Its awesome.

    • Gurpreet

      another giveaway ?great !

    • JonL21

      Who did win last giveaway?

    • siddharth_birla

      Follow me on twitter @siddharth_birla

    • toiletsatan

      A browser that is faster with new features

    • Kostya Maruschak

      Good flash support

    • Abhinav Mishra

      One of the best browsers!

    • martinkem

      ease of use, faster page loading, easy access to bookmarks and favourite pages

    • Levente Krizsán

      I would switch if it is better looking and consumes less battery power.

    • Tuu Hoang

      flash support is da bomb.

    • Illiuminatum

      these giveaways…. wow :D

    • Kryptik

      Who won the last giveaway?

    • Eduardo López

      Speed+easy access to all features

    • ShahinTr

      The sync capabilities of Google Chrome, my bookmarks mean everything to me on the web.

    • Tulaib A.

      speedier usage

    • abhi345

      best browser on android.

    • gaga

      smooth interface

    • Naoufalitos

      Well, change is good, a new browser may bring some new stuff

    • Tracey B.

      hi all

    • Leo Best

      I have opera browser on my phone

    • Brian T

      fast and clean performance

    • Joonas Mattias Laur

      If the old browser is just slow and the new on is fast :}

    • Lewis Taylor

      speedy then chrome :P

    • Mario Henrique

      A better pinch-to-zoom :)

    • Laurențiu Selei


    • Tyrese T

      Goooood Luck!

    • JonL21

      A slick simple design

    • Zachary Rideout

      Flash support!!

    • sean

      New browser would needs ton be fast

    • Abhishek Rai

      Flash support and less memory consumption for a faster experience.

    • amaudys Aquino

      Flash player

    • Natsu

      Why not? :D

    • Aleksandr Tunkevič

      yey :D

    • Pierangelo Munoz


    • Павел

      combination of newest features

    • Carp Andrei

      Faster downloading speed

    • TerraTater

      Fast and easy to use.

    • Cloud ♏

      Really fast, clean and ease of use

    • poiuyt580

      Better features and faster speed.

    • Anthony Clark

      The only thing better than my Note2 would be a Note3

    • Roy Lok


    • Mircea Gladchi

      the resource management of the browser and speed

    • Jose Romero

      I need to win this

    • C Daniel Nehemiah Anand


    • alejandro

      If the browser is more secure.

    • Avnish Raghoonundun

      Ease of navigation & superior performance

    • João Miguel Ferreira

      Password Protected Incoginto Mode ;D

    • Neil McCluney

      Speed, usefulness and social media integration

    • Abner Oliveira


    • Sushant Sadh

      Less data consumption and want to use something new..

    • Omar Anees

      aa rocks!!!

    • Crackix

      nice !

    • firerock

      Fluidity and responsiveness is the key

    • realist

      if the browser is faster..

    • shivanshu


    • technofreak

      Mobile browser should have option to open two tabs at once and in one tab i should be able to listen music on youtube and in the other one i should be able to check facebook news or browse the web. That would make me to switch to another browser.

    • GoSu2KL

      Save data

    • Alex

      Galaxy note 3!!!!!

    • Rick Wookie Maloney Jr.

      Speed and security

    • Bernie

      I actually started using opera since last weeks giveaway and im liking it a lot ive recommended it to a bunch of my friends

    • Alistair

      Needs to be uncluttered

    • Brent McDonald

      i want to win

    • Simon Braun

      Faster use

    • javier inostroza

      This browser is the best I’ve used!!

    • cs098


    • Ahmed Al-Gendy


    • N30N_N0Va

      These giveaways are awesome.

    • Vitor Hugo Silva

      lower data consumption on mobile networks

    • darr107

      Data consumption

    • saunders

      What would make you make the switch to a new browser? -

      Faster browsing really

    • zain

      Intense multi tasking and speed

    • Andriy Yatsenko

      Very fast and stable

    • Juuso

      Speed and sync

    • Rob Field

      Nice giveaway

    • CCQ

      More features that improves the usability of it as compared to the stock browser.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      A combination of speed, security, performance, and ease of navigation.

      - Daisuke Aurora

    • Geek Tweek

      Awesome! Thanks Opera and AA!

    • Edmund Lee

      I want to win this for my mom!

    • Bryant Guerrero

      One of the greatest phones of the year.

    • Jacek Grzybowski

      Fast browsing and nice look

    • Mark Reyes

      I would switch a mobile browser if it is more faster and reliable

    •!/ZayStylin Zay Stylin

      Here’s hoping I win. Opera is fast, stable, and very simple to use

    • Carlos Manuel Fernández Moreno

      smoother scrolling

    • Iulian

      I’m using opera browser mostly on desktop but will try to use on mobile also

    • Alexa

      yeaahh I want this phone so much…

    • mark cayetano

      User interface and overall smoothness

    • steven

      i will switch simply if its better than my current one

    • Elysha Lee

      The browser has to be fast and smooth with no trouble whatsoever.

    • shane miller

      Love it

    • Jorge Alatorre

      Hello, people.

    • Freddy Skaff

      If the browser is faster, easier to navigate and has privacy options as well as syncing across all my devices

    • Lakh Jhajj

      Downloaded Opera , kinda like it. And Thank You for the giveaway. Keep it coming guys.

    • Armon

      Android Authority always does it big and now that Opera is here, ITS EVEN BIGGER!

    • Aleksandar Tokarev

      Hope i win :D

    • Stjepan Motušić


    • crondom

      Is fast

    • James L


    • Jakob Effa

      Please pick me! :)

    • Abdullah Naji

      To make a switch to a new browser, I’d look for a user-friendly interface with a fluid, stable and speedy browsing experience. Also, compressed data to minimize data consumption usage in browsing.

    • mArt Mooney

      Nothing would make me switch to a new browser :) Thanks in advance, guys!

    • Eii Ütle Eii Ütle

      I like how opera is changed, it is getting better and better

    • Ruslan Zamaletdinow

      Best present for NY!

    • Asaf Kurtzvail

      Looks and performance

    • Sentinelski

      Well.. last week reward was better… but hero goes nothink

    • Georgios

      Best giveaway!!!

    • Gomezgani Phiri

      Im about to buy a new droid to replace my galaxy. LG G2 or Nexus 5 help :)

    • sashaski

      I’d switch to a different browser if it was faster or provided a unique feature.

    • Yaroslav

      Faster browsing, nice design

    • Erick Alexander Abreu

      Speed and bugs free!

    • Theresa

      Hope I win would be a great way to end the year. I like opera but would just take sometime to get use to.

    • cant

      good job ,very good job

    • aabshire

      Awesome prize pack!!!

    • josh

      id love to win this

    • Mahesh Kumar

      Less data usage and speed are priority while changing to a new browser.

    • ovendisco

      I want this phone! hope i win! thanks AA

    • dimitriszara

      this time are mine!!!

    • Tai Supermrtshirt Rosemin

      Zero lag would make me move to a new browser…just like opera

    • Nana Kofi Owusu

      Please pick meeee!!!!!! Happy New year to you alll !!!!!!!

    • lourds

      Fingers cross

    • Teddy

      Great giveaway this week! Really love the Note 3. Big screen should work really well with Opera.

    • Andrei

      Better performance.

    • 9Johnnyn9ne9

      Nice ui and performance are some things that would make me switch to a new browser and opera has both.

    • Emilio Villegas

      Adblock and speed would make me change browsers

    • Shady

      A good looking, flat UI, similar to Chrome’s or the AOSP browser’s

    • Jan C

      I love Opera :)) especially the incognito mode ;P no but seriously, I use it everyday and enjoy the smart tabs :)

    • Kyera Francis

      The customization of the browser would make me switch to Opera as my primary web browser

    • Mali

      I so could use the prize package!!!

    • Devilman56701

      Im crazy for you

    • hassan ali

      hope i win

    • socialexandru

      I love international giveaways :-D the vmoda headphones are cool :-D A white note 3 will be gr8. Opera is a good alternative. More secure than the new ones. I had use a lot Opera on Windows.

    • Kackibracki

      I can now get more tabs for my browser which the standard one that comes with my phone does’nt have :D

    • Floh Kudi

      I would change my Browser if the speed is higher than in chrome

    • OmegaZero

      Fast and secure with ability to sync and transfer my bookmark from another browser!

    • Piqui Delgado

      awesome giveawayyyyyy, android authority never disapoints!

    • Brandon Williams

      It has to be fast with easy tab switching and full desktop funtionality

    • taseen

      Speed ,usefullness,and good lokking browser

    • Aaron Arguelles

      I like a mobile browser that’s fast. That’s all. :)

    • macman334


    • andry_naples

      Less data usage, adblock support and performance

    • Isiah

      The browser just has to be epic.

    • Theresa
      if I could delete the pre installed browser

    • Eduardo

      I want to win here in brazil the galaxy note 3 is like 1200 dollars

    • Komer

      Masive prize pack! .. great!

    • Ricky Zonker

      I hope I can be blessed! This giveaway would be fantastic to win! But, good luck to everyone else! :D

    • ayrton arnoni

      to make a swich to a new browser, I’d look for a stable experience when browsing, and a intuitive UI

      • Will M

        The only thing stable is my AA sponsor right

        • justin

          That is pretty sad…

          • Kel

            Lol, But pretty comical…make light of the situation right?

        • justin

          That is pretty sad…

    • Anthony Ayala

      My chances are not the best, but if I win this, I swear I’ll become a better person

    • Stoyan Angelow’

      no lag would be nice

    • asamson23

      Better browsing speeds

    • Jobo Lau

      New Years here we go!!!

    • veljko

      faster browser!

    • George Garcia

      Hope I win

    • Technoholic Treat shikhar kala

      i so wanna swith to android from blackberry. please help :(

    • Lisa Dee

      Happy new year!

    • eugen

      yay !

    • Markus

      awesome giveaway :)!


    • Ermin

      Best giveaway!

    • bigdrew19

      The way it compresses data is a huge plus seeing i only have 2.5 gb of data a month love it

    • veljko

      opera rules and its an awesome giveaway!

    • Ryker Percival

      Make an exact copy of Chrome…lol

    • Jason Wu

      If the browser doesn’t look into your history ;)

    • Mike

      Customization, faster speed than the one i already have as default, and good reviews all around.

    • giros

      Pick me please

    • Frankie Barrios

      Flash support and easy to use privacy mode/ incognito mode would make me switch!

    • eliseo

      I really appreciate a browser with immersive mode in for KitKat

    • Jakub

      Opera is very usefull, indeed.

    • Metehan

      hopefully ill win

    • Arrow

      tis fast relaiable and looks good

    • yassine

      I hope i win

    • castel

      the main cause for me wii be the UI

    • Stacey Thomas

      Hope to win, would be a great way to start the new year!! Plus the note 3 is a awesome phone!!!

    • Jay Monstrous

      I would switch to a new browser if it was simple to use and fast.

    • Jakub

      I would like to have a browser that is super fast and reliable.

    • ThinkingBrian

      What would make you make the switch to a new browser?
      Honestly, unless Google screws up Chrome, I wouldn’t switch. Chrome is easy to use, syncs with all three of my devices (Smartphone, Tablet & Laptop) and works few well for me.

    • Numan

      I need it

    • Zion

      Im in need of a fast. More user friendly I’ve come to find that easy and accessible touch out of opera browser

    • Allan Noguera

      Awesome givaway as usual!!

    • Abdel

      I love you:)

    • Marat Gabdulkhaev

      WOW, Awesome prizes

    • Devin Callahan

      I would love the gear. The phone itself would be going to my mother actually.

    • Essam Louay

      I thik opera Is one of the best because it makes me save in my data usage and its the only app that does it

    • Razvan

      happy holidays androidauthority!

    • Alexandru Tasica

      Opera browser is cool (: The ability to sync the bookmarks and to optimise data usege are the best features of this browser.

    • Wild HB

      Less data usage is priority while changing to a new browser.

    • Veselin Patishanov


    • Craig Duncanson

      Functionality and ease of use.

    • Paul Picaso Sterling

      I like a browser that uses smaller data consumption also a browser that is fast.

    • Abdullah Naji

      To make a switch to a new browser, I’d look for a user-friendly interface with a fluid, stable and speedy browsing experience. Also, compressed data to minimize data consumption usage in browsing make browsers more reliable.

    • Daniel DS

      All I need in a good browser is easy tab switching on the phone, just like in Chrome

    • Asim Chilwan

      I would want a fast browser with good video playback.

    • Diego Rodríguez

      If it has a very fluid experience

    • asyraf nuay

      good luck guys and happy new year !

    • Delarrian Carter

      I really need this packet…got Nothing for Christmas and this is what I really wanted!

    • Shubham ~NeO~

      Awesome Giveaway ! Hope to win this all !

    • SteelGroin

      easy tab switching

    • Devilywan88

      Happy new year and good luck to everybody!

    • Jon Olivas

      I would like to win the Galaxy Note 3

    • Gavin

      I hope i win

    • Ven Louie

      I would switch to another browser if it could accurately predict my browsing behavior.

    • Chirag Jain

      mini app store and probably facebook notifications while browser is in background

    • Sze Chan Wong

      Good UI and loading speed

    • Willmorris

      It is very fast and also very easy to use!!

    • Safouane Boudakkou

      The most important things for my are speed, tabs and data sync
      i really really want to win this giveaway, because GN3 is my dream phone

    • Kenneth Nguyen

      Opera needs multi window functionality for note 3

    • Tabish

      Smooth browsing experience

    • Cozz Gutierrez Alcos

      very cool prizes … 2014 here we go!!!! Godbless android authority …

    • Kamen Minkov

      Unlike on desktop where I’m using only one browser 99.9% of the time, on mobile I’m using 2 or 3 different ones. So one of them must introduce something really spectacular and unique as a feature to make me only use one browser.

    • Grégory Emirian

      compatibility with standards and speed are the most important things in a browser

    • Milo Joseph

      What would make you make the switch to a new browser?
      Flash player would make me switch and help me save data. as Opera is doing with opera max beta

    • Rolando Estrella

      I want a fast browser that plays flash video well.

    • PeteJames1138

      This will send off 2013 with one hell of a bang.

    • Al Andreatta

      I’m liking these guys!

    • Robertas Kurakovas

      wohooo! 2014!
      new prizes!

    • Sava Ivanov

      happy new year

    • Andy

      Awesome gifts!!

    • Arvis Students

      Mainly speed.

    • Christina Pixelosaur

      The browser that would perfectly combine speed, security and low ram consumption would be the one for me!

    • Samuli Satopää

      Android Authority, the best info about Android.

    • yessirrom

      I am always looking for a better browsing experience. Giving it a try..

    • Michael Francis

      To make me switch to a new browser, I need an attractive, minimal ui with fluidity between features. Fast loading speeds is very important also along with the ability to use flash. I need the most computer-like experience possible.

    • Kehin Faux


    • Peter Christiansén

      I’d switch if I didn’t have to make any compromises such as not being able to sync bookmarks and history between devices

    • azim

      Tring my luck again

    • Andrew Sorteberg


    • galshahaf

      it’s fast and easy to use!

    • Michael Zhang

      oh hell yeah

      I’ll make the switch to new browsers if and only if they could sync with all my other devices, and has a reliable speed.

    • Mustapha Benalouane

      Cause i’m looking for fast and smooth browisng, so Opera is the one :)

    • Eduards Krumovics

      clean minimal design and speed

    • Antony Guan

      The ui needs to be enigent and simple and fast

    • Bogdan


    • Antonio Lopez

      Wow!! Great browser!

    • shamas

      I hope I win

      • Herni Arnold

        i hope no

      • NotAnUser

        Me too

        • Ezu Rodrigues

          everyone should win

          • Jcursiolf


      • Vitalariu Olivian

        Good luck!

      • niko

        Mee too

      • Boonlumsion Piyapon

        hope you don’t. so I can win.

        Good luck anyway.

      • Ren


        • Mantas

          you too

      • kk

        me too

    • Reign

      Hope I win!

      • Mathew Pereira

        I hope you don’t hahah!!

        • Aidan S.


          • Will M


            • Vitalariu Olivian


        • Hi


      • Dulguun

        Yea right :)

    • Wei Kiat

      white note3 FTW :D

    • Shaheed BEng

      The speed and the reliability of a browser

    • Peter Phan

      I like to switch up my browsers among Opera, Chrome and Dolphin.

    • smatster

      fast and stable on low end phones/networks

    • Ahmed

      A good download manger .

    • Sergio

      to make a swich to a new browser, I’d look for fast navigation and loading

    • Lokan

      I want the black note and orange watch

    • Oliver Richards

      To switch to a new browser I need to experience it and see if there are other browsers to have a better experience

    • Dux

      I want this :)

    • andreinic

      Happy New Year and I hope I’ll win. And to switch to Opera browser, which is one reliable browser.

    • Edwin Vargas

      No lag and fast loading time

    • Arvind Saripalli

      It would need to be pretty lightweight and usable

    • kristian


    • Ayoola Abimbola

      If the browser supports flash and if its fast

    • BLiTz$tRe@k

      Syncing is very important to me. My data should be synced seamlessly across all my devices. Also the history and recently closed tabs should be available across devices

    • Rajat Jain

      A good data plan control, incognito mode, fast download, gesture controls, pc mode, simple yet stunning look, an addon like ‘Download Helper’ in Mozilla Firefox….

    • Akokaontawu

      I WANT!!!1!

    • otto

      I wish i could win

    • Petraru Alexandru

      clean minimal design and speed

    • Boris Rosengarten

      That it is fast!

    • Happytech

      I hope I win

    • Saeran Maniparathy

      a good browser without comprimises

    • simonlimon

      good luck and happy new year to everyone :)

    • George Zheng

      speed and smoothness

    • Michał

      Introduce something new which will facilitate using it

    • Ridwan Ahmed

      Tring my luck again

    • antwan

      For flash capabilities and also stability. I hate when a browser shutdown.

    • Bruce Ray

      Faster performance and winning this competition

    • Jason Elliott

      Thanks for the awesome giveaways AndroidAuthority.

    • Ronnie

      Man I need a Note 3!!!! It would be perfect for planning all my lessons and teaching the classes will be awesome! Plus I love Opera Browser. It’s very easy to use and user friendly.

    • Edinson Esp

      Opera… Great browser!

    • shosho

      I wish to win thats all

    • Xhulio Zyfi

      speed, performace, beautiful ui

    • Hassan Miah

      I wanna win so bad..

    • George Alanis


    • abenigma

      the reason to switch to a new browser would be stellar performance (in terms of responsiveness), minimalistic yet powerful ui and speed.

    • Marlo

      i would switch if it was minimal and fast with not to many bloat/addons

    • Kelman Guillen


    • Jovana Mladenović

      A good data plan control, incognito mode and fast download

    • Fabián Vélez Vicente

      Good luck everyone!

    • Идея си Нямам

      sweet giveaway :)

    • abhi pat

      I love Opera

    • Hernan Perez

      Hope everyone luck :D

    • Amar Poeran

      Hope I win really need a new phone. Thanks opera browser!!!!

    • sanvlagan

      if the browser is fast simple and with no lag, i would love to make the switch

    • Tom Zohar

      I just think of a white note 3 my heart rate flies!!!!!

    • Bakirsaad200

      I would switch to another browser if it was noticeably faster or better looking than the one i use. Flash Player support and no ads!

    • Pablo Andres Dealbera

      Hello. :D

    • Doni321

      Opera its kind of cool now that im using it

      • hariboo

        Me too :D

      • Colby Leong

        Does the sound from the headphones leak?

        • Nick

          Uh as far as noise leak goes most over the ear headphones leak imo at max volume since the drives they use are pretty heavy on bass. Another thing to add about the v-moda headpone is that a lot of people started to get pressure cracks after a 1-2 month use on this version which i believe is called gun metal. The cracks mostly show up on the left or right ear cup where the screws are located guess they tighten it too much.

          • Colby Leong

            Interesting, I should win this giveaway to try them out for myself…

      • Ian

        Quick & easy

        • Will M

          Like your mama right?

      • R10M10


      • Nick Chamberlin

        It uses Google’s blink engine too, so it should have good support

        • Mr.M


    • Lee G.

      All that Opera Browser is and was, already made me switch to it!

    • Isaac Garcia

      Go Android Authority!!!

    • Améni Souissi


    • Kieron Quinn

      Keeping sync with my PC

    • Jon Lecertúa


    • franek ratulowski

      Would love to win

    • Jeremy Rudyk

      I would switch based on aesthetics and usability.

    • Tawsif Yousuf

      Had no luck last time -_- hope this time is different

    • Rashpreet Singh

      Pick me please

    • Jaskaran Dhillon

      I will switch to a new browser if 1. It is fluid i.e the pages the pages render correctly and fluidly, 2. All my bookmarks and settings are available on my other devices and lastly it should consume less ram. btw if i win the galaxy note 3 the last bit doesn’t matter. been entering giveaways for a long time. haven’t won yet. think i will be lucky this time.

    • Andosa

      pick me up! i wanna be geared up!

    • Michael Hall

      If I had new a unique interface or new browser facilities, I would change my browser.

    • El Topo

      enter to win!

    • Jorge Vega Cruz

      A great ui

    • Mohammad afzal

      To change to a new browser Incognito mode, gesture features and simple ui must be there according to me

    • Jahangir

      Here’s hoping for a win!

    • Jose Martinez

      A new Note 3 would be sweet. CM has made a bit of progress with the Note 3 recently

    • travis

      i want

    • Christopher Le Roux

      Love opera and i hope to win!

    • Kyle Coleman

      Could really use those products. Ive seen good things about a rooted galaxy gear

    • Ivan Alamo

      Note 3 is one of the best gadgets out in the market. I hope i win this prize

    • admir sehic

      i need new phone,

    • crossover000

      Opera is a nice browser, awesome givaway

    • crossover000

      Opera is a nice browser, awesome givaway

    • D. Sharer

      Love Opera, only broswer I can download recovery.img and boot.img, on android, without fuss, that is why I initially switched.

    • Derek Carr

      Looking forward to it!

    • Vivian Liu

      Omg Galaxy Note 3 <333

    • DuFF3N

      I want to win this time

    • Jakub

      Opera is the best for computers and for mobiles!

    • fray

      I’d want a browser that doesn’t crash on videos every day like firefox (my current one), and one that doesn’t slow down my machines like chrome.

    • Aditya C


    • Jahangir

      Would switch for a decent ui and a chop free browsing experience.

    • Alex T.

      Maybe this time I’l get to win

    • Dominique Baker

      I’ll give Opera a try. Chrome has been annoying me lately with its lag.

    • Gabriel Aguilera

      A stable, smooth, minimalistic and gestures based browser experience that supports flash.

    • Dwight

      speed is what i am looking for in a browser, also multi tabbing without losing any speed overall.

    • Stas

      hope this time will more chances to win.


      I HOPE TO WIN.

    • manuel zavala

      Quiero ganar ese galaxy note!

    • Kyle Edwards

      I need the browser to be smooth and speedy and also look attractive

    • Mike Starling

      This is awesome hope I win :)

    • Magnus

      There can be only one, and the one and only is called Opera. Go get it, you won’t regret it!

    • Dezmond Green


    • Omar Lloyd

      need a browser that has private viewing and flash support -omar lloyd

    • deimos

      If I win I eat my underwear

    • SirMohk

      little memory usage and good addons

    • erkan cebecioglu


    • Daniel Marin

      I will try to use Opera browser once again. One Year ago it was preaty good… But i ve stopped using the app for no reason. Will see how is it now.

    • Steve Basford

      Would be a dream to win!

    • Corey Gleed-ellis

      Would love to win this for my mum as she has had a rough month and Christmas with my nan her mum being admitted to hospital and then her passing away on the 28th December it would make her year if I was to win this prize

    • Harsh Patel

      I really appreciate your effort towards technology you guys doing great job and thanks to opera for this kind of giveaway

    • Will Larson

      The Note3 would make me switch. I already have Opera on my phone.

    • iplaywow

      It would have to have a great UI and security.

    • Gerardo

      Opera is definitely better than Chrome in every way.

    • SchleckBlood

      Would be awesome to win.

    • Ioan Marcu

      Opera is a great browser:)

    • Marcin Klis

      I’d love to start the new year with this phone.

    • ShafakCool


    • jonathon

      Stable fast experience

    • Bob Hessel

      Easy switching between multiple tabs.

    • Akshay Sharma

      bored of the stock one

    • abd elbasset t.r

      happy new year and good luck for everyone!

    • Marek Chmielowski

      Browser must have available options at any time

    • Vecas Grant

      i like using opera on android

    • Cleon

      All I want from a browser is speed and stability, along with the ability to have lots of tabs open.

    • Shane Thorsteinson

      This giveaway is awesome. You guys have the best giveaways.

    • Manas Gupta

      Thanks Opera

    • Alan T


    • bequ

      it should be stable

    • Langdon Alger

      Opera saved my Galaxy S – it wouldn’t run anything else.

    • Tom V.

      I’d switch if it were noticeably faster than any other browser.

    • Totiny

      Make a switch to a new browser ? If i like it that simple !

    • Laszlo Peti



      DATA Consumption is what will me to switch to new browser


      I want! Opera is nice, I really like it on IOS.

    • lindi

      One of the best so far.

    • mike mackenzie-grieve

      free stuff is always

    • Ahmed Kharsa


    • Angel Maldonado

      Being able to watch YouTube without any buffering and flash player is a must!

    • jatin

      Opera is one of the oldest and fastest mobile browser

    • luis abreu

      note 3

    • Nitin Hassija

      Another great giveaway. Good luck everyone!

    • Saikat Das

      Happy New Year!

    • lantonis

      Me me mee

    • Alim Khan

      hope i win

    • dkyang09

      I would like the new browser to not crash or anything. .

    • mehrdad

      I love the nexus 7 which I have it right now but I want to have good smartphone and I guess that note 3 is the best choice

    • pabletev

      Hohohoho galaxy Note 3 + Opera

    • NightPunisher

      Always liked opera browser, especially “opera mobile” with it’s speed. It loads pages so damn fast. Even with 2Gedge connection I can continue internet surfing.
      PS greetings from Russia and a happy new year :3

    • Nexususer123

      I like opera browser. Used it in high school to check FB using their wifi. Since opera was the only browser to allow access to YouTube & FB even tho the wifi restricted it in other browsers lol. Not using it ATM but would make the switch if I get an android phone again ;)

    • Vincent Miedema

      A reason for me to switch browser is the ui.

    • גל טחן

      a fast easy browser that includes many features

    • Zubair Patel

      Would be delighted and amazed if I win

    • Daniel Zarin

      Awesome giveaway pack! Well done :)

    • Austin Hua

      i used opera b4 but i still prefer chrome

    • Toma Puljak


    • Rokas Kurtinaitis

      UI and better features

    • Claudiu Damian

      Opera is my go-to browser, especially on my tablet.

    • UA

      i wish……….

    • Justin Duino

      The new browser would need to have features that had never been seen before and also useful

    • Ruben Soares

      I love how opera resizes text to fit your screen! It makes reading SO much more comfortable! Should be standard on all mobile browsers! Also like that you can select where to download files too!
      Just wish opera had a bit of a more appealing interface.

    • Robert Bakos

      Hope I win one day lol.. But good luck everybody;))

    • Nikolai

      to make a switch 2 a new browser, i would look for a really stable and fast browser without any wired features, or addons. It should just in general be a very stable,fast, and clean/pure experience. :)

    • Reggie Francois

      Speed and UI

    • Casey Herman

      Happy New Year guys!

    • Cristian Artica

      i really want this phone!

    • Minden Lu

      Wow this is the best giveaway yet

    • Daniel Zarin

      What would make you make the switch to a new browser?
      - New look & New design (A refreshing look).

    • Aaron Vornovitsky

      The browser must have great integration with the phone.

    • Andrew Freeman

      I’d switch if it handles HTML5 very smoothly

    • Kristian

      I’d love to win!

    • AndroidGuy99

      To switch the Browser….. The new Browser has to be faster and have a better UI

    • philnolan3d

      If a browser showed me -exactly- what I see on a desktop PC every single time. i would consider switching to it. I hate mobile versions of sites.

    • Fernando José

      I’ll be trying out Opera on Android

    • Shogster

      The swiftness of browsing,managing the bookmarks,flexible use of the tabs and more. :)

    • Daniel Hernandez

      Opera is pretty nice!

    • Ryan Callihan

      Something revolutionary. Something that no one else is doing would make me switch. Something like extensions for a mobile device or unparalled speed and efficiency. The new browser would have to stand out considerably.

    • Dražen Klisurić

      Better result in sunspider test :)

    • Robertinio777


    • alvinhkh

      ui and speed

    • Emran

      May the Odds Be ever in My favor (:

    • Farah Feltane

      Great, I always loved the Opera browser now I’m madly in love with it.

    • Kaan Zeus

      Hope i win

    • Piotrek

      Hope I win!

    • Raul Nishii

      Me gusta opera por su rapidez

    • Stuart Conover

      Speed and security are my two big sellers, integrating with social media is another.

    • Chad Fonger

      Thanks for awesome giveaway!

    • William Ngo

      Speed of the browser!

    • Sammy Cullens

      It would have to look good and be fast

    • chris125

      Thanks for these great giveaways!

    • Kavinda Weerakoon

      a ui similar to chromes, but with adobe flash player support or built-in

    • Ryanpj123

      The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is awsome

    • Alex Guzman


    • Nikola S

      Well at least I can get one present this year.

    • ofek arazi

      i really want to win!!!! please!!! i haven’t won anything by now!! and believe me i tries a lot

    • Brendan

      Trying out opera, now. Thanks

      • Nemanja

        Me too

      • Armando G. Mondul

        I’m checking the Beta to test all the latest features

      • Rahman

        try maxthon 3 best browser eber !!

        • Dragos

          Tried it about 2 years ago. If you’dd combine Maxthon3 and Opera you’dd get the best browser ever

          • MasterMuffin

            maybe you should try it again, stuff changes in 2 years :D

            • Ravi Shankar

              I agree!!

          • M Wong

            I actually tried Opera for a giveaway and havent stopped using since.

      • Adrian Hernandez

        I’m also trying it now

      • Riii….

        Also try Opera. It seems nice with data compression

      • ignaciopxm321

        My Uncle Charlie
        recently got an awesome twelve month old Nissan Armada SUV by working off of a
        macbook air. next page B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

      • Bojan Popovic

        Join opera fans still today! Thanks!

    • Ciprian Pop

      I’d love to win

    • kishan

      OMG!! this is my comment, I desperately need a new phone!

    • Hoa Vuong

      luck please with me for this contest

    • Syahir Syazwan

      the more customizable the browser is the more better, that is the most important thing for me…. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!

    • CassePer

      The speed and usability is the main features that need to be functional

    • Hello_Its_Me

      i win

    • Max Bao

      I would switch if it’s faster

    • Yoslin Soto

      Stability, features, speed.

    • Christopher Hartford


    • Carlos Batista

      Good luck to everyone !

    • Mateus Ferreira

      stability and comfort is very important in a web browser

    • Intruder7s

      Pretty happy right now in my combination of Opera + Dolphin. Support for plug-ins and an option (toggle) for lightweight browsing would make me stay with just Opera alone !

    • Rodrijca1

      I’ll try out Opera now that I know that it minimizes on data consumption!

    • Ryan Batty

      Interface that is easy to navigate

    • Shesh Kumar Bhombore

      Thank you Opera…… My favorite browser of all time. I’m a huge fan of Opera mini browser. I have been using this since ages. Good luck everybody and Happy New year to Opera, Android Authority and the to contents around the world. Happy New Year!!!!!!

      The Answer to the question:-
      If the browser is light where it doesn’t consume lots of RAM. I also like my browser to be organised properly where I can access my bookmarks quickly. These two features will make me switch to new browser.

    • miguel

      trying it

    • Stanislav Gromov

      opera it is!

    • gorillamonk

      But I’ve been using opera for weeks!

    • Boooo38

      I can’t get the browser because I lack an android device but hopefully at some point I will have one!

    • Stacey Soto

      switching to Opera provided faster service, better quality and an over all new experience! :)

    • Livan

      I want this note 3 bad

    • William Powell

      This sounds amazing!!

    • bill


    • Hisso Bendam

      Was already usong opera on a blackberry. Android makes opera even better

    • Sam Towers

      I value an intuitive UI and a fast, fluid experience when using a browser.

    • Michael Urbanek

      Has to be fast!

    • Mostafa Kamel

      I would switch for a new browser if it’s a light wight on my device and faster than my current

    • slasky

      I already use opera in my pc and phone

    • rocketlog

      I get FC’s on off-road mode, though. Strange. Hmm. Could be the adblocker

    • Kasper Boo

      Hope I win would be a great gift to myself :-D

    • Corey Hawkins

      Haven’t tried Opera but will try it and hope to win.

    • George M.

      I would switch to opera if i would have to use only mobile data, no WiFi.

    • Bryan Di Gregorio

      If it was smoother than chrome

    • That Guy Over There

      I would switch to a new browser because of customization. If I can choose the color, transparency, etc. of interface elements, then I would switch immediately.

    • Aki I.

      good stuff

    • MEEMab

      I’m just looking to get my first smartphone, probably a Note 2 because of its large screen and its lower price than Note 3, I got really surprised when I found out about this giveaway on YouTube and I really hope to win this!

    • Jorge Gonzalez

      I would want a stable, quick browser. Trying out Opera now ~

    • Hamish Mackintosh

      To make the switch, it has to be beautiful

    • Hamish Mackintosh

      To make the switch, it has to be beautiful

    • Carlos Mario

      A refreshing new experience, a faster browser with easy setup, modern design with a customizable ui, that would make me switch to another browser

    • Jason

      Yes please

    • omar awad

      this one is mine

    • Guest

      the interaction between the browser on my computer and that my smartphone is the only thing that matters to me, then that would be the motivation to change the browser.

    • ProdigalSonWon

      Ohww Ohww pick me!! Draw today is my birthday.

    • Sanjay Gaire

      Stable browsing with more customization

    • Sebastian Velarde

      responsiveness, thats all i want in a web browser

    • Кристофър Теодулу

      i hope i win just for once

      • Ruri

        doesnt everyone?

    • Mckenna

      I’ve heard about Opera, but never tried it out until now!

    • BrainOfSweden

      I don’t that much would make me switch now that my phone and connection is fast enough, and most of the choices are performing very well. So I’ll probably stick with Chrome because of the syncing, but if Opera is as good as it was back in the days in terms of optimizing speed, I’ll probably switch to it when I’m on a limited connection.

    • Constantinos

      Good luck!

    • Michele Menci

      the interaction between the browser on my computer and that my smartphone is the only thing that matters to me, then that would be the motivation to change the browser.

    • johndude333

      This would be cool to win.

    • hkim

      Speed with smaller memory footprint! Must have good bookmark management though.

    • Alex Spq


    • Treyen Udall

      Fast, lightweight, has syncing options.

    • Leoul

      A browser which loads fast and easy to use.

    • zabhi khan

      Opera is best for saving ua data plan….

    • Jacob S.


    • frederic32

      i downloaded opera last week and it is really nice

    • Skhulile Mdaka

      Data Savings which Opera does so well, that’s why I think it’s the best browser right now, I use it on both my devices

    • Shubham Sharma

      Features better than other browsers , such as conserving data , incognito mode , smooth surfing , simple UI , also add on features like download manager , some apps to improve overall experience

    • Chinami Shirota

      I hope to win this. Thanks Opera and Android authority for this giveaway.

    • Vid Bregar

      Hope i win!!

    • Емел Салим

      Amazing giveaway

    • Soua Yang

      Opera Browser is the essential of life. Its my mandatory browser on my phone.

    • Paris Carter

      I need to have the ability to use Flash and HTML on my mobile browser. That way I can do all my college work on the go. I would also need data optimization since I have Verizon and no more unlimited data…

    • Jessica Rios Ochoa

      Hope I can win!!

    • fauzaan18

      it neeeds voice search

    • dinu

      Opera is much better !

    • dudeeee

      i want this so much.

    • Ãhméd Śhèhàb

      opera is the best browser

    • Josue

      good luck to everyone !!!

    • MadCowOnAStick

      if it’s faster

    • Raes Aref

      Another one! I really hope I can score this time! Would love to get a black note 3.

    • JonBurm

      I love how fast Opera is compared to stock!

    • Silviu Panica

      Great giveaway campaign :-)

    • Емел Салим

      I would like a browser which loads fast and easy to use

    • Abhinav

      Well what would make me switch to a new browser is the features and looks ! :-)

    • Dan

      I hope I win I really want this phone

    • Marconi Ribeiro

      Great browser!

    • Desery Charles

      I’d switch to a new browser based on how much more it allows me to do, how much safer (verified authentic pages) and how much faster it loads for me

    • RiksBerks

      I mostly pick a browser based on how the UI looks

    • moze

      me please

    • valid1993

      The best site about Android. Androidauthority FTW! Good luck girls & boys

    • patanjali vatnal

      An attractive UI & data compression feature

    • azrie

      I have been using opera since symbian age. lol

    • Mel.K

      The speed of the browser.

    • Danilo

      Opera is great for when you’re on a slow connection

    • Igor Farago

      I’d switch to another if it was faster, if I liked interface better, and if preferably supported Flash out of the box.

    • Filip Justin

      Opera is one of the few browsers that really do the job in a simple and elegant manner.

    • Mohamed Tarek

      More new tab options

    • Tajai Nasir

      I need to win this

    • Robert Castillo

      I want the Note 3!!!

    • Mel.K

      Please let me win!

    • Y. Moniz

      Had Opera mini, but am now looking to upgrade to android version.

    • krishna

      It is fast and saves my data on the go…!!

    • Slim Ben Hmida

      trying opera !! android authority recommandation :D

    • Düzgün Gökalp

      Cool Hope i win, because i need an new phone. my phone rigth now is an htc evo 3D and it is to slow and to small for me so i hope that i get the note 3. i did hlod the note 3 in hand and it is perfect for me :D

    • Chas Wilyum

      Opera is very cool…wish the best for all!

    • eon

      Free note 3 and other stuff makes me change browsers.

    • Anne

      hope i win

    • Ondra Hajný

      i need gear to pick up girls ^^

    • ant ps


    • Tobias

      If the browser had some cool and useful features like adapting the text to the screen when zooming in on a page.

    • Martin

      Good luck on the giveaway

    • Thomas Schuster


    • OH

      I would switch to a faster browser that can handle many tabs

    • Kepas

      User friendly UI.

    • Gustavo Machado Rangel da Silv

      Android Authority always surprising me

    • ali_rafiyan

      New week, new hope :(

    • Frank Barten

      I would switch if the browser is significantly faster.

    • Pablo Pin


    • Ryan

      Speed! Which Opera has.

    • Gerson

      Mmmm the prize.

    • Raul Velazquez

      I’d would change f the browser were fast and stable

    • kostas

      Speed of the browser

    • Nicholas Dunkley

      Switching to a new browser would require it to be stable and very neat UI.

    • Kitty Kennedy

      I still have the 1st Note, so this would be an awesome upgrade.

    • Jennifer Essad

      my guys would flip if I won this awesome prize pack, I just bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and received the Note 8 for free! Every cell phone I’ve owned has been a Samsung and that’s going back years :)

    • JN Craft

      i forget whats the megapixels of the gear?

    • Iain Simmons

      I’d switch for speed and HTML5/CSS3 support.

    • reti

      i want to #switch

    • Julian Naidoo

      Faster loading times with less data usage such as Opera browser

    • Chris Goddard

      trying opera now, who knows, might make the switch

    • Emilio Mejia

      Who wins these? Do they announce the winners? Can anybody confirm that these prizes are legit?

    • Thømaš ßrådłęÿ Kįñg

      Smaller task bar, quick page reloading, super fast reloading of recent pages, and an abundance of tools/settings. These are all things that would make me want to switch.

    • Hristo Uzunov

      Opera is nice but I miss the great text-wrapping from their legacy engine.

    • Ruben Silva

      fun Ui

    • John Drake

      Speed, cloud integration between devices, extension support.

    • Darren Wilder

      My big hang-up on most mobile browsers is they are slow and use up too mant resources on the mobile device!!

    • Martín Barragán

      Opera+Note 3… :P

    • dudeeee

      thats awesome

    • anon

      i want the upgrade from my n7000

    • Jee

      Clean and simple look.

    • Richard Ely-Harris

      Now prefer Opera browser to Firefox

    • Draven Ramirez

      Opera is RAD on Android!!!

    • Samad Memon


    • RaduP

      I want to win.

    • Stan Papusa

      I would switch to a new browser only for security reasons, nothing less.

    • J_Pod

      A more stable experience is what I would like in a browser

    • Alex Golesh


    • Sammyshadowhunter

      The speed or the layout would make me switch to a new browser.

    • manzoom

      Opera-tion successful

    • Ollie

      I’d try a new browser to see changes and more security. Who knows, maybe the not-so-well-known browser could end up being one of the best options.

    • Connor Bunten

      No bugs and fast

    • Matt Laze

      Good guy opera giving u prize money if u can’t win the phone in ur country

    • direkt555

      A clean UI with simplistic controls is something I look for.

    • Ivan Rančić

      looks of browser

    • Fedinho


    • Lior Cherashensky

      omg awsome giveaway

    • Cameron Williams

      I would switch to a new browser if it had a more/better features or a more usable interface.

    • Xander

      It has to be fast and easy to navigate.

    • Julio García Muñoz

      To change it would need a smooth and clean UI.

    • reti

      who won last week ?

    • Matheus Crisóstomo

      A smooth browsing experience.

    • dskibz

      Having giveaways promoting a browser like this is a good way to convince me to make the switch to a new browser like Opera.

    • dashon

      Better Quality And Better Speed

    • Luci

      Nice app opera

    • Jonathan De La Rosa

      This is a pretty sweet prize pack!

    • Ssorc3

      I want a good text extracting browser

    • Saroj Pyakurel

      Thank you in advance!!

    • Vividh Gulati

      with hope from india.

    • Ádám Szabó

      A good reccomendation from a new browser is very important for me !

    • Francis Michael Depalco

      I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! :D

    • Techsavage

      Data savings would make me switch to a new browser.

    • Ivaylo Vasilev

      Speed with smaller memory footprint

    • tkaatz

      I would really like to win this set. Great stuff.

    • rosalinda

      I would like to win.

    • Aj

      I’ve been a fan of Chrome on android but I must say that Opera really is fast. Speed is something I look for in a mobile browser.

    • T.K

      Here goes nothing

    • Yin Wong

      Trying it out, not bad…… (more testing proceeding)

    • abstrktionlyr

      Faster speeds than my current browser.

    • Dennis

      The data saver.

    • Matthew Apostolou

      To make the switch to a new browser, I’d be looking for a fast, stable browsing experience, no compatibility issues, and a simple, intuitive user interface.

    • VasyaPupkin

      I cannot enter the competition if i don’t use opera and don’t have twitter/facebook?

    • Jeremy Decker

      nice giveaway!!

    • Luis Zuniga

      I would need a stable experience and speed while browsing.

    • Glen

      If it was faster, smoother and had a better ui than chrome

    • Raymon Habib

      I want to try something new so im going tro it

    • VPal

      Opera’s the best. Indeed.

    • Patrick Campanale

      I would switch my browser if it showed me that it was more stable than Chrome, and supported cross-platform syncing, primarily between Android, Desktop (OS X and Windows), and Windows Phone. If there was a browser that had that, I would switch faster than it took to enter this contest!

    • MNMS_1

      its pretty cool and it looks on every android device

      • MNMS_1

        *looks gud

    • József Oláh

      Nice, I want it :)

    • Alm

      If ther’s no ads

    • djakdekiel

      I prefer chrome, so opera must change to chrome… brainfuck :p

    • DigiGato

      Opera was the very best, but it seems its getting behind its competitors, even on the desktop side. Too bad, its rener engine was the fastest

    • krew

      Stable, fast and great UI would make me change web browser.

    • Lovro56

      I would and did change for the better data managment

    • Patrick

      sick giveaway

    • hameed

      Hope to win so badly !

    • Ehsaan Rahman

      I wanna win this fantabulous giveaway yayyyyyy

    • Mack Burdett

      Speed and stability would play a role in me switching browser’s….

    • Niwhsa

      Speed would make me switch as well as UI

    • Pietro Amenta

      i would switch browser if i had a better experience

    • Shahrokh

      Yeah… Opera is really cool… Gonna abandon the Dolphin browser I swear to God…

    • Eli Pomerantz

      The way I would switch to using opera browser is if it would be super quick and be synced with Google.

    • Chris Chastain

      Me too

    • Ean Foo

      browser that doesn’t consumes much battery life :)

    • Maurice Weakley

      What will make me switch is a safe, fast, cool experience. And now that I am using it, it is pretty cool.

    • Siddharaj Solanki

      to make a swich to a new browser, I’d like to be able to import my bookmarks from chrome.

    • omer

      le me is wanting one of those

    • Chris Oh

      This would be awesome late birthday present!

    • ishay

      Just startedusing opera
      Looks good
      Though i’d love to c some new tweaks

    • Abhijit Arun

      I haven’t really used opera, hopefully its as good as chrome

    • JoseMiguel

      lightweight and fast, that’s all

    • Ehsaan Rahman

      Opera is very fast and smooth reminds me of ios

    • Cameron Pepin


    • Cameron Pepin


    • slmksd

      And the winner may be the best of us

    • slmksd

      And the winner may be the best of us

    • Tariq

      Man opera is the best browser i have ever used, especially with its optimized data usage. Im always on the move so its a really great addition and really easy to use. Hopefully more browers will soon adopt this soon.

    • Rodrigo Ovalle

      Hope I win!

    • Snoze88

      I always look for the best mix of performance and data consumption

    • MarP


    • Slobodan Zekić Bobek

      Great browser!–speed :)

    • Ken Xia

      Stability & Speed!

    • ylli bllaca

      opera its better than a lot of other browsers its in the top 3 in my opinion

    • Mike Yedwab

      A nice alternative to chrome. Just started using but I like it so far.

    • Bogdan Mitrache

      Let’s hope everyone will WIN!

    • Loenja Tobias Selter

      needs to be fast and stable, chrome occasionally breaks s o open to suggestions

    • Crax Prax

      Awesome looking browser, I might switch to it if I find it fast and stable enough.

    • Jonathan


    • Markymarc18

      I’ll take this, thanks!

    • Steven Hulce


    • Dale Lakes

      I really like how stable it feels, along with how I can easily look at my Downloads.

    • besher


    • Sam

      I’d look for notebook/android integration of browsing history and bookmarks, as well as a more unified experience across the platforms.

    • Jon Ching

      Does Opera have good flash support?

    • JHead82

      Hmmm.. Might keep this browser and use it as my standard/default browser on all my devices.

    • kooocko

      I’d love this :)

    • tony

      Heres hoping

    • Jas

      Yes. Gonna win it.

    • Valentine Filyov

      if it’s smoother than Chrome

    • Wei Yang Tee

      Q:”What would make you make the switch to a new browser?”
      A: If by ‘new browser’ you mean Opera, then my answer will be ‘nothing’, because I’m already using it right now :D

    • dylan

      Quick, ease of use and simple smooth experience

    • Srdjan V.

      It’s simple to use. Opera go go :)

    • Brandon James Starcevic

      Simplicity and speed.

    • Aimar

      Better tweaking options and fullscreen mode.

    • Cloyd D’Mello

      I wud make the switch if my current browser were to get slow.

    • Patrick

      to make a swich to a new browser, I’d look for a stable experience when browsing

    • Josh King

      Use opera daily

    • Naveen

      Session security

    • Amy Heffernan

      It would not take much for me to switch to a new browser. This one looks interesting. TY!!!

    • Marco Sobrevilla

      Simple UI and ease of use is what would make me switch browsers

    • Jon Green

      Feature are the most important thing to me.

    • Blessing Daniel

      I would really love to win all these products

    • Levente

      I’d permanently switch to opera if it had bookmarks :D

    • Jonty

      Speed, interface design, and simplicity will make me switch to a new browser

    • Montalbert_Scott

      Wonder if Samsung will ever open up the use of the galaxy gear to non Samsung phones…

    • Abebil

      I would switch to a new browser if it had a way to seamlessly manage my tab addiction into groups and/or folders. Now that would be sweet!

    • Murtaza Kazim

      damn, and i thought last weeks giveaway was sick

    • Michel Saade

      The UI is perfect for a smart phone

    • Morad Ihkan

      It needs to be fast.

    • Georg S.

      I switch to a new Browser if it bring me new features like the KitKat full screen mode who I missed in Chrome for Android.
      (Or if Opera is available for Windows Phone 8, because the mobile IE is crap).

    • glazier213

      I’m trying many different browsers and I choose the one most suitable for me.

    • Tjbomb3r

      To use a new browser as my daily driver it’s all about speed and performance over features.

    • Cazio

      In order to switch to a new browser, if would have to be much, much better than what I am currently using. Just a little better wouldn’t do it, because I would be giving up all of the ways that I have entrenched myself in the Chrome/Google ecosystem.

    • Dennis Fluttershy

      A browser must cover my needs more than the broswer I’m currently using, simply as that. Light, quick and good text editing is what I*m looking for the most.

    • esluka

      The browser I use now has multiple errors and stops with plug-n fails. i would love a browser that is new and fresh to make me want to switch!

    • Sergiu Clipei

      Fast and stable.

    • Gleb Babitski

      Android rocks!

    • Gundars Zvackis

      Awesome prizes ;)

    • maurits

      Nice opera!

    • DnSK

      opera my old friend browser =)

    • Γιάννης

      Good luck

    • Android Developer

      i’m using opera beta from time to time.

      it’s the only one that uses caching correctly and doesn’t crash on websites with a lot of content, like this one (run in desktop mode) :

    • Cobus Pelzer

      Cool prize

    • Mark Thmas

      Join the discussion

    • Levente

      I’d love to win that :D

    • jason

      Not bad..

    • Lorenzo

      Hope I win!

    • mercado79

      Yes please

    • Marie-Luise

      more functionality than chrome

    • Aaron Boudreau

      I like the desktop view option!

    • Nafanovich

      I would want a stable, quick browser.

    • Dennis K

      Well, one can still wish…

    • Wanda Bergman

      Ease of use!

    • Andrew Ross

      Come on now; Santa forgot where I lived this year.

    • Michelle

      I would change browsers if it was faster and did not freeze on me, consistency!

    • Adnan Akbas

      Speed and if it support flash player

    • fabi280

      I’m switching the browser as soon as I find something faster than my current browser. but right now I’m using opera

    • Mark Adams

      I like the way Opera works, its quick not slow like some other browsers I have tried.

    • Lorenzo Mattielli

      Faster loading times, faster scrolling and better compatibility. This is what would make me switch browser

    • Zid

      I really love that browser! The best thing about it is the offroad mode.

    • Tracey Peach

      I don’t have a smart phone so I don’t have a browser at the moment

    • doctor.slamp

      Testing opera now :)

    • Michael Williams

      i would like to win this

    • Greg B


    • Alex Carrasco Flores

      I hope I do win and even if I don’t I did find that Opera is a good browser :3

    • george

      Chrome is giving me the shits so opera may b the replacement!

    • tafadzwa chiposi

      To choose a new browser I’d want the browser to enable viewing desktop site.

    • Marek Fukała

      nothing… chrome is the best ;-)

    • Melvyn Perez

      Switch to a new browser? No. Why? I already did it. Opera FTW

    • Chetak Parate

      The UI

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I want it!!!

    • Ali Sumait

      the interface and features

    • Cryss

      I haven’t used opera in years. I’m curious. I use Chrome currently, I’m really happy with it.

    • Julio Rivera

      I really like Opera and chrome. Beautiful UI, clean setup. Fast rendering of pages and content.

    • unoxydized

      the more I use opera the more I’m starting to like it.

    • Teryl Todd

      I want one please

    • Richard Gao

      needs flash

    • Hazmi

      opera is fast than chrome on my samsung galaxy s4

    • kodrutz

      Simply awesome giveaway, while Opera is barely a decent browser now. On desktops, fortunately, as the mobile version is simply amazing. Keep it up guys and do your best to get back on track in the desktop browsers market as well!

    • dor

      If everything would work faster and download with ease… then I would switch browsers.

    • Mike

      Wicked bundle! Glad they finally added an easy way to enable wireless charging.

    • omar k

      That is one huge giveaway! hope this one comes my way :)

    • kristian

      wannna win haha

    • Jedfrey

      Happy New Year… Hope I win this time :D

    • Jedfrey

      Happy New Year… Hope I win this time :D

    • L. Joe

      I’ve already switched from Dolphin to Chrome because of it’s integration with Chrome browser.

    • Anshuman

      Note 3 :D :D :D

    • Andrew

      support flash player

    • Mary VanTil

      I would like a simpler browser, real easy to use, everything clearly marked

    • Kevin

      Only thing I’d want from a browser is for it to be fast… xD

    • Angry Cow

      Good luck everyone!

    • Bradley

      Cool but I follow the bread and butter chrome

    • David

      What would make me switch? Finding a browser that’s faster, more stable and has a nicer UI than Chrome. I’ll see now if Opera fulfills that.

    • MagickalMike

      I really need a browser to “wow” me to want to make a switch. I haven’t really found one yet that seems to offer exceptional quality & features.

    • William Mixson

      Ultimate Samsung package!

    • Dmytro

      Cool browser

    • Sijin Sam

      more stable and faster browser
      HOPE I WIN

    • Terry Tiong

      better security, faster browsing speed!

    • marcgyver

      To switch to a new browser I like fast tab change and flash support

    • Brian Koppelaar

      I would switch to another browser if managing tabs would be easier and if the browsing speed would be beter.

    • Badr Edine Azzaoui

      cool :D

    • Jo

      I want one! :D

    • Judy Thomas

      Speed would make me switch

    • Mohamed Elmnakhly


    • Jack

      Good luck to all :)

    • assassinate241

      Well I would like Flash support on the browseri lime using browser anyway I always switch between chrome, Samsung stock and Opera

    • siggi


    • suhail

      Hope I win this

    • Mihai Cristian


    • Spawn20

      I hope I win

    • Israel Ramirez

      I’d make the switch for new feature and functionality.

    • Dmitry Bruso

      i use opera

    • Konstantinos Christakis


    • Rob Baker

      Easy organisation of favourites/bookmarks and no crashing/non-functioning of in-page apps and forms

    • Beatrice McBlue

      I ‘m tired of both mozilla and chrome, they just can’t handle many tabs and crush, most of the times they don’t work properly. So I’ll give Opera a try!

    • POPA

      Happy New year

    • Jaime Peña

      Faster and better.

    • Juan Alberto Carrasco

      i want this phone

    • Kamal Savla

      Great work Opra is doing in saving data

    • hadeel

      If its fast and easy

    • Manish Menghani

      To make mw switch to a new browser i would prefer faster browsing and clean interface as provided by opera

    • caulk

      Its speed and UI.

    • Tjark


    • Dmytro Shygimaga

      Opera is nice browser

    • spytech

      a faster browser would make me do the change

    • chris

      Needs sidebar slide to zoom

    • allen idwer

      Happy new year

    • Lisa Everaert

      Use Opera primarily and chrome on odd occasion. Although i have to admit Opera beats chrome hands down.

    • Kelly Maxwell

      I would switch if it were faster.

    • Manuel Campos

      Opera is the best Browser for my Samsung Galaxy Ace, By the way I need a new phone

    • no

      Honestly I’d switch if I was having any problems with my current browser

    • Jowell Javellana

      Stable and fast operation

    • Liam Gandelsman

      Cross platform compatibility

    • Yasir Abdul

      It must be very fast Luke chrome Or faster

    • Peter O’ Doherty

      Cool browser offers something a little different to the others

    • Rob Miles

      Need a fast flash enabled browser

    • Shtiliyan Djinovski

      Maybe, I’ll give it a try at least :)

    • Nhan Than

      Speed and seamless browsing experience would make me switch to a new browser.

    • BeggarBoy

      Me, want!

    • Braeden Jt Herbert

      Please pick me!

    • Todor Velichkov

      stable, faster, stronger

    • m1ghtysauc3

      Sync with my Chrome desktop browser.

    • Koen Teeuwen

      aww yeah

    • TMc51

      If it’s as fast as Chrome, it’ll make it worth switching. Will be trying it in a few minutes.

    • Sink Bobo

      Cool comp

    • Brett Henderson

      I use Chrome because of ecosystem

    • GooGkhaN

      İ use maxthon :D

    • Jacob Boswell

      Awesome sause!

    • chris

      It would need to have sidebar slide to zoom

    • dmoren

      Fast, smooth, and good plug in support

    • Vicky-Louise Robinson

      I am always open to trying new browsers – I have used Opera, Chrome, FF & IE on my laptop & I keep all of them there. What would make me switch is being reliable, running and opening sites without any crashes or glitches.

    • zeyd

      i was just in the samsung store yesterday trying out the note 3 and galaxy gear, all while wishing i could get them, maybe this is my chance! haha

    • Anderson Santos

      Manda pra mim!

    • Jason

      I want to win!

    • Francesco Arena

      It would be so nice!!!

    • Tushar Sindhu

      A lighter, faster clean experience

    • Anders

      A prerequisite to make me switch is that there are clients for all the platforms I use (Android, Windows and Linux) and that they have a sync capabilities. Once that’s met I’d have to want to switch too, so, uh, it’d have to be a better browser I suppose. Fast. A better UI than Chrome.

    • yan

      opera is pretty cool

    • Ruben

      A speed increase.

    • Ivana Farago

      I’m looking for a mobile browser that can show any web page in desktop mode properly. I have yet to find one. And when I do, I’m switching.

    • Juan

      An experience that is as smooth as on my PC and as easy to use. All this with the ability to access bookmarks and tabs from other devices.

    • Augusto

      A better experience in a scrolling, loading, compatilbility and such…

    • bahehs

      Using opera browser!!!

    • Ming Aldrich-Gan

      I’d consider switching to another browser if it’s more performant and responsive than Chrome on Android (which has been somewhat laggy of late).

    • Sandra Martin

      Fabulous prize fingers crossed xxxx

    • Tyler Zhang

      If it was faster!

    • Ernest Patterson

      love the notes

    • SilverGhostM

      Everytime i try Opera i go back to chrome

    • Taimour


    • HR

      Sounds good.

    • Jelle

      Opera is a good browser but the phone/tablet/desktop synching with Chrome is just to convenient.

    • Fuat Bakkal

      Opera turbo and tabbed browsing for sure.

    • Mischan

      Fingers crossed :)

    • Manolito Sanchez

      I would switch to new browser for complete synchronization across all my devices and for a stable user experience.

    • Sabba

      It uses minimal data when I’m on the go

    • Stocazzo

    • Juan David Zuluaga Ruiz

      Well, opera is a really fast browser

    • Jack

      it has to be fast and reponsive

    • deh2002

      Awesome price pack

    • Tamalyn Roberts

      being able to move all my bookmarks and ease of use

    • Emmanuel van den Brûle

      Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase ! Let it be me this time ! Love you AA <3

    • Karol

      Mobile Opera is good, but where is incognito mode?

    • Radoslav Danev

      Now that’s what I call a “Giveaway”. :D

    • Benjamin Enos

      Speed and design would make me switch to a new browser. However, being in web design I find I use most browsers regularly for different things ;)

    • boo dog

      Now that I have tried it. Opera might become my go to.

    • David Levene

      Please pick me for this giveaway I NEED these items!

    • Trent Beaver

      Wanna win

    • mohammed

      Once again im down here in the comment box wondering whether or not i will be the chosen one for this giveaway

    • nilesh waghmare

      new feature r very cool and attractive UI………….

    • mrjayviper

      I never win anything :/

    • sjgadsby

      I’d switch to a browser with more useful add-ons and better cross-device synchronization.

    • slyder0244


    • kailyb

      I want to winnnnnnnn

    • Alberto Nappi

      Great giveaway

    • Alex Arctic

      Clean non-invasive layout and bookmarks sync with desktop browser

    • Kamlesh Yadav

      I’d make the switch to get new features, better resource utilization and fluidity while browsing.

    • JakedUp

      Been using Opera for a while now. Def loving how fast it is!

    • gcforreal

      Opera is fast ..plenty fast it

    • Ondrej Holan

      It must have simple design, fast webpage loading and easy to transfer bookmarks and settings,

    • Simon Wilson

      Terrific prize pack! Pick Me!!! :-)

    • Stefan Atzlinger

      I would switch if the new Browser has more speeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

    • Ben

      Happy new year!(i know its too early)

    • Ondřej Daněk

      I would switch to different browser if it would be really fast on my old phone (primou).

    • DrewNusser

      Fast, no bugs, and seamlessly sync across platforms.

    • Hideo Sakamoto

      Maybe if my current browser is dead and buggy with a bad ui

    • Michael D


    • SinDance

      Using Opera only as second or third browser when i need (on pc…) :) don’t have android :D using old LG phone :p lol

    • Susan Armstrong

      The new browser would have to be fast and stable

    • Sarat Chandra

      Not sure. Depends on speed and usability.

    • Devorah Pomerantz

      If it would be super quick.

    • Andreas Herndl

      I hope I’m lucky!

    • kk07ip


    • Nicholas Smith

      I would change browsers for more security, customization and/ less strain on my processor.

    • Joseph

      The thing that would make me switch is the ease of use

    • Tzzird

      Good Luck :)

    • Cosmin Mirica

      speed,speed and more speed

    • Kevin Smith

      A new browser would need better accessibility and speed on heavy websites.

    • Jordan Diaz

      It would have to depend on how easy it is to use the web browser and how fast it is

    • Miguel Alvarado

      Hopefully I can win

    • Brian Turner

      I’d love this. Opera is a great browser.

    • Rafael Sandrini de Oliveira

      I’d change my browser if the other one offered me a faster and light experienc!

    • Kwadwo Firempong-Boakye

      opera is actually pretty much the perfect browser once you start using it

    • Zaeem Siddiqui

      A better, smoother and faster browsing experience

    • Artur Scolnic



      love the note 3. What would make me to switch, performance is definitely one reason.

    • Jason Fu

      tab syncing

    • jaspreet khurana

      you guys rock!!

    • Argjent Gigollaj

      Thanks for making it international !

    • Rémy

      I would switch for a great, intuitive and innovative UI.

    • miztrniceguy

      Love my Note Tab, would love a Note phone!

    • Royce

      It would need a unique feature set and a clean interface.

    • GKIF19

      I need that samsung note

    • Kchitown77

      Speed, ui.

    • Z A

      Complete seamless sync (bookmarks, passwords, extensions, etc) between Desktop and mobile

    • Kirk D’Costa

      a browser with data compression capabilities such as Opera would be perfect to switch to

    • Eng Husam Abdo

      Built in flash player would be great in a browser .. Definitely worth switching for :)

    • Andre gouveia

      I need this one! Hope i’m lucky

    • Marko Novak

      Using Opera from first day on mobile phone and lapotop ;)

    • williamjarquin

      Opera is my favorite browser. I’ve been using it for years.

    • Danny Park

      Make me switch to new browser?…have many addons capability and speed.

    • Edward Manson

      Stable, reliable and not bugy

    • tony solinan

      I use all android apps,and opera browser I am a always looking at what’s coming from all android
      Phones after Christm

    • DanielCCM

      I’d make the change if the experience of starting to browse something on the phone/tablet and finishing on a computer were something as easy as logging into the OS…

    • Jörgen Malmgren

      Yepp on it again

    • Jason

      It would have to be really cool

    • miztrniceguy

      If I win I would use Opera on it!

    • michele lower


    • Samik Parekh

      Great .. Happy New year

    • kb21

      Winning this pack would make me change browser

    • Chris W

      Testing Opera now.

    • Ekuu

      wow hopeI get prize

    • eye

      great, would love to win this one

    • Jason Chen

      Thanks Opera :D

    • AndreaB

      Excited for this giveaway

    • Roman Ševčík

      Opera is better and faster then stock browser

    • Jorge Menjívar


    • nikki robak

      I’d switch if the browser was faster

    • Mirea Ionut- Bogdan

      a better synchronization with other devices

    • gtda1980

      Would love to win this for my gf, she’s dying to get her hands on a note 3

    • gred787

      Downloading opera now.

    • Andrew Lima

      Hope I win, but wish everyone else good luck!

    • john owens


    • Andrew P.

      Good luck everyone

    • StargateNH

      must have conventional tabs like Dolphin. Chrome Mobile is not ideal.

    • Josep

      Good luck!

    • Saintronikow

      Wow! Opera is better than i thought.

    • jk1m

      Opera is one of the better browsers indeed!

    • MaherAbd


    • airelav

      Speed is normally what would make me switch to a new broswer, along with ease of use. A nice looking interface helps too, of course!

    • Maverick

      Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

    • Megan M

      Usually a recommendation from a friend would usually prompt me to use a new browser.

    • leehopko

      Merry Christmas and a happy New Year everyone!!!

    • Samuel Perez

      I really like the opera browser it’s fast, and searches very smoothly and have experienced no problems at all :D

    • Ricardo Rodríguez

      To make me switch it will need to have fast browsing and have a nice interface and i think opera haves that and much more.

    • Ali Al-Saachez

      Please i want all of this

    • Ben Davis

      Faster speeds

    • Daniel R.


    • Adylle Allen

      i want to win

    • Devinder

      Hope i win this amazing giveaway

    • Rolf Brandser

      It would be sweet to won this kit :b

    • Ervin Hasmujaj

      A mobile browser should be light and fast

    • clrs94

      Winning would be soooo cool.

    • mtoan90

      provide the same synchronisation abilities as chome + faster, and more lightweight than chrome.

    • M M GE

      Only beter performance an features would make switch to a new browser. :D

    • Luis Jose Marrero

      hope to win, I need a new phone

      opera is good! I’ve always use it

    • disqus_yypoTIeq4c

      I JUST WANT THIS oh so bad :(

    • Michael Dooley

      Well let’s see how opera works out…

    • Saintronikow

      Good Luck to everyone!

    • Neaz Chowdhury

      Opera’s not bad actually

    • Ryan

      Opera Browser! Gonna give it a try



    • Harmanbir

      Off road mode actually works pretty well.

    • Guerra

      Hope to have a chance this time, i really like the Note 3 but have no enought $$ to afford one :(

    • stacey trim

      faster searching

    • Abdulatif Randy

      Easy user interface, quick, really good overall

    • Emeriz

      Trying Opera again.

    • Patrick

      hope I win this! :D

    • José Luis Moya

      opera is a really good browser

    • Pedro Ewors Adamkovič

      I would switch browser cus of ones compatibility for every plugin and every website..

    • mohammed

      Opera are the best

    • escher123

      I’ll give it a shot for sure!

    • AsiefD

      Don’t know if I have the heart to ever leave Firefox, but let’s see….

    • Devinder

      The opera version I’m using now is great, i would switch to a new browser if it offers a better interface.

    • Devinder

      The opera version I’m using now is great, i would switch to a new browser if it offers a better interface.

    • Siphiwe

      Opera has always been my number one browser since I discovered it in 2008, I used Opera Mini 4.1 on my Samsung D900i back then and never looked back! Now we’re using smart phones and I’m stuck on Android Froyo (2.2) using Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim tablet, would love to experience the now advanced Opera browser on the latter Android OS iterations…

      Let me win this, please! : )

    • Alex O’Connor

      speed. even on new phones chrome can be a little laggy at times, but I do like the features. Give me a browser with similar features (mainly google sync) but snappier and I’ll definitely switch.

    • Ionut Teodorescu

      Light, fast and simple. And, ps: some flash! ;-)

    • Daniel Chu


    • Tom Blinky

      Opera was my browser of choice for pretty much ever. Just needs to be quick and slim on resources

    • toenail

      I would switch to a new browser if its the most stable and reliable..

    • Jason Benson

      So far i like the browser. Im still running it up against other browsers, but right now its very promising.

    • straw

      Obviously better efficiency, speed, usability and functionality!

    • Ensaan22

      I like it but for me chrome is better

    • Marius Tudor

      Stability and speed is what I look in a browser.

    • andrea

      I really like the off-road mode in the opera browser. Great giveaways anyway

    • fbarousse

      Once again, kudos guys for this contests and prizes… Thumbs up!

    • joker36

      Always looking at new stuff

    • Gelo Francisco

      Hoping to win this time :D

    • Jonathan Mitchell

      I want that so bad

    • Szabó János

      Is very fast especially on older devices

    • Ivan

      Light and reliable.

    • Anibal

      Stable and intuitive navigation

    • Azlina abdul aziz

      I hope i win.

    • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal.P

      Make it light and fast and add great features

    • Eric JingPop Mockler

      Nice giveaway. Opera is definitely fast.

    • Antonio

      A more responsive browser

    • Komeil Karimi


    • Tony A.

      Need to win

    • Ezra

      Daaamn i’d like to win this giveaway!

    • Eker

      More useful than old browser

    • Igor Strelnikov

      Opera – wise choice.

    • Joris

      Lots of settings options

    • GennY

      Opera its kind of cool now that im using it


    • Waqar Qureshi

      not a huge fan of the opera browser

    • Michael

      the features like the ones that Opera have, control over my browser no the browser control me.

    • Taubda

      Opera is the best browser for mobile – IMO

    • Jordan Mattison

      I switched to opera browser because it’s really fast. One of the fastest browsers I’ve tried.

    • valid1993

      Happy New Year!

    • chatty

      The thing that would make me change my browser is the UI & operational difficulty !

    • irman

      I like the news section, and it got news from my country… :)

    • miguel

      Opera its faster than Chrome but it freezes sometimes. (Google Nexus 7 2013)

    • Helen

      Happy Holidays & best of luck to everyone! ♥

    • Abraham Montero

      There should be an everyday giveaway

    • Talltrice

      Have lived Opera mini on Palm devices. Now I’m ready to try it on my Android phone!

    • christopher Zielinsky

      I used to use opera.lookong forward to using it again

    • Stu

      I like these new “Package” contests. More than just a single device, is nice!

    • Roselyn

      im so excited about this! i could never afford a samsung galaxy note 3

    • wilfredo

      I would switch from my browser to Opera if Opera is Faster & can watch videos on the browser plus if i could use it on my multi window on samsung galaxy s4.

    • Peter

      i am just trying opera

    • Alen Napotnik

      A fast browser with clean interface.

    • araceli

      Needs to be easy to handle

    • jeff willis

      Opera is really good! Fast and organized!

    • tony solinan

      I would love to win the note3 as I always use their products,the Gs4 the Gs3 now I am waiting for the
      New year to see what’s available in android phones ?

    • Matheus Imai

      Wow Niceee

    • Andrew Amgad Wahba


    • Amr

      opera is actually fast!

    • nate6

      text reading mode..

    • Haemophilic

      Speed is what matters

    • Hristijan Buckoski

      I’am just trying to win Note 3 giveaway.

    • Guruch Buttar

      I’m using Opera for my mobile device but I think it would be better if you were able to customize the browser more.

    • Abhishek Varu


    • Nemanja Mancic

      What would make me switch? I’m not sure…. Being a tech nerd probably if it would offer some cool new feature, then for sure.

    • Sean


    • araceli

      Has to be easy to handle

    • shahrukh raza

      Kool . Got opera

    • Patrick Covernton

      I won’t know until I’ve tried it for a while.

    • kostas man

      i want ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    • Brent

      I have used Opera on PC, Lets see how it is on Mobile

    • Thando

      Opera is quite good.

    • Penny Stephens

      Ease of use

    • John Brandenburg

      I like a browser that syncs across all of my devices like Chrome.

    • lolobarjo

      Feature like sync tab or better performance

    • blizzardwhale


    • Joao Lucas Calaça

      Great Giveaway!!!! ;)

    • joao matos

      Hope I win for once in my life. It would be very cool. Thanks

    • Malik Alloun

      Opera ftw

    • Paul Stoica

      excellent giveaway, I`m happy to participate maybe I`ll win. thanks.

    • katie

      fast and able to access all videos on it

    • Claire Smith

      Ease of use

    • Niklas Ritzenhoff

      Browser needs speed + utility

    • Gabriel Deya

      I never in my life win a giveaway :-(
      I hope I win this with the help of God ;-)

    • Ãhméd Śhèhàb

      hope iwin

    • Tiball14

      I really like Opera …

    • Nikola Stanic

      I need this. I am using a Sony Ericson k310i ,yeah.I can enter this because i have a tablet and i am honestly really impresed with opera. Please let me win

    • Ossama Ghanim

      The only thing that can make me switch to a new browser is if it offers a much better experience than my current browser

    • Tony An


    • jayps21

      I thought last week’s prize pack was awesome but this is what I’ve been wanting!
      Btw…. I’m starting to like this Opera browser more and more.

    • amar bashir

      Opera browser is amazing

    • Joel Salmi

      Opera saves my bandwith, which is nice!

    • Monsi Simon

      Please let me win it this time! :)

    • Andrea Venturella

      i hope i win

    • Stephen Nix

      nice phone & accessories to use Opera with

    • Ãhméd Śhèhàb

      I don’t have aphone ihave a chinesse tablet q75s
      I need this

    • Jack Chlystek

      Great browser for android

    • Alexandre Lee Papa

      hope i win!

    • Zgeek

      I’d switch if it was quicker and had more innovative features, but i am using Opera right now :)

    • Phebe

      I’d switch to a new browser if it maintains what I’m used with my current browser. Plus, it’s simpler to use.

    • Ariyana Culp

      I wanna win I need this

    • Kartik Iyer

      It should work with low end devices efficiently as not everybody has superphones, especially in developing countries. I myself am using a galaxy s (i9000) and find chrome unsable due to lag, and hence use opera mini.

    • Gregor Alan

      Opera is indeed a very good browser.

    • Tianyi Malandre

      Why not try new things ?

    • Monsi Simon

      I will switch to a new browser like Opera if it can provide a fast browsing service. :)

    • Shaunie J.

      I’ve used Opera and I like it.

    • Prakhyat Shetty

      Opera FTW!!

    • Thomas Duffy

      Flash player would make me consider switching

    • Yehoshua Deitel

      Make a PDF viewable within the browser

    • Adrian D.

      good luck to all! and Happy Holidays!

    • haziq

      black colour note 3

    • Joseph Villaflor

      i will switch to a new browser if it has more privacy & security settings.

    • Devinder

      I would switch from opera if the new browser provides a much better interface.

    • Donald Foley


    • Rashed

      So many things for just one person!

    • Shaheer J

      Thanks opera!!

    • Lauro Abreu

      I had always used opera in my tab, best browser ever!

    • Mark Stronge

      A faster smoother experience with chrome bookmark integration

    • Emito Salim

      Because it is easy to use

    • jussuu

      Using opera now, love it and cant wait!

    • Alex Kumar

      I want this y0

    • Brandon Lehr

      I’ll take this!

    • Mitch Ware

      I would switch to a new browser if it could scroll without lagging…. is that too much to ask?

    • Azza

      quick loading

    • Jason

      Finding a browser that is stable and fast and able to scroll smoothly!

    • Hasithdis

      me me me!!!!!!!

    • iks-10

      text reflow

    • sian hallewell

      Can’t think of anything that would make me switch browser, why would I need too?

    • amar bashir

      Also if a new browser had a speed improvement at loading pages (which opera all ready has) that would make me want to switch

    • Massimo Santicchi

      very cool browser!

    • Mikki Banalan

      Galaxy Note 3 FTW!

    • mat

      Intuitive results

    • Nazar Koval

      я виграю)

    • Steve Lim

      Galaxy Note 3… droooollll

    • Ashish Sharma

      back off guys m winning this one :D

    • Alihaider

      I use opera on pc always….. Good browsing speed

    • Allan

      Opera now that i have used it.

    • Joseph Villaflor

      I will switch to a new browser if it has more privacy & security settings.

    • Bill Kraski

      It needs to be fast and clean.

    • Jeffrey Scott Jr.

      Ease of use. I need to win, thanks….

    • Courtney R

      sick of the one I have, I need something quick and new.

    • gtda1980

      I’d switch to opera if it was able to remove the top stories, add proper bookmarks and have flash support

    • Zaw Thet

      Opera, the most useful and trust browser. i just like it as soon as i use it

    • JT Madrileno

      I would change my browser for its UI

    • Harold

      Opera is awesome!

    • Edin Mehmeti

      Opera is new browser. And I always like new things.That why I switched to Opera and I like it.

    • Vilou Uolivz

      its the best!

    • Mohamed Amine Saidi

      Opera already installed, comment done ! what’s next ? (santa never gave me a gift may be Opera and Android Authority :) )

    • foglock

      I am interested in the note 3. So far i like Opera

    • apostolis stergiakis

      good luck folks

    • Proprio Peixe

      One more shot!

    • Besart Ademi

      fast browser for pc and mobile

    • Bruno Pereira

      pick me

    • Sita Madu-Wynn

      i would change to a new browser, if i find a browser with a safety plugin or indicator, you know the kind that blocks you from accessing the website then displays a note telling you the url you are trying to visit is not safe, eg filled with virus or adware or spyware.

    • Marshall

      Great phone, best on the market. Sure would like it to be my new year present.

    • Parker

      Testing Opera out

    • Filipe

      I need a browser that don’t use a lot of RAM like Chrome does.

    • Mark King

      Features I would find useful that make it better than chrome

    • Kamil Dąbrowski

      Nothing will make me to change my browser ;)

    • David Nam

      If the current browser is insanely slow with a lot of ridiculous plug-ins, then I’m definitely switching to a new browser.

    • Jun Guan

      Trying out Opera, pretty awesome

    • Waleesa1

      I would make the switch to a new browser if it provides full compatibility with desktop sites.

    • Eamon Sadeghi

      I’d have to see how well it syncs with everything else

    • Dan Sisler

      In order for me too switch my browser, it would need to have multi-window support, gestures, and a great design.

    • Pieter Botes

      Faster browsing and easier syncing with my desktop browser.

    • MrEnderkiller

      A fast, stable browser with a simple but functional UI would make me make the switch.

    • apertur3

      Speed and proper rendering.

    • Corey Wiesel


    • Ahmad sharif

      I would move from chrome to opera , but opera lacks the ability to import bookmarks and those gestures that chrome has …

    • Jesús Arias

      Change browser? Well It has to be stilish, but simple and fast :)

    • Kristoffer Engdahl

      I actually use Opera on an old Symbian based Nokia e72 and it’s the only web-browser that makes surfing the web on that phone bearable. However i would rather use it on a the Note 3 :)

    • Kristoffer Engdahl

      I actually use Opera on an old Symbian based Nokia e72 and it’s the only web-browser that makes surfing the web on that phone bearable. However i would rather use it on a the Note 3 :)

    • Guest

      No one has ever won anything from AA here, in Poland.
      It would be wonderful to be the first. :)

    • Henry

      Amazing giveaway. Good luck and congrats to the person who wins! :)

    • William Alcala

      to be faster and easy to use.

    • Kevin Fonrose

      Best give away hope I win gonna test out opera now too

    • somedude13

      Awesome giveaway

    • atomic518

      I’m looking into it as well!

    • hjr9890

      A great tablet ui would make me switch

    • Anthony S

      I win

    • Thomas Verelst

      I’ve used Opera Mini on my old android phone a lot because it was faster than the others. Looks like their new version of the normal one has a nice tablet interface. Gonna try that

    • fitchva

      Good desktop integration would push me to switch browsers

    • Moses Sisombath

      <3 Giveaways!

    • Grannybiker

      More reliable speeds

    • Ife


    • Ehk

      Speed. Pure and simple!

    • MaartenVB

      a giveaway

    • dee adams


    • pustaka

      Wow, Opera is on the roll! Nice.

    • Paula Hepburn

      If it had everything I needed it to and could be easily customised

    • Victoria

      if my browser wasn’t keeping up with the times like when IE got left behind when ff, netscape etc happened then i’d replace with another

    • nick

      ease of use

    • Eddie A

      For me to switch to a new browser it would have to be fast, simple ui, and maybe a way to use themes.

    • rob

      easy win

    • lexxir

      Opera is awesome….

    • Veni

      A new browser is compelling if it’s offering speed, privacy, security, innovation without hassle and convenience to other media (e.g. Facebook etc)

    • Sid Velazquez

      A nice gui

    • Jose Gamboa

      One that it wont crash

    • raffr


    • Kelvin Chung

      Wonder when opera will have the compression done

    • James Tufarelli

      I like speed and stability, as well as a fluid and good looking UI.

    • Yash Ballani

      Speed and data saving options

    • ClaudiuIO

      To make the switch to another browser, it should be faster or have a cool new feature

    • DarkHero

      Fast, Stable exoerience in a browser are the important things after is the sync options it can do + all other options it got. Opera has a lot to make a chance to it

    • Jodan

      I would change to a new browser if it offered more secure ways to remember my passwords and a fun and interesting GUI. Also the extensions are always welcome especially when they are useful

    • Gabriel Rossi

      A good browser should be light and fast: Opera is becoming an awesome browser ;)

    • Mitchell Germick

      Had Opera for a load of time.

    • Bob

      Better website compatibility

    • kanyewesttx

      i must win!!!!

    • Marius Vilcu

      Amazing giveaway!!

    • Drew

      Love opera

    • ✮༺♥༻ ‏Sharon ༺♥༻✮

      Have just downloaded Opera looking forward to giving it a try!

    • Mwolfer

      I want a fast, stable browser. So far, I like Opera very much.

    • dukens saintvil

      I want that phone please.Thank you

    • spaine_81

      Love Opera’s compression – makes the internet fast!

    • Sarah Vegetabile

      Less bugs, clean and fast response!

    • Ajinkya

      Win i Must

    • Michał Niedostatkiewicz

      The key point in making me switch to another browser would be synchronization with Google account – Bookmarks, Most Viewed Sites, perhaps starting tabs.
      With all that, and maybe better speed, I could abandon Chrome without hesitation.

    • Wishin Hunnoman

      If its faster than my default browser and i can use it on various platforms.

    • Matthew Bekaert

      great prize, hope I win

    • tonicer

      sweet i hope i win something.

    • Uriel Eugenio

      What would message me change my current browser?
      -Major issues in my current browser,
      -Significant improvements in the new browser regarding what makes a browser stand out (from last week’s question)
      Note: the browser I use in my phone depends on the one I use in the PC, and I would fatigue my new browser to read favorites from my old browser.

    • ji

      winning the raffle?

    • GhostRecon55

      Still getting used to Opera.

    • Iftah

      If I would get the prize it would definately make me switch browser;)

    • AzkuInc

      I love Opera Browser

    • Josie

      I wouldnt make a switch to a new browser i been using opera for a long time its great

    • Rui Ribeiro


    • Dale2

      Y U NO give me this ?!!

    • David Guerrero

      I’ve used the Opera browser since 2012. Love it, I even deleted my default browser so I can use Opera with no other browser being there :)

    • Alex Trapini

      I really like how fast it is

    • Nikhilesh Sharma

      I’ll switch to a browser which is less heavy and does not eat a lot of ‘Physical Memory’.

    • Malcovish

      compatibility with android and with samsung touchwizz

    • Niels

      For me to change browser I need speed, add-ons, adaptable sync options (cross device and from desktop), easy linking to other apps, stability and high security.

    • Rizwan

      Opera is Cool

    • Candy

      The speed and ease of use.

    • Vasu

      i’ll try it out

    • BillJude56

      Had already downloaded Opera on my GS3. Like the speed and tabs.

    • Carolina Carrasco

      Hope I win!

    • TieNo

      Need this note 3

    • Jay Cruz

      This is great :) . Good Luck guys

    • Petr Vonášek

      small chance to win, but i’ll try anyway :)

    • John Papajohn

      Hope I win! Happy New Year!

    • Ionel Vintila

      Opera has always been good with data consumption and is very smooth when it comes to operating the browser. These are the main reasons to use Opera.

    • Ilja

      I would definitely make the switch to a new browser if that browser could provide a more desktop like experience.

    • Emilio Angelo Francisco

      Thank you Opera!

    • Pitur

      I hope I win :D

    • leachimjohn

      I really liking opera for years now. I hope that I’ll win on this competition.

    • latinamuser

      I would switch to a new browser because of speed improvements and appropriate data management.

    • Clarence L

      no security flaws, no pop-ups, simple easy layout

    • brigita

      all i need browser to be is simple, fast and it should make my browsing easier

    • Chris Cheung

      Thanks opera for the opportunity to win a note 3 and gear watch.

    • Staf Duncan

      Welp.. here we go again.

    • Lazu Gheorghe

      Long time opera user here, used it even on my old nokia n95 on symbian, has always been a great piece of software, keep up the good job.

    • David Metcalfe

      ‘Bit confused about how a ticket for the browser is counted, and it doesn’t help that there are multiple apps of Opera for Android. Still, here’s my comment ticket.

    • Jarred Brown

      To switch to a new browser it’ll have to be stable with a sleek and beautiful ui with various plugins for my daily usage. Hope I win the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, mouth had been dropped in awe since it was first released =]

    • Bryn

      A note 3 would be awesome, hope I get lucky :)

    • Eugene

      Fingers crossed!

    • Ilia Bikhovski

      Gimme!! :)

    • Ian M. Scarlett

      Browser should be “Lite”, that is, without Add On’s etc. Fast to open and ease of navigation

    • The Jeffrey

      Supah fly contest!

    • Jay

      I would want the browser to be snappy

    • Curtis Cheung

      To make the switch, I would need a browser that is stable and has a easy to use ui.

    • Rosinha Fernandes

      The size of the application and the possibility of integration with my desktop device.

    • Sean McKnight

      I switch browsers when I get frustrated with whichever one I’m using now

    • Guillermo Zahonero

      Opera, simply clever

    • Paolo Quindara


    • Vlad Islav

      harder better faster stronger!

    • Patrick Siu

      im looking for a stable low memory browser


      reliability, hate crashes-also something that made it easier to remember passwords x

    • Robert Ruelas

      Hope I win some Opera love

    • dergis

      I’ve always been a huge fan of this page, i just hope you guys pick me up in this one, i really want a not 3, if i win this it’ll be like my dream come true, so please i’m begging you.

    • Ryker Cooke

      Opera is a sick browser!

    • Paul Miole

      Trying it out

    • Joelw3440

      Speed and accessibility

    • Pascal

      I want this so Bad :D

    • Rahul Gandhi

      a private browsing mode will surely be a deal breaker for me to shift to another browser.. although opera mini is ma daily driver alongwith chrome.

    • Matthew Muysson

      If it were faster than my current default(chrome)

    • Carlo

      Yay! I hope I win this time!

    • Dries Guillaume

      A resposive UI and loading speed.

    • marcandmel

      sweet package. Hope I win.

    • Brenda Penton

      I’d switch new a new browser if it had all the features I was looking for and had no problems with pages loading

    • Zunex

      Nice giveaway!

    • Jess Bienkiewicz

      To switch to a new browser, it must have a clean, easy to use interface with quick response to my actions.

    • Claus

      Fingers crossed.

    • Margaret B

      a quick & easy browser

    • Adam D

      I’d switch to a new browser for a faster experience

    • Sdakidd

      This is awesome giveaway!

    • Sue Barney

      If I heard it is fast and reliable :)

    • zaphy42

      To make me switch to a new browser I’d like to see plugins such as Adblock, bookmark and tab sync across devices, and a low memory usage.

    • Diana Esp

      I would change browsers to one that had a faster Internet speed.

    • Friendly Photo Zone

      If only Opera integrated better with Google services…

    • Catherine Robichaud

      I need a browser that is user friendly and fast.

    • Arnd Brugman

      Darn you guys push opera. What does it offer beyond chrome?

    • idlukakas


    • Rocco

      Resources and data used and speed.

    • rohail6


    • Michael Wilson


    • George

      Hi everybody good luck

    • Chien

      I switch to new browsers for better speed and stability (not crashing).

    • Adam D

      A smoother experience would make me switch

    • Ayrthon Perez

      I hope i win the Note 3 for my little cousin’s birthday. :)

    • Tadeus

      trying opera out now :)

    • TomONeill


    • Michael Wilson

      Hmm what would make me switch? Stability? Flash support?

    • Oliver Crete

      To switch to a new browser I’d want intuitive gestures which make navigation very easy and customisation of button placement (i.e. choosing what buttons I’d like in the navigation bar and menu).

    • Clair Dutton

      if it was faster

    • ms

      Great Opera browser!

    • troysyx

      Are you kidding?!?! ALL of that is the grand prize!?!? :-D

    • Keith F

      I’ve always had Opera even on my desktop!

    • David Carter

      needs to be quick and reliable – I use Opera and like it.

    • kingsclear

      Opera works the best of all the Android browsers I have tried…and it works with Flash as well…bonus!

    • Maria Taylor


    • Andrew Anthem

      amazing! You guys rock!!!

    • Eduardo Speroni

      A fast and low weight browser would make me switch :D

    • Stewardson Nii Laryea

      love the Note 3

    • Paulo Silva

      Speed… It needs to allow fast web navigation on any device.

    • OpticsZ

      I’d switch browsers if it was stable and more compatible (flash, javascript, etc.)

    • Badooo

      when I change browser I need to have all my bookmarks :D

    • antk47

      A simple and enjoyable experience would make a great browser! Thanks!

    • superballer13

      Hope i win

    • Maria Taylor

      i would switch browser to a faster more easy one

    • Petr Vonášek

      fajčin in the kvajčin

    • Zach Poucher

      Good luck all!

    • Ronald

      Great browser, using is for some time already..

    • Mihail

      Killer Feature (:

    • Jonathan Sosa

      this is cool

    • Peter Bastille

      Installed on my tablet will try tonight!

    • Nathan Handy

      Thank you.

    • Melia Whyte

      nothing can make me change! i’m a dinosaur!

    • Ahmet C.

      If a browser has better User Interface I would switch.

    • nightfox11

      Opera ftw thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    • Alen

      Opera it is very good !!!

    • Paul Miole

      This is cool

    • tamer tuhlawi

      Hope I win for the first time

    • Issac C

      fast and secure

    • Kevin Jaewuk Lee

      faster UI

    • Baskuipers

      Hope i win, damn this pack is amazing!! :D

    • Yazad Dhunjisha

      Great giveaway!

    • EdsonDJ

      I just need a browser to be fast and fluid.

    • ScathArach

      I like my browsers to have low overhead and be able to view desktop pages as well as mobile

    • Paul Wilson

      It would have to be significantly better than my current one.

    • Mardyman

      Faster loading and navigation speed and flash support!

    • Zakka

      I’d switch for a faster one with less memory usage

    • flashmozzg

      Better tab management.

    • nate


    • Mads Frederiksen

      Hope i win :D

    • Kevin Santos Almeida

      Opera is better in android than symbia, but much better :p

    • Debbie Bashford

      if I got an android device then I could try different browsers like Opera

    • josie

      I would switch if the browser was quick and reliable

    • Pierre

      I’ve been using opera for a few years. it’s definitely an awesome browser.

    • Hernan Rosario

      New features

    • Blingy Al-Araimi

      Scanning text in online pics

    • Abdoulah Soulami

      I don’t feel like I need to switch my browser, it already is snappy, and has data compression

    • Andrew Daoud

      Definitely the speed differences in the browsers.

    • Dean Delic

      Opers is shit without bookmarks xD

    • Pim

      Woow so Manny prices!!
      I hope I win

    • Kyle Yoder

      I would definitely love to have a note 3 to run Opera on!

    • Alex

      How fast the browser it is

    • Oldtimer42

      New browser needs to be faster

    • Sempuuma DH Ronald

      easy and convinient to used by even my less educated african mum

    • Zach Chapman

      Opera is an alright browser, the fastest one I’ve used

    • Dez

      It’s faster!

    • katerina

      pick me pick me!!!!!! pleaseeeee!!! :D

    • Toni Tammela

      Nice prize i hope i win this but good luck everyone :)

    • damian01211

      Well, I’m using Opera on my desktop PC so why not use it on my phone too if it’s good ?

    • Archishman

      very slick, very easy to use

    • Frank DeGregorio

      Would love to win this. Thanks Android Authority!

    • leachimjohn

      I am fan of opera for years now. And opera is one the awesome browsers in the market right now and I’m loving it. Hope that I’ll win on this competition.

    • Patrick

      Been using Opera on my S3 for a while, would love to try it out on the N3 :)

    • Clayton Condon

      More Features, would allow me to make a switch.

    • hiranpatel

      Got Opera… testing.

    • Angel Hernández

      Design and funcionability.

    • Kerri

      must win!

    • Edson C da Silva

      Exactly what I need to Holydays!

    • Gene

      Been an Opera fan for years. Started using it with my old iPhone devices back in the day.

    • Victor Obizyuk

      New browser needs to be faster

    • Endrick Jpo

      Espero ganar en serio!

    • Guillermo Zahonero

      Opera, awesome! Why I didn’t know about it before!

    • Pranay Prasad

      I want this

    • Raj

      Opera you are doing a great job…..

    • Juri

      Free stuff! Very good!

    • Микола Обізюк

      New browser needs to be faster

    • djsuddenstop

      Stability and security.

    • Coby Gibson

      The new opera is definitely a huge improvement from opera mini and opera mobile.

    • Monika

      ease and clarity

    • Théotime Poulain

      A browser needs to be fast and pretty ;)

    • stephen xu

      Go opera

    • Johnny Brothman

      Awesome giveaway!

    • George

      Opera rocks

    • Rahavendran Ks

      speed and ease

    • Michael Toorie

      Man this give away will be awesome to get…

    • Leeanne Berntson

      I don’t have an android…well not even a cell phone! But I would love to get one!

    • Alin

      well a forward button that isn’t buried in the menu would be really nice and probably make me switch:D

    • Oli

      Seems to be a very smooth and fast browser and the buttons are the perfect size for a tablet such as my Nexus 10.

    • Gvai

      Opera is good but all my bookmarks are on google gmail :L

    • Tuan Nguyen

      Good Luck Guy!!!

    • Nikola Velinovski

      me me meeeee :))

    • Mario

      I would switch to a new browser that offers the following:
      - Full time access to desktop sites by default.
      - Full time incognito mode
      - Flash support
      - The abilty to stream audio/video in one tab/page, whilst browsing the web in other tabs.

    • Jake

      Gonna try out Opera as a replacement for chrome :)

    • Kristy Leanne Brown

      A new phone, mine supports nothing good :(

    • Caleb Brown

      the speed and smoothness of a webpage

    • Simon Exley

      Haven’t run opera since windows mobile days. Trying now…

    • OmarFuvz

      To change to a new browser, it should be better than the one i’m using (I use Dolphin browser for android, and Google Chrome for windows)

    • Houda Oussous

      Maybe this time

    • Pedro Fernández

      I have tried opera for a long time, I use it where the stock browser of my huawei does’t work. It’s fast, simple to use, with lots of great features and overall, it runs in more low memory than any other browser. So recommended if your phone doen’t have a big amount of memory

    • KINGDALE114


    • Сергей Киришун

      Traffic compression killer feature of Opera, that’s the reason to use it.

    • Vincenzo Gasparo

      Let’s try!

    • Nick V

      I actually use opera almost everyday. I’ve been using it since my Droid X

    • Trevon Marshall

      Barbados! Must win!

    • Jamuso

      Nice would love this!!

    • mobilemann

      nice, happy new year!

    • facedown41

      Flash support would make me switch.

    • iheb

      yet another giveaway to loose :)

    • Harry AV

      Awesome giveaway of the year. It sure would be a hell of surprise to whoever wins. Good luck to all and prominently to myself. ;-)

    • Lisa Little

      Where the Wagner option?

    • russell


    • Charles

      I hope I win : ) hopefully I can start the new year with these awesome products.

    • Daniel Frias De Santiago

      Que no pese tanto, sea rapida y fluida

    • giovanny

      Good intuitive ui as well as easy tab switching

    • George

      This’ll be my Christmas present

    • Sambhav

      Opera is definitely fast!

    • Kubilay Hakkı Kocabalkan

      Download and install Opera. Thanks.

    • Wilt

      Note 3 is where it’s at.

    • Thomas

      Opera would make me switch to a new browser if I knew that my profile was saved and went wherever I went, be it my PC, phone, tablet, and console (Xbox, PlayStation, etc)

    • oleg

      Trying to use opera now. Great giveaway!!! Good job guy’s.

    • Daksesh

      Loving the UI of the browser

    • Eugen Stefan

      Stability under heavy usage!

    • haaris


    • Elisabete Almeida

      Just tried opera, and it is great

    • jorge molina

      Features like quick toggles between mobile and desktop mode, a easy to use and pretty layout

    • Christina Matheson

      Love opera! Thanks!

    • Stancu Simon

      i would make a switch to other browser if the new browser give me some new features that i don’t have on the actual browser

    • Kaspars

      Opera is smooth as butter. #like_it

    • fenix

      A sharper browser!

    • haaris

      I think I would switch if I get a smoother and faster expereince

    • Mitchel Errol M. Suarez

      I already tried Opera browser and man this browser flies! Much better than chrome! And with this awesome giveaway, this browser will fly with Galaxy Note 3! lol! Thanks Android Authority for this awesome giveaway!

    • Rtoodeetwo

      Cross platform cloud settings, bookmarks.

    • Grimar

      Something that’s better then Chrome for me, with an overall feel.

    • Federico Ferrari

      that would be a nice new yeasr’s beginning

    • Pro Pp’s

      for me , to switch to another browser i would want: speed,addons,agents and incognito mode:)

    • Andrew Lee


    • Nelson A. Dominguez

      Crazyyyyy giveAwayy! Feels like christmas all over again!

    • Ajinkya

      Been using opera since 6 years now on pc …very easy to use

    • Rust

      More user friendly — and faster, that would make me switch.

    • Mr.Buttman


    • Michał Opiełka

      To make me switch to a new browser, it should look like desktop browsers and offer the same functionality.

    • Barry Driffield

      Been using Opera for a while, really great alternative.

    • Daniel Cho

      Optimized for tablets

    • bembol

      What a way to start 2014 by winning this prize!!!

    • Ria Mac

      I would really like a browser that was quick and responsive.

    • Simon

      The speed of a browser!

    • Sunny Bee

      Couldnt find Opera for Windows Phone :/ (i use it on my computer)… my android phone (HTC) got broken … would be great to have a new phone (windows phone is lame -.-) …

    • J. Williams

      You’ll never win this, they just want access to your personal things. Chances of winning are 1 and 1 billion.

    • sohil naik

      Opera is pretty cool!

    • Joshua Mutale

      Already downloaded Opera Mini :)

    • rmkilc

      Oh hi!

    • Elaine

      Faster loading speeds and less garbage pop ups would make me switch to a new browser.

    • OMAR

      I think Opera is the fastest browser

    • Deoptics8

      Just got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, and will try Opera there as the new update from VZW Crashes when video I’d bring played.

    • Max Rinkana Zukatokime Banik

      Easy usage

    • flamencoguy

      I root for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Better than any iPhones!!!

    • jlafount

      Fast and never crash. Simple look easy to use with one hand when on the run

    • jnrdata

      Would be a dream to win all of this gear!

    • Ilija

      Thank you!

    • Alfred Streich

      Opera seems pretty smooth.

    • Zachary Porter

      This would change things for me and my family!

    • Petre Turcu

      Upvote if you want to win!

    • Javaunne Johnson

      doubt i’d switch from chrome to be honest

    • Ahmad Khatib

      weeeeeeeeeeee I need these stuff

    • Chris Knopff

      Feature set unlike the others, with a proven track record. Honestly, give me something that I can manage both mobile and desktop capabilities and the ability to add features that can help my everyday use

    • Imam

      OPERA should be have something that can make
      OthrOther browser useless
      Maybe Opera should try to become native browser for a Product :)

    • ray miller

      Awesome giveaway

    • Westenke

      Opera for buy concerts tickets before anybody. It’s faster than other navgators and I can buy the cheappest tickets

    • Glenn Melford Gonzales

      What would make me switch to a new browser would be a more quick and responsive UI and more substantial and practical functionalities also a browser support for flash in android would be great.

    • Crazycod97 .

      i wanna win. still using the GS2

    • Mohamed ala

      A sync service will make me switch

    • Jerson Guzman

      Awesomest giveaway ever!

    • Tim Smith

      I’m using Opera now and it is really fast.

    • Ismael Rodriguez

      Switch to a new browser? No thanks. I’ve tried quite a few and I really don’t use any of their features. I’ll be sticking to Chrome.

    • Kyle Horkley

      sounds epic

    • Chatio

      I would switch if the interface is better than chrome

    • Tannen Skriver

      reliable usage would possibly get me to switch.

    • shahrizod bobojonov

      A neat UI and a fast browser

    • Leo

      If the company behind the browser cared about my privacy, I would definitely consider using it.

    • Vasyl Halushchak

      I always loved and used opera, I would switch to a new browser only If it’s faster, more stable and more comfortable than the one that I’m using now but it also has to be compatible with the newest w3c standards, sync with all my devices and have lots of plugins

    • Sergei

      Cool stuff

    • Mark B Wood

      Opera looks cool, efficient and safe – A quick and safe browser, I’ll be changing.

    • Lashek Powell

      Just downloaded .love mmany customization

    • Simon Kenin

      opera for teh win

    • Trevor Beckett

      Would love to win this! Have a great 2014 all!

    • b13

      if the browser would be fastter

    • Ali


    • martin_64

      Really want to win this time

    • Nenad

      Solid browser, really… Hope i win :D

    • Frederico Benevides

      Awesome! Happy New Year everyone :)

    • Manohar Maddineni

      If the UI is good, I will switch the browser..

    • mark

      I had used Opera browser on my old winmob phone now on my 11.5″ tablet.

    • Luis Gomez

      Opera is easy to use… i like

    • Jamie

      If it was the fastest browser out there :)

    • Lucas Walter

      Love this Browser :)

    • ghassan

      Speed+easy access to all features

    • yuval f

      I’m here for the plot…

    • Dave Clegg


    • Nikolas

      Keeping things simple is the most important

    • Antonis Ellinas

      Amazing giveaway. Good job guys!

    • Corneliu A. Marcu

      to make a swich to a new browser, I’d look for fast page loading and no scrolling lag

    • larredong

      Happy new year to everybody. Opera is a great browser, I have the all-terrain mode enabled by default.


      I am using chrome and no reason to change

    • massoooo

      OH my god!!! My favoutrite phone!!! thanks opera and android authority for this opportunity!!!

    • Thomas Su

      Something with really good data good compression, but only if it doesn’t hinder the experience that I’m getting on the web.

    • Hugo Lopez

      A better UI and a faster browsing would make me switch to a new browser, I look for a neat user experience!

    • András Király

      I will switch to a new browser if it serves me better than the current one. I mean syncing, usability, functionality, speed.

    • Knightz89

      Opera is amazing I should have downloaded it eailer

    • Łukasz Podstawa

      I wuld love this pack and this wuld by my best thing I wuld ever get …. Sorry for my English becouse I,m from Poland

    • Jordan Coleman

      I would switch if there were more options to sync my info across devices.

    • Osman

      Hopefully I win:)

    • Alin Berce

      I need sync with desktop in order to use opera

    • Miguel Saucedo

      I like opera.

    • Sheldon Scott

      For me to switch to another browser, it has to keep all of my information organized, no matter what devise I am using.

    • Jay

      Faster lighter, better UI that is meant for thumbs on a small screen!

    • Mateusz Sowiński

      definitly speed and synchronization with safari ;)

    • David S. de Lis

      I didn’t get the Nexus 5 pack, so this is it! Happy new year! :-)

    • Rafael Augusto

      Speed, minimal design, chrome bookmarks sync, better tabs management and easy way to manage history & cache, extension for chrome desktop is also important for me.

    • Mitchel Errol M. Suarez

      I just want it to be simple and elegant, less bloated and incredibly fast and responsive. That’s what all the browser should be to make people switch including me.

    • Mathew Pereira

      Opera is actually really good! I really WANT this giveaway haha

    • Jenerate

      On a friend’s recommendation

    • helen

      Faster browsing :) xx

    • Abhi-nay

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • maci234

      quicker and easier to use

    • omar

      opera is great for me already

    • james heenan

      Would definately make the switch if I won!

    • David Sanchez

      Thank you guys! happy new year!

    • Vyrlokar

      Personally, I would not move to a browser without data compression. I would love to have a Chrome extension on the desktop to sync with Opera mobile. I still use Opera mobile on my mobile from time to time, but Chrome beta with it’s sync capabilities and data compression is what I usually use though.

    • Mario Gaucher

      Opera looks good for lower end devices… but on my Note 3 and my home wifi, Chrome is fast… and I really like the way it sync with my desktop and iPad.

    • psg


    • InkieSquid

      fast loading of app as well as page, low install size (or option to install to SD card)

    • Raphael

      What would make you make the switch to a new browser? If every time I opened it, a sandwich was made.

    • FrodeB

      I’m already using Opera. Fast, data compression, great UI!

    • margaretsmith

      For better security and speed.

    • Jody Davis

      Winning this prize pack :)

    • nosmohtac

      I always try new browsers to gauge the experience of different features.

    • Bojko

      Hope I everyone hopes

    • benjiTK

      Is there a way to share tabs across browsers, ala Chrome?

    • Aazim Hassan

      speed maybe or how it’s look on my phone o tab

    • Broderick Welzel

      A must is non root adblock like in Firefox and something it has that makes it stand out from every other browser yet still be fluid and easy to use. Something like the new off road mode!

    • Marque

      I have used Opera for years now. The convenience of their tabbed browsing and speed won me over the 1st day!

    • Will Holland

      very cool…

    • Pieraziel


    • Mathew Pereira

      Does anyone know how to choose the colour that you want the phone to be here??

    • Richard Tran

      I’ve used Opera before. The interface was interesting. I liked it.

    • mathewpacman

      The the speed and rendering of pages would have to be superior to other browsers, and it would have to have some innovative features.

    • malek


    • falconion

      The Browser should be able to hold itself against chrome and opera.

    • Paul Méndez

      A smoother, reliable browsing experience would make me switch, for sure. But what’s really important for me in a browser and pretty much most applications, is the integration/synchronization among other services and devices I use.

    • kma


    • sasikanth

      Opera is getting better from the last time i used and offline road mode save the data

    • James Taylor

      Happy new year hope I win

    • Magda Sobczak

      I am using Opera for few months and I like it! Also giveaway is great ;)

    • oliver s

      It must run flawlessly and be stable.

    • ky


    • Oussama Touahria

      Bettert fluidity and fast loading and also smart zoom for all sites

    • Follie

      Good luck everyone! =)

    • Alex21

      I hope i WIN :)

    • Miguel

      Yeah Please

    • Mark Camenzuli

      Speed and Usability.

    • Dom

      The browser itself.

    • Alexander Ruiz

      Man, this would be awesome to win! I don’t’ think I’d switch unless it were from Google.

    • Drazen Kisic

      Here we go :)

    • Enmanuel Solarte

      Easy accessibility

    • Luca V

      Im trying out opera ;)

    • Guest

      Rolling for Opera

    • Chris Koutroulis

      Fast and light browsing is all that matters to me.

    • Martin

      This one is a really nice pack. Thanks!

    • Uri

      I loved opera on my pc, I’ll try it on my phone :)

    • Karolis Morkūnas

      I like the design of Opera, i remember i was using it on Symbian few years ago, still use it on Android mostly due to the design.

    • Mohamad Sami Moghamis

      very good browser…

    • Jeremy W

      I’d like to see more speed, shared tabs between pc and mobile (like firefox), and support for loads of plugins

    • Tomáš Turlík

      I need fast and lightweight browser, that’s all.

    • Urko

      Faster loading and navigation speed, for example

    • lonewolftri

      I’ve used Opera for numerous years and think it’s the best mobile browser available.



    • nolene oneill


    • Hunter Petit

      I would love to win!

    • just_geo

      Trying out Opera as well.

    • Alex

      I used Opera a while ago and I will resume to use it!

    • Dee Norbert

      i want to win.

    • Adam Sido


    • Vlad Filmov

      it’s gonna be a lucky sunday next week

    • Eddi Kurniawan

      I hope i win the price and android authority guys will send it to Indonesia right in front of my house

    • Ale Sanchez

      I’d switch if the experience is faster, I use Opera as my main browser!

    • Alexan

      Definitely faster speed

    • Leslie

      I would just try a new browser

    • Onicofago convinto

      amazing. i’m watching the lord of rings

    • james heenan

      I already switched!

    • abriskil

      I’m using Opera mobile for more than 4 years. It is the best there is at what it does.

    • George Chia

      Nice giveaway again

    • Robby English

      Ready to win!

    • Antonio Iacobone

      New functions would make me switch to another browser

    • tuly

      if it was better

    • Giorgi Gogashvili

      Better tab management and navigation would be cool

    • Chinedu Nwokeji

      It depend on how well the browser can play videos

    • Ryan Choe

      To switch to a new browser I always make sure that it has all I want. Now using opera browser made my Internet browsing alot faster
      Thank you

    • Javi Martinez

      Gorgeous giveway!

    • Aasys Sresta

      Let’s see this

    • purvin

      Need some new gear.

    • harryto

      They need to prove to me why their browser is better than the rest and with proof.

    • John Hamernick-Ramseier

      I love chrome because it syncs bookmarks across desktop and mobile.

      • Doğan Aktaş

        so does Opera

        • John Hamernick-Ramseier

          Hows Opera’s Linux support?

    • Matthew Newman

      heard of opera but haven’t tried it… yet

    • halo

      A flash player

    • ben

      Yea. I dig

    • Lawrence

      Doesn’t take much to make me switch. I’m fickle.

    • Brian Abbott

      A solid browser. Been using it off and on for a while now.

    • Danny Hawkins

      Love your site! Hoping i win! ;)

    • iantrich

      It has been awhile since I last tried Opera on Android, thanks for the prompt to again.

    • Alfonso Miranda

      This is nice!

    • Harkrishan Singh Matta

      Nice and clean user interface of opera browser…compared to others such as google chrome and safari

    • Johnny Danger

      What would make me switch is if it provided equivalent service as chrome but was less resource intensive for my phone.

    • Jessica Saravia

      My goodness what a perfect prize. I’d love the Note for me and my husband has been wanting the Gear. Please please please.

    • Vaso Maltezou

      I’m using Opera about two weeks now and I love it

    • Svennen

      already have note 3, but i hope i win because i dont have any of the other stuff.

    • Francisco

      Opera its cool, but would be even greater with a better double touch to zoom!

    • David Cervantes

      Opera is smooth!

    • androidaw

      Speed, simplicity, and ability to sync bookmarks between devices.

    • LamerTex

      Nice broswer :)

    • Bianca Biby

      Hey good luck for everyone! Hope i will win !:d

    • azmaray

      I would love to have a smooth Web experience with some adobe flash player compatibility.

    • Jimmy

      deciding between opera and dolphin

    • James Silva

      I’d love smooth transitioning and multi-tasking for once, like god.

    • gyappu

      I’d make the switch if I try it and I’m feeling good with it ;)

    • Jacky

      Hope Opera works for my slow phone..

    • Aleksandra Vlahovic

      Will check it out for sure because i used to love Opera but stopped using it a few years ago

    • Jeff

      A great bug free browser

    • Jake Mclaster Lastrillas

      nice phone.

    • Yaracuy

      Plug and play style. Quick and no complications.

    • Bionic

      Quicker browsing

    • Radu Prescura

      I wantz eet!

    • SeanPR11

      Nice giveaway!

    • elbert88

      Speed and overall stability would make me want to switch to a different browser

    • Marvin Stein

      Cool design

    • dgreening

      speed of the browser will make me switch

    • Alexx Macias

      Opera is really nice, thanks

    • Jehan Kateli

      I have now commented!

    • xFEARzGamer .

      Fast, simple and with an integrated VPN

    • Jose Luis Nablo

      I’d switch to a new browser if its easy to use

    • Timothy Johnson

      Fingers crossed!

    • MR

      Awesome browser, quick and smooth

    • LarMark

      Speed, UI, stability and sync between all devices.

    • Z. AL

      the winner of this giveaway must be the luckiest person on 2013 hahaha xD

    • Grant

      Good UI and very fast.

    • TomSix404

      To make a switch to a new browser, I would want a browser it to be fast, secure, and yet not take too much memory.


      This is the best giveaway ever.

    • Mattyu

      I would switch browser only if it has more and better features

    • King Bascos

      let me win! :)

    • Chris

      I would switch to a new browser if it had more features than my current one.

    • Raven Swart

      So much need and want for these gadgets!

    • Ian Huey

      To switch to a new browser i’d need device integration and synchronization, low resource consumption, privacy options, and secure plugin support.

    • Elizabeth

      I’d switch for faster page loads- ez access to bookmarks

    • Josh Easley


    • Yash Khandelwal

      I would switch if it looked nice and was faster

    • korockinout13

      I could only switch to a new browser if there was something to replace or integrate with chrome sync.

    • Hayden Hamil

      I have used Opera in the past and would switch again to try out their new features.

    • aliasmike

      less data and memory usage

    • Tobi F

      Better features and more advanced settings.

    • Gaisie

      Opera is cool. esp the opera link that keeps all your bookmarks.

    • Martins

      Trying Opera.Seems interesting mobile browser.

    • Uwe Nickel

      Klasse Jahresabschluss und ein toller Browser….

    • Aqib A. Shah

      OMG even better than the last one :D Thank you Android Authority and Opera!

    • Hiren Patel

      Chrome now has stiff competition on my phone

    • Andrei Ducu

      Love it <3

    • Edwin Gamboa

      To switch to a new browser? I’d want it to be fast, to load images quickly, show my preferences when I open a new tab, and flash support

    • john

      Opera works great.

    • Levis Hogea

      OMG Samsung Galaxy Note 3 please god i want that smartphone :))

    • rio

      am i the only one who noticed the fact that flash is is wrong is the picture on the wiget

    • Sarah S Crick

      looks cool x

    • Perry Ferguson

      I will win for sure this week :D

    • Nithin Jakkamputi

      just for the data compression!!

    • Adrian O.

      I need a fast, stable, memory-light browser to make me switch browsers.

    • Tony Bland

      nice package :)

    • Omar Sabry El-Basha


    • Christophe Mira

      I know Opera and it’s an excellent browser !

    • Carlos

      less memory usage and faster page load

    • Tóth Richárd

      To switch to a new browser, i need a lot of new feature, new design, etc.

    • Arman Zokaei

      I really want to win. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Early New Year!

    • Daniel Vilar Tavares

      Fast, intuitive and sync with Google bookmarks

    • paul

      Faster web

    • Dallin Gilbert

      I really like the seemless integration with my Chrome browsers. Honestly what would make me change would be something that would look nice, have new intriguing features, and user low amounts of ram. Chrome seems to use up my resources Sometimes

    • Guest

      I love your giveaways! good luck everyone! :D

    • Singgih J.P

      What would make you make the switch to a new browser?

      -Incognito Mode
      -a Progress Bar (It seems Opera Apps doesnt have one, or am i blind?)

    • Christian Johnson

      its better than i thought

    • Maryam Wakili

      Another week to keep my fingers crossed

    • Jesusinho Podolski

      Yea man

    • Sandy Bruce

      I have been dreaming of the Galaxy note since i first saw it. Please replace this Razr M I have!

    • Niels Scholte

      Happy new year!!!

    • David

      I would make switch to a new browser, if it is simple to use and work well in all sites that I usually visit.

    • Brad Farbstein

      thanks for letting me know about opera!

    • techlover

      To make me switch to a new browser, then it has to be faster than the one I’m using now and it has to be user friendly. :)

    • Ryan Oneill

      Yet another awesome giveaway good luck everyone

    • Brad Farbstein

      The UI is the most important thing for me.

    • kristin

      the speed of it! that is the most annoying thing in mobile browsers – they re too slow

    • spacr

      giving opera a second look

    • Eduardo Melendez

      I would change if there’s a friendlier UI, faster response, Flash support and can’t miss having add-ons.
      Good luck everyone! :D

    • Francesco

      Speed and plugins to enhance the browsing experience

    • king abod

      Guys i love this phone I want to surprise my dad with Galaxy Note 3

    • Tim

      Hope its better than Firefox

    • Joanna

      i would swiitch to browse around.

    • stefanos

      I would switch for speed reasons! :)

    • Joseph Barnes

      Checking it out now

    • Chintan Maniar

      It depends upon UI & SPEED

    • Jenaro Perez

      For fast response and best customer service. I also want the phone because I’m tired of the apple iphone. :)

    • Zyad Qashua


    • David Nie

      Unified bookmark with desktop

    • Suky

      I would switch browsers if there was a faster one available

    • konstabler

      Augmented reality compatibility..

    • Felix

      A new browser with a great looking ui and great user experience would make me make the switch to this browser.

    • Frederik

      I use opera for some time, i like it even more than chrome!

    • MatthewMauri

      Surely one day I’ll win one of the competitions :P

    • Corey Saxton

      I am always looking for a new browser with a better interface that allows me to customize as I see fit.

    • Mohamed Ashraf

      Low ram used ..

    • mediaman1

      Will try out Opera – biggest concerns are speed, tabs & tab MGMT, formatting for mobile with zoom/magnifier, and gathering/sharing content

    • Ruchir Moenga

      The best yet!!!!!! =D

    • edd cabral

      lemme try opera

    • Vanja Stojanović

      speed, flash support and nice looking UI

    • Tony Matteo

      It would have to be fast and easy, like Chrome.

    • Mohammad Ghashghavi

      Here goes my entry! :)

    • Carsten H.

      pie control. that would be awesome! and automatic sync with my PC :)

    • thogi

      Flash Support

    • Jelique Edward

      A browser that’s definitely more stable and eye catching than my stock browser

    • tat2jr

      I’ve permanently switched to opera after the last giveaway. I’d love to win, but honestly finding the latest opera is a great runner up prize….But i still want to win!

    • Pierre Raad

      i Would love to win this pack :D

    • Emanuele

      New options

    • andrei

      i really want to win the note 3

    • Phu

      Good luck People!

    • Mohammed Abdullsalam

      The one thing that would make me switch is syncing with chrome on pc

    • Daniel Parthian

      i hope i win this

    • Felipe Passos

      Opera is fine, but i think it is more than just a browser, it’s bring you away to another kind of internet. ‘

    • Aaron

      I need a a fast smooth and nice browser that’s not complicated.

    • James G

      It would be cool to win

    • Kerwin Poon

      My top 3 items on my wishlist are…

      1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
      2. Galaxy Note 3
      3. Note 3

    • Hussain AlAwadh

      i hope i win this giveaway . i need it so much

    • Travis Danger Guilliams

      A browser that has a flash workaround built in, and has heavy customization features are important to me. Also, the ability to force websites to not use mobile view, instead of just requesting such an option.

    • Daniel

      One with nice UI

    • Luis Tomás

      Opera is one of the best android browsers.

    • Manuel

      a fast browser would make me switch. also it has to have social integration on backend with clever tabs management.

    • Adrian Dominguez

      Chrome cast connectivity within opera browser.

    • mediaman1

      by the by… would use with note3 and tablet (hopefully new Pro, Win or Win-Android dual boot + dock with extra power)

    • hamood

      Blak note 3

    • breckinshire

      I like tabs. Lots of tabs.

    • MistaVee

      to make a swich to a new browse , i’d look for a simple ui and faster one :)

    • Felix Bossuyt

      Replacing the crappy old one, i’m an app geek

    • Sebastian Wehr

      This is awesome

    • Paul G. Sybrandy

      Fast experience!

    • Ho Young Won

      Let me win!

    • ricardo

      faster browsing and less memory consumption

      • kguerrero37

        same here

      • Anthony Glenn Hidayat

        same with me

      • Ken


    • josephkuk

      I want dat

    • Lorddeff07

      Pls let it be me!!

    • Abhinav Suri

      Anything that keeps Google away from stalking me is reason enough for me to switch to a new browser. Just switched from Chrome to Opera and absolutely loving it!

    • Judah Eddy

      Trying Opera

    • salakou

      I switch to opera if it is faster and stable.

    • Dragan Pavlovic

      Very nice Opera browser.

    • Juliinn Fau-Dalen

      More inter-connectivity between other social accounts and apps I have

    • Francis Scardino

      proper rendering of pages. whether mobile or desktop mode, if everything looks the way it’s supposed to I’m in.

    • Rhizal

      Sweet giveaway!

    • Luis cervantes

      This is a cool and exciting giveaway

    • Erdal

      Used opera on my very early java powered phones and BlackBerry it was awesome an really fast now with the android version they expanded really well! And i think they arent finished yet suprising us….
      The speed,UI and speed made me switch from the stock browser

    • Herc

      Still one the best browsers for Android

    • Simo


    • Marko Mijalkovic

      you are the best! i hope i win am stuck with phone with armv6 600mhz…

    • Karan Bedi

      Much Prizes, Big Win, Such Happy. ;)

    • sergejus


    • Arthur Thomas

      I like opera browser

    • Nikola Trbojevic

      Speed + more resource friendly

    • YCJ

      Stable, lag-less browser, which is also intuitive.

    • sergio

      Speed and convenience

    • Zacharygoo2

      hope I win!

    • Used_To_be_A_Skeptic

      a fully integrated flash experience in a mobile browser would make me switch to a new browser

    • Wylee

      Opera browser looks cool

    • Onyou Shin

      Loving the browser!

    • oyunbozan

      where is the blog

    • Russ

      Opera rules

    • artiplier

      Worth trying a new browser.

    • Ricardo Alvarez

      I’ll only switch if something unique is offered

    • Nicholas


    • Juan Carlos Arce Rolón

      Flash support and less RAM usage

    • jasunto


    • Russ

      Opera speed is amazing

    • Robert Polanco

      Great browser.

    • Kishan Patel

      Hope I win this time

    • Kendy

      I tried opera a couple years back it was really good.

    • jt

      Pick me pretty please

    • Martin OReilly

      Fast and customisable

    • Jonathan

      Thanks for the contest, I don’t own an android device yet…keeping my fingers crossed

    • Carl L Smith, Jr

      I think Opera is ok, but I would like it to be a bit faster

    • Mustafa Fajth NoMore