Galaxy Note 3 Mini anyone? Three different sizes for the smartphone apparently spotted in document

by: Chris SmithJuly 26, 2013

Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2

A new Galaxy Note 3 report seems to suggest that Samsung is testing different sizes for its upcoming flagship smartphone, although it’s unclear at this point whether the company is actually thinking of launching the handset in different screen sizes.

While this is an unconfirmed rumor, it looks like there’s a document in the wild that lists shipments of several Galaxy Note 3 models with screen sizes of 5.5, 5.7 and 5.99 inches. This would match Samsung’s policy of launching a phone for almost every taste – just check out this year’s Galaxy S4 family.

Initially spotted by TechKiddy, the screenshot below comes from Indian logistics website Zauba, which shows the Galaxy Note 3 coming in three different sizes.

Considering the variety of Galaxy Note 3 rumors out there that are rather conflicting when it comes to display size – some older ones say 5.99-inch while newer ones say 5.7-inch – such a document makes some sense, and seems to indicate that Samsung may have not chosen the final design of the handset.

Similar reports concerning the nature of the display – flexible or not flexible – as well as fingerprint-reading technology have also circulated recently, suggesting that the design of the handset is far from final.

Galaxy Note 3

Furthermore, some reports said that we will see at least four different Galaxy Note 3 models in stores later this year, but these versions would reportedly offer subtle differences, which wouldn’t affect the overall design, display included.

As you can see on Zauba’s site, there’s import data for SM-N900 versions (Galaxy Note 3) from May 4 to July 19, and all of those units are marked as “R&D purpose” or “for testing & evaluation & not for retail sale.”

As for those model numbers, you’ll notice that there are many Galaxy Note 3 versions in there, and Samsung-Updates can explain some of them:

  • SM-N900 – base International Version of device based on Exynos SoC
  • SM-N9005 – international version based on Snapdragon SoC (probably Snapdragon 800)
  • SM-N900A – U.S. AT&T Version of Device
  • SM-N900T – T-Mobile Version
  • SM-N900V – Verizon Version
  • SM-N900S – Sprint Version
  • SM-N900R4 – Unknown, but probably another carrier variant (Rogers?), or simply test version passed to the testers
  • SM-N900P – Unknown, but probably another carrier variant.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 3 in early September at the IFA 2013 show in Berlin, Germany, at which point we’ll have actual details about the handset. But let’s just hope there won’t be a Galaxy Note 3 Mini model – or that at least it won’t use that name.

  • mumusen

    This makes the game interesting

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Wait a second the left one is my titanium grey note 2. But the right one Holey F ing shit sexy bezel and thin!!!

      • dafuq

        thats s4 u moron

        • Joshua Hill

          How dafuq could you differentiate what it is from that pic u moron :p

        • What da fuq u moron…..

          • Gilles LeBlanc

            LoL hahaha nice pun

  • I just had the change to check note8 from a store. I find it very comfortable to use and to my eyes too, only problem – it will not fit in pocket.
    If this report is true, I will take the 6″ version. It should not be far from the size of note2. It should be the maximum ideal size for comfort and pocket consideration.

  • Romeo

    I feel that anything over 6 inch is too much for any kind of phone/phablet. To go beyond this limit they will need to use flexibile displays, and they already know this… i hope the next note will have a 6 inch display.. i will definetly upgrade if that will be the case, and if it supports dual sim and wireless charging.. TAKE MY MONEY !!! :)

  • markomil

    isnt a small note= s4 with a pen?

    • Joshua Hill

      Not if the small note is actually 5.5″ like the article says.

      Also the internal hardware will be substantially different.

    • dnkeyhnter

      I would love an s4 with an s-pen built in with all of the features of the note 3!

  • jamesinkorea

    I’m willing to bet cheapskate Samsung doesn’t change the cheap plastic design for the Note 3….

    • dearman

      I love engineering plastic, it is tougher to impact compare to aluminium. Thin aluminium tends to get dents easily while special plastic don’t and it is lighter in weight. Please stay plastic.

      • Piyush

        that’s false about tougher impact, man have common sense , aluminium is a metal and they don’t break , and s4 screen broke easily when it was dropped.

        • Marsg

          Wow i don’t know where to start, first off he said thin aluminum (like that found in a coke can) dents easy which is true, plastic doesn’t really dent it just bends or breaks, than you jump to the screen which has nothing to do with the housing material, here’s a hint ALL phones including the metal ones use glass as a screen so no matter what, if it lands on the screen its going to crack depending on the height of the drop

          • Piyush

            i think i am wrong , thanks for clarification.

    • hohopig

      Another guy who don’t know material and yet want to comment on the materials of a phone?

      You do know that Aluminium is one of the cheaper, weaker and softer metal around? Not a patch on steel .. heck not even on cheap mild steel.

      And compared to plastic composites ..,.. it is either comparable (the cheaper plastics) or much cheaper. So get your facts rights before you allow mere opinion (obsession?) to overwrite your common sense and masquerade as truth in your mind.

  • Disasterpiece

    Choice is good… but there is a such notion as “overkill”

  • Laurent Maulin

    It’d be ridiculous if Samsung makes a sort of mini and mega phablet, we all know it already will look bigger so no need for such a mini model i think these are rumours mostly, otherwise i’ll choose an HTC M4

  • Babs Oyed

    They should make just one version. Supporting the device and making/finding accessories will become more challenging with multiple versions.

    I wish they would also just use 1 processor type – Exynos or Snapdragon – either will be just fine (Exynos will get better battery life and also support the fastest micro SD speed – UHS-1, while the Snapdragon 800 will be faster but unfortunately doesn’t support UHS-1 read/write speeds)

    • I welcome different screen sizes and hopeful of a dual sim. BUT degrading of specs is not logical to me. I have very high expectations about my note3.

  • Bullydogger

    please let it be the 6 inch screen so I can trade my Note 2 for

  • Michael Paul

    6″ now please ! with factory armor so I don’t have to wait for the aftermarket !

  • Ian Jackson

    I hope this is true, because if it is, I’m getting a 5.5 note 3. anything over 5.5 is a bit too big for me.

  • Sams Helper

    720 x 1280 pixels is good but 1080p is more appreciated
    Quad-core processor is good
    RAM – must be more than 2GB (2.5 or 3GB)
    because we don’t want recycled version of “NOTE 1 or 2” With High price point…..