Galaxy Note 3 could feature LCD display for improved S Pen experience

by: Chris SmithMarch 12, 2013

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While the focus in the Android world is on the Galaxy S4 this week, today we get to look at a new Galaxy Note 3 rumor that says the future phablet could come with an LCD display on board.

According to Sam Mobile’s insiders, the move from AMOLED to LCD for the Galaxy Note 3 is currently discussed internally at Samsung. Apparently LCD is better for styluses, so Samsung may be interested in improving the S Pen experience in its next-gen Galaxy Note model.

The Galaxy S4 was also rumored to pack an LCD display, although more recent reports say the handset will pack a PHOLED display instead of an AMOLED one.

The Galaxy Note 8 on the other hand, does pack an LCD screen, so maybe Samsung is going to use this display technology only for larger panels. Earlier, we heard that Samsung is planning a 5.9-inch device for later this year, which sounds pretty much like the Galaxy Note 3, although nothing is confirmed so far.

Samsung did purchase a stake in Sharp recently, a company that’s also an Apple supplier, and we could see Sharp panels inside more Samsung products in the near future.

Anyone looking forward to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 phablet?

  • I do love Galaxy Note line, but I sold my Note 1 and don’t buy Note 2 because I waiting more.
    SIde by side, Note 1 looks like bigger. The screen resolution down on new model.

    I wait for a really bezelless Note 3 with 6″ full HD screen.

  • Roberto Tomás

    I *was* looking forward to it. LCD, or any tech with viewing angle issues, is a no-go for me: unless it is thin-film like IGZO maybe.

    • There are LCDs out there with fantastic viewing angles – Droid DNA, HTC One, iPhone 5. “LCD” doesn’t automatically mean “bad viewing angles”. IPS and PLS LCDs have excellent viewing angles – close to 180º. Cheap TN LCDs are the ones with really bad viewing angles.

      • Roberto Tomás

        LCD doesn’t automatically mean bad viewing angles, you are right. But all LCDs that are not thin-film type *are* bad for viewing angles, IMHO. Your claim about viewing angles close to 180º without any degradation is only possible in displays where the backlight is nearly in the plane with the LCDs: this requires a combination of IPS-type switching and thin-film design, or else a different display tech like OLED. All the others have differences that are even visible under direct florescent light (the worst possible viewing conditions). Cheaper LCDs are the worst, but even high quality IPS suck — we have two here at home for me to see.

        • MasterMuffin

          My computer screen is IPS and it has great viewing angles. 173° and colors are more realistic. Good LCDs come pretty close to AMOLED (I atill prefer AMOLED though)

          • Roberto Tomás

            The thing is, viewing angles reported by manufacturers often say things like 173º, but that is for significant fade … real millage may vary. We have two IPS screens here at home, one on an iPad and another on an executive-class laptop. They both were praised in reviews for their great color and wide viewing angles, and I can’t use either of them without getting out of “lazy-mode” and readjusting them from time to time to get proper viewing angles. So, we’re just going to have to disagree about what constitutes good viewing angles. The colors are fine, if often under-saturated.

            SLCD3 is an example of a new thin-film display, which lists viewing angles of 176º and, because it is thin-film, I have to admit it might actually mean it. IGZO, when it leaves Japan markets, will be the second major thin film tech like that (the same company developed both, SLCD3 is apparently a backport of their IGZO substrate tech to regular LCD).

          • MasterMuffin

            Agree with everything except for the fact that my screen has at ≈170° viewing angles without color fading

          • Guest


          • Roberto Tomás

            Thank you, voted you up. That is exactly what I am talking about! There is a very significant fade in that image. :)

  • I want the Note 3 to allow the S-Pen to activate the touch buttons. Annoying…

  • rickneworleansla

    Currently still using my original Note – i717 and wondering when att will ever get around to updating it with JB. Looking forward to the 3.

    • Topcat488

      I hope by the time this post reaches you, your Note – i717 will have been updated to JB 4.1.2 at the least… I’m American living in Germany at the moment, and my Note N7000, has been updated since a month ago. SHAME on U.S. phone carriers.

      • rickneworleansla

        Still Waiting… :(

  • How about the texture? My biggest problem with styli is that plastic on glass feels nothing like pen on paper.

  • Roodly Philogene

    This is only phone I would buy from Samsung. Although I hate the cheap plastic feel the functionalities outweigh the need for a well built phone.

  • LCD? I hope not. One of the reasons I buy Samsung devices are b/c of the amoled displays. I just can’t stand the washed out colors of most LDCs.

  • Lara

    Yay, finally Samsung are gonna ditch the samoled and get LCD instead. Better screen here we come!