Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Tab 3 reportedly coming at IFA 2013

by: Chris SmithMarch 20, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Logo aa 600px

A new report reveals that Samsung could unveil more Galaxy-branded products at IFA 2013 in Berlin, Germany, this September, including the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 3.

The info comes from Sam Mobile, whose insider had access to such details, although he wasn’t able to share any details about the Galaxy Tab 3’s hardware.

The first Galaxy Tab model was also officially unveiled at IFA, back in 2010, while the second-generation tablet versions were announced at MWC 2012. The report also notes that these devices will apparently stop receiving support from Samsung, with the Galaxy Tab 2 set to stop at Android 4.2.2.

The Galaxy Note 3, which recently appeared in another rumor claiming that AT&T execs will have access to a 5.9-inch mockup unit this week, will also be announced at IFA. Even if not confirmed, such a move would make plenty of sense considering that the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 were also unveiled at the same German trade show, in previous years.

We’ll be back with more Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 3 details in the following months, as more rumors detailing these devices will surely get leaked.

  • lean6

    Note 3 is going to be the phone off the year…a phablet first.

    • noneofthem

      Unless it looks and feels like the SGS4.

      • lean6

        I don’t think that the finger voodoo on the SIV is going to be a popular feature. I thought that I’d read before that they were going to equip the SIV with an S-pen. The S-pen, with probably added functionality, is going to set the Note 3 apart. I think phablet aversion will have died down even more by then as well.

  • I bet the Note 3 will be unveiled in another Samsung Unpacked event.

  • Luv my note 2 can’t wait for the 3

  • The Note 3 is torturing me. It laughs at me. I need it in my life, but if it’s really 6.3 inches, and in a larger body than the Note 2 than I don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe I can buy new, bigger hands. Oh, wait…

  • Quryous


    Samsung is ceasing to upgrade its products WAY too early. The Tab, Tab 2, and Note are just not that old that they should be abandoned that way.

    • MrDroid

      I could not imagine waiting for my carrier or manufacturer for updates.