Alleged Galaxy Note 3 front panel leaks

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 27, 2013

samsung galaxy  note 3 front panel (1)

With a little over a week left until its unveiling, the Note 3 is probably the most discussed phone of the moment (if you’re into Android, that is).

While a series of rumors and leaks have painted a relatively complete image of the Note 3’s specifications, so far we haven’t really seen any credible leak about the appearance of the device. But that could change with this set of pictures, which well-known Australian leaker Sonny Dickson claims represent the front panel of the Galaxy Note 3.

Note there’s a slight chance we might be looking at a different device or a prototype or a total fake. With the caveat out of the way, the images below seem credible, knowing Samsung’s record of employing iterative designs on the Galaxy Note series. The panel is more squarish that the Note 2’s and seems to be a throwback to the more angular lines of the original Galaxy Note.

The most striking features are the very slim bezels, which are hard to see in some of the shots. In this respect, the Note 3 could be similar to the LG G2, another device that sports almost negligible bezels.

The placement of the speakers, front camera, and sensors on the panel is almost identical to that of the Note 2. The Note 3 is supposed to have about the same dimensions as its predecessor, which is something that wouldn’t surprise us, considering that Samsung did the same with the Galaxy S4. As for the materials, the panel looks to have a metallic sheen in some of the pictures, but that might be just an illusion.

[Update September 1st, 2013:] An internal memorandum was leaked to Engadget and seems to show that the release date of the Galaxy Note 3 on Three UK will be occurring somewhere around September 16th. While the 16th is unlikely for an actual release, it is likely the date the carrier is set to receive the Note 3 itself.

The Note 3 is rumored to feature a 5.68-inch display, a Snapdragon 800 processor (at least initially), 3GB of RAM, and a 13MP camera with no optical image stabilization. Samsung just officially confirmed that the Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear would be unveiled on September 4 in Berlin, so we will get the official skinny on both devices in a matter of days.

  • Mohd Danial

    S4 pump Note 2 to form note 3

    • What?


      • Ivan Myring

        I think he means
        S4 bred with Note 2 to create the Note 3

        • Maxim∑

          your interpretation skills are amazing

  • MasterMuffin

    Way more excited about Honami and Oppo N1, because there won’t (probably) be anything hugely new with Note 3

    • Jaun Lombard

      Agreed! Only S-pen…but Sony will be better!

      • Gilles LeBlanc

        Flash be damned, I agree. My note 2 is 85% custom Rom there wont be any bloat wear or sony OS left by the time im finished with it. Only an iphone 5 like 6.4 inch device loaded with a balanced custom OS designed by me. Yes please

    • Guest

      and that’s a bad thing? the rumoured video recording capabilities and Sound bitrates etc, that’s enough on what is already a feature filled UI.

      • MasterMuffin

        If the phone isn’t that exciting, people will look at other options and that’s a bad thing (for Samsung).

        • Siralf

          I just want to point out that you not being exciting doesn’t make it not exciting in any way.

          • MasterMuffin

            I’ve seen many people saying the same. There are of course people who are excited about it. Bottom line is: I’ll get some sleep now, maybe my comments will be smarter after that :)

          • Tech Guru

            Agreed, ESPECIALLY for those of us that have never had a phablet before. I’m eligible for an upgrade in a few months and I’m weighing my options (it’s a cross between the Note 3 and the as yet unannounced Nexus 5). I’m currently rocking an “old” G-Nex which has a 4.65″ display and dual core CPU. We’re talking more than an inch larger display on the Note 3, and a beastly snapdragon 800 quad core CPU – so yeah, I’m excited.

      • Maxim∑

        sigh… wasn’t expecting that

    • blowntoaster

      not necessarily a bad thing. c’mon, admit it, you like the UI…I remember you saying so in the past…I’m sure Sammy will add something extra to the Note 3 that the S4 does not have, just like what the Note 2 initially had over the S3…

      • MasterMuffin

        I like the look of Touchwiz, yes, but I’m still more excited about Honami and N1. Not saying that Note 3 will be bad, but it just isn’t that exciting

    • eldermoore

      don’t forget there will be multiple version of Note 3

  • Cl3V3rNaMe

    i’m just hoping for massive battery life :D

  • Bone

    About as thin as the LG G2, maybe a tiny bit thicker, BUT! The G2 has almost as wide a black tape around the actual screen and between the bezel as the bezel itself.

  • Androidslikebiscuits

    I like the new design,Its defiantly better than Samsung’s old rounded off design.This also probably what the new S5 will look like too,because the S4 seemed a lot like a shrunken down Note 2.

  • Cristopher Horváth

    So SUPRISINGLY it looks like any other samsung… shame!

  • SeraZR™

    Oh god why? :(

  • Blah Blah


    • Valtheus

      Say whatever you want about plastic, but when my phone accidentally drops on the floor, i am glad its not from another so called “quality” material.

      • Elvin

        Seriously people who are complaining about plastic have no clue what is all about. It’s cheap, thin, light, easy to replace. Plus u can go on ebay and search for it and have so many options, designs, from metal to carbon fiber…so many choices. You don’t need a case. Easy to replace battery? Check.

    • freddieboy

      Wow look @ all those folks wearing their polycarbonate glasses & there’s man shooting his S & W with the polycarbonate
      frame & look @ that new Caddy with the polycarbonate fenders.!.Dang cheap plastic will probably melt, in bout 3 centures.!…

    • UrDad

      Rofl, this made my day

  • soulrebelMAN

    Htc one max would be way better. ….

  • Gamblor77

    I love Samsung and honestly I’ll probably upgrade from my Galaxy S3 to Note 3…begrudgingly. I am getting a little tired of the design. Considering my 2 year old phone looks almost identical to everything they have put out since, it’s pretty stale now. I realize they are trying to keep a consistent brand but I’ve seen way better design mock-ups from people on the internet, and that’s not even their job. The Samsung designers get paid to do that for a living. Time to change things up a bit methinks.
    They could really take a few pointers from HTC regarding: better speakers(in front), better build material, and a sexier design. All while keeping all the good stuff they already have of course.
    If they did that they would destroy everyone and there would be nobody wavering like myself. If the HTC One Max has a stylus and similar features including the OIS camera I may be very torn.
    I don’t know how the hell they can’t see this. :S Doesn’t Samsung read reviews or check the internet? Don’t they do consumer opinion polls or anything to decide what direction to go? Such a shame! I know my 1 opinion doesn’t mean jack but if fairly loyal Samsung customer like myself is unsure…I’m fairly confident there are many more in the same boat.

    • bob

      one max and the g2 don’t have a stylus, but they both have ois

      • Rhino”

        Yep and going by the 2 actual reviews i have read on-line the G2 camera and video taking @60fps is way better than what the optics on the S4 can do :)

        cant wait to see the htc and honami

        so many phones so little time lol

    • Rhino”

      Samsung do do consumer polls but alas they are mostly in south-korea and guess what Koreans love plastic more than Co2.
      unlike the rest of the globe :D

  • jamesinkorea

    I’m just hoping the HTC One Max has great specs and features so I don’t have to buy this hideous looking phone.

    • Rhino”


  • Desmond Ma

    I believe that’s fake:
    1. The S4 uses a dot pattern which is not seen in this leak. (Still the Titanium Grey pattern in S3 and Note II)
    2. There’s only 3 sensors on top of the screen, while there’s 4 on the S4.

    • Adam Outler

      There are four sensors in this. you can see on the back side. Also, it’s branded samsung display and has the same buttons as any other samsung device. It is a real samsung device….
      But who cares? It’s another samsung device.

  • Cristi13

    For me it looks like a phone. I can’t understand people who find it ugly and boring. But that’s just me.

  • deepen03

    looks legit to me.. but what they need to do is put the phone on sale
    on the 4th! get a head start on Apple’s iPhone 5S or whatever they call
    it.. GO SAMSUNG!

  • Clarkkent113

    As a Note 2 owner I’ve been very disappointed with the Note 3 rumors. At this point I’d much rather get myself a pure Android phone anyway and I think I’ll be switching to the Nexus 5 (as long as it has a 4.8″ screen minimum).

    I’ll miss having a large screen phone, but the Note 2 was just a tiny bit too big. I think the sweet spot is 5’3″ screen with small bezels.

    • Rhino”

      youll like the LG G2 then :) its looking really good going by the reviews.

  • ckh14

    What the point of making another Note thats nearly the identical size as Note 2 ? Barring some incremental hardware upgrades which will be negligable VS. Note 2 in real world Performance … a size increase was the only reason for Note 2 owners to upgrade . Now with the Note 3 being only 5.68 inches, a gain of only 3mm total in screen size there is absolutely no reason for Note 2 owners to jump on Note 3. shame as I am one of the biggest Note fans out there and have been looking forward to the Note 3 for nearly a year and this is what turns out. An incremental increase in specs and minimal bump in size. The whole point of the Note Series is a large screen to use the S pen… now we get basically a Note 2 in a new uglier frame. Oh well what one more year of waiting for a true tablet phone around 5.9 or 6 inches . Fail. After Note 2 gets updated software these phones wilI be damn near identical

    • Rhino”

      i was hoping for the first quoted screen size of 5.99″ but looks like the htc got that one :(.
      but yes i agree there had better be a lot more stuff bedsides a .18″ increase :D that’s really sad

      oh yeah and also a RGB non pentile screen since everyone else is RGB now lol