Crazy rumor: Galaxy Note 3 to ship with four different models?

by: Robert TriggsJuly 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note Note 2 aa 1600

The Galaxy Note 3 has been a bit on an enigma so far, but this latest rumor is perhaps the most bizarre yet. According to the Korean site ETNews, Samsung is planning to launch four different versions of the Galaxy Note 3, but the differences appear to be quite subtle.

Supposedly, the top of the line Note 3 will be a limited edition model built from high quality materials, and will feature a 13 megapixel camera and one of Samsung’s unbreakable AMOLED displays.

The second model will be the same but with a regular AMOLED display, the third variant will opt of an LCD screen over AMOLED, with the final version dropping the 13 megapixel camera in favor of a 8 megapixel version, and it too will feature an LCD display.

But this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about the prospect of some slightly different versions of the Galaxy Note 3, rumors of different LCD and AMOLED screen types initially cropped up a couple of weeks ago.

The possible reason for this range of products, well perhaps component availability has something to do with it? Just like with the Galaxy S4 Exynos 5 Octa processor, Samsung may be expecting limited production capabilities for its new AMOLED displays, and will therefore offer consumers a choice rather than run the risk of running into supply shortage, especially with such a hotly anticipated product. Alternatively, Samsung may just want to market this product within several different price brackets.

Although four different versions might sound like a bit of a stretch, if the Galaxy S4 has taught us anything, we know that Samsung has been keen to offer consumers some additional choice for each of its models recently, so perhaps this new rumor isn’t as far fetched as it first seems.

  • Guestoe

    I hope all of these models will be available worldwide, unlike the S4. I prefer the super AMOLED display over LCD, so I hope that model will be available in my country…

  • deondraee

    Realistic NOTE 3 specs…

    1) 3 GB RAM

    2) 2.5 Ghz cpu (The snapdragon 800 for s4 LTE-A -Korean is clocked at 2.3GHz) – i say 2.5 because the s4 and htc one use the same 600 yet the s4 is clocked at a higher rate so same can happen with the 800

    3) 13meg camera & atleast a 5meg Front facing Full HD

    4) Android 4.3 (Already leaked and working on the s4 just isnt official by google)

    5) Improved Touchwiz (No lag and to take up less on board storage)

    6) Bluetooth 4.0

    7) LTE Advanced

    8) Flexible Super AMOLED 1080p Display with Gorilla glass 3 (Doubtful for the flexible part) FLEXIBLE isnt needed if it isnt gonna bend so instead give us a “HD resolution higher than 1080p on a Super AMOLED”

    9) 4K recording (if not on the NOTE 3 then maybe the galaxy s5) – Snapdragon 800 supports 4K encoding

    10) 5.7 or 5.9 inch screen (5.7 will definitely fit in the note 2’s body)

    11) 802.11ac New Wifi standard (Three times faster than “n” / your current phone – apple is already using this in its recent releases)

    12) Bigger battery up from 3100 to 3500mAh

    13) Better PPi at 400+ (S4 has 441 and Mega 6.3 has less than 250 and reviews show that the screen isnt good)

    14) Slimmer bezels and slimmer design so 5.7 in the note 2 body or even smaller body meaning less wieght but with a 5.7 screen like they did with the s4 compared to the s3

    • MasterMuffin

      If you think that’s realistic… O_O

      • deondraee

        what isnt realistic about it ?

        • MasterMuffin

          Read for example the comment of Farbod “Mr Realistic” :D

          • deondraee

            And you should read my reply to that

          • MasterMuffin

            That’s like clocking S3 (gt-i9300) to 1,8Ghz by default. Makes no sense…
            Also the PPI won’t be over 400, 5.7″ 1080p screen has PPI of 386.
            AT LEAST 5MP FRONT CAMERA? You mean at most?…

          • deondraee

            which 5.7 1080p screen is that?

            and yes about time they give us a good front facing camera like in huawei

          • MasterMuffin

            If you count the PPI it’s 386…

            2mp is quite well enough for most and it will be AT MOST 5mp

            S4 has higher clock than One because Samsung just wanted to show off, good that you came to your senses on that one :)

          • deondraee

            why are you repeating the 5MP thing i already had that down as one of the specs….

            yeah sammy wanted to show off whats to say that they wont do it this time and clock it to 2.5? so if sammy didnt clock the s4 to 1.9 yall would be saying thatthe 600 cant go higher than 1.7

          • MasterMuffin

            That last part is absolutely incorrect, Qualcomm said that single core max of S800 is 2,3Ghz and no, I wouldn’t be saying that S600 has max clock of 1,7Ghz because Qualcomm said thag the max of S600 is 1,9Ghz. Get your facts straight

          • Farbod

            what he said.

          • deondraee

            yall take this technology thing too serious, calm down we are just having a normal discussion damn

            ok 2.3 it is i changed it ok yall reassured me

          • MasterMuffin

            We are just having a normal discussion, that’s correct. where did you get the feeling that I’m not calm or something? And good that you changed it :)

    • Farbod

      the snapdragon 800 cant go higher than 2.3 GHz, Mr realistic!

      • deondraee

        many keep thinking it cant go higher but what about overclocking ? so when you say it cant go higher youre indeed wrong because im sure thats not the max. i think my reasoning for a 2.5 is quite good

        • Farbod

          dude, overclocking can only be done for a limited time otherwise the CPU will burn after all its called OVERclocking. 2.3 GHz is the max amount you can clock it to without burning. unless Samsung wants a bad reputation they will add 2.5 GHz. keep believing that!

          • deondraee

            not a big difference between the two so i will settle for the 2.3GHz as long as they make the NOTE 3 slimmer, lighter and increase the screen size to 5.7 within the note 2’s body or smaller body.

          • Farbod

            ok, thanks

          • Peter

            I’m sorry but you are very much ill informed. Overclocking does not cause a cpu to burn… For example, take a desktop processor. Now go look at the overclocking world records, these processors are pushed WAY over where they should be and they don’t burn.
            Now back to mobile, these chips are made with better silicon in order to keep running without problems. With computers you can replace the cpu pretty easily but with phones thats not happening so they have to give you much more reliable materials. Also there are much much more safety precautions with phone cpus, because this could easily ruin the entire phone where a computer it might just blow out the cpu. There is very little risk with overclocking if you do your research, worst case scenario is less battery life (undervolting can help) and it could warm up more.

          • Farbod

            all of u are gonna see that no s800 ever will be clocked at more than 2.3 GHz, bye

          • deondraee

            WHAT PETER SAID!

    • Ahmad Mysterios Chmail

      you’re dreaming , Samsung wont kill the series of note for such a device perfect like that , companies dont produce the ultimate solution mobile , so wake up baby boy

      • deondraee

        thats not no where perfect… i chose those specs with regards to whats available and what can be done but no where near perfect.

    • Note Lover

      The only thing I don’t see happening in your specs is the 5MP front facing camera. I hope I’m wrong but everything else sounds possible.

    • Grman Rodriguez

      Also no 4.3, if there is not even a hint of a Google Announcement it’s highly unlikely to have Touchwiz on 4.3. I’m also doubting 4k but it may have a small chance to happen

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    This would be quite interesting but I wonder if it won’t be confusing to most people

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    I’d like that unbreakable one.. Hopefully it isn’t much more expensive than the Note 2 was when new.

    • Note Lover

      That’s what I’m hoping too

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    I doubt that carriers will offer all 4 though. Also this whole “shortage of phone components” is really making me feel uncomfortable. Feels like it’s starting to affect the business and it’s maybe not a good thing.

  • Blowntoaster

    maybe they’ll release a Note 3 Active with the LCD display and Snapdragon 800, and the 8 megapixel camera, to divert demand away from the regular Note 3 with it’s AMOLED display, 13 megapix cam, and Snapdragon 800/Exynos Octa processors.