Galaxy Note 3: Five million shipped in 28 days, twice as fast as Note 2

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 30, 2013

Rise of the Phablet - Galaxy Note 3

Samsung CEO JK Shin revealed today that the Galaxy Note 3 shipped 5 million units in record time for the series.

Samsung doesn’t usually reveal how many devices it actually sold to consumers (the sell-through), so we don’t how many of those Note 3 units are in people’s hands. Still, the fact that Samsung managed to ship 5 million devices to retailers and carriers in 28 days suggests there’s strong demand for the S Pen device. For comparison, the original Note required five months to reach the same milestone, while the Note 2 shipped 5 million units in two months.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 3 on September 25 in 58 countries, and another 82 markets from around the world received the device since then. JK Shin commented that there’s strong interest for the Note 3, which remains a bright spot among otherwise lackluster performances for Samsung’s high-end devices. The company recently announced it shipped 40 million Galaxy S4 units, a big number by itself, but reportedly below the company’s initial projections. Due to disappointing sales, Samsung is said to be accelerating the release schedule of the Galaxy S5.

Competitors like the HTC One Max and the Xperia Z Ultra have tried to carve a piece of the oversized smartphone market, but, so far, no contender posed any serious threats to the Note 3. The strongest weapon in the Note 3’s arsenal is the S Pen and the suite of apps that Samsung created for it, which no competitor has managed to emulate so far.

  • N5

    I love the Note 3 I personally think it’s the best phone out there, and if I would’ve lived in the US I would’ve bought it surely… great phone and I especially love the S pen which has tons of really neat features

  • frankie

    fingers crossed in the next few days a note 3 will find me as its new owner lol

  • Mystery Man

    My note 3 is great. Choose it over nexus 5 because battery life

    • Groud Frank

      Exactly! The nexus 5 will be a great device but that battery is a deal breaker for me. My phone has a 4050 mAh battery which gets me through a day of gaming, heavy browsing, heavy reading and work related stuff, and I cannot get use to anything that cannot keep up with that level of stamina. I regularly log at least 5 or 6 hours of on screen time per day and still have some juice in the battery.

  • Seth Mamane

    this is the sweet spot for phone size. once u get this size phone u realize 2 things:

    1. u cant ever go bigger than this, its just not practical and
    2. u cant ever go smaller than this, it just wont be the same enjoyable experience

    my decision to go to this size was i just though about how many actual instances in 1 day i use my phone and realized it was a ton. It just made since to not go cheap with something that i use so frequently. these phones really are becoming our little companions that do so much and more every day.

    You get used to the size quickly. i have small hands and i adapted very easily. the phone has settings to make it easier to use 1 handed for common things so that you dont have to reach inches away to press a number or something.

    The speed is incredible. Browsing the web is super fast and the batter life, omg, i can FINALLY have a LIVE WALLPAPER running all day and not worry about running out of battery before i charge up at night. Battery is simply amazing.

    spen is fun but i wished the button on it acted like a mouse click all the time. it does on a few things but not most.

    thats all for now, i dont regret my purchase and knew i wouldnt, now if otterbox would just finally release there commuter case i will be good to go.

  • TechGuy

    Well I’ve seen plenty on XDA and other sites who cancelled their pre – orders and/or returned them when they found out about the bootloader, Knox warranty and regional sim lock. I bet retailers are sitting on piles they can’t sell. Expect a price reduction soon!

    • JT

      Not everybody roots their phone. I rooted my note 2 but this phone has plenty of space with my 32 gig Micro sdcard. There’s no reason to miss it up, maybe way later.

    • frankie

      i also see a lot of xda members quite happy with their note 3 :)

  • artiplier

    I was considering the HTC One Max, but it was a bit disappointing spec wise and I can’t get it in Canada anyway. So I’m close to picking the Note up for my next phone, but trying to hold out for a bit longer to see what the Nexus 5 has to offer. I’d prefer expandable storage though, which is one of the reasons I may go with the Note 3. The only negative thing I’ve noticed playing around with the Note 3 in store is that the speaker isn’t very good, but I’ll probably use headphone most of the time anyway. Does anyone else find the speaker to be a little weak?

    • Jason Yuen

      I was in the exact same situation as you. I wanted to give the one max a chance but no removable battery was keeping me back. Unavailable in Canada was the deal breaker. The speaker is indeed not as good as the Note 2, but really it’s comparable to other similar devices out there. Audio quality was never a priority for me so it worked out. It only matters when watching videos, and headphones are better for that.

  • Jason Yuen

    Usually I root and flash a new rom on a new phone I get, but this time I’m stuck with stock. The S-pen features are actually worth keeping the rom. Root is still a must though.

  • Kung Young

    Looks like Sammie is doing a better job distributing the Note 3 (waited so long for my note 2) and thank God my Note 3 works with the note 2 smart dock! love my note 3!