Dual-SIM version of Galaxy Note 3 launches in China

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 6, 2013

Note 3 dual sim china (2)

The Galaxy Note 3 became available unlocked (well, sort of unlocked) and at carriers from around the world over the past couple of weeks. Now it’s time for the dual-SIM version of the device, and, as usual, Samsung first released it in China, a market where devices with dual-SIM capabilities are highly sought after.

The folks at Vietnamese website Zing.vn got their hands on a dual-SIM Galaxy Note 3 unit and put it through a photo-shoot.

The device is identical in terms of aspect and specs with the quad-core Snapdragon 800 version of the single-SIM Note 3 (N9005), with the only difference being the presence of two micro-SIM slots beneath the phone’s removable back cover. The device sells in China unlocked for the equivalent of $1000, just slightly more than the $950 asked for the unlocked single-SIM model. The device in the pictures appears to have a slot for GSM SIMs and one for WCDMA/GSM SIMs, the latter being used on China Unicom.

It’s not clear when and where outside of China would Samsung release the dual-SIM version of the Galaxy Note 3. If you fancy using two SIMs with your Note 3, you may find one at unofficial importers, though you should make sure before purchasing that the phone is unlocked in your region and compatible with the frequencies used by your preferred carriers.



  • Romeo Bucur

    I do hope they have the brains to sell it world wide…

  • strangefruit

    An object of my desire …

  • Gilles LeBlanc

    Im very interested in why dual sim is such a great idea in Asia. How is this “efficient”? Seems so un asian to have such a complex solution such as two mobile plans. I wish you could have elaborated a little more on that @Bogdan Petrovan. Great editorials though, I’m a fan of your work.

    • Selema

      It is a viable solution to many people however not supported by network provides. They don’t like the idea of direct comparison.

    • From China With Love

      Well I`m Chinese so I guess I`ll speak on behalf of us lol. Many people here have two mobile numbers. One for work and one for family/friends.
      Also we have three main mobile service providers, with China Unicom offering the fastest 3G speed but very pricey plans, and the signal can get pretty bad in rural areas. China Mobile on the other hand usually have the strongest signal everywhere but their 3G is a bit rubbish. China Telecom usually has the cheapest plan out of all three. So many Chinese use a combination of two of them depend on their needs. I personally use China Mobile for work and will switch to China Unicom for 3G surfing.
      I`m a dual-sim Note 2 user for the last few months btw. Really loving it.

      • Gilles LeBlanc

        Wow interesting! Thanks

      • TBH

        May i know Where Can I buy the Note 3 Dual Sim in China ?

        • From China With Love

          Online or in an actual store? If online you can try the usual shopping sites like amazon.cn & jd.com etc. If latter depends on where exactly in china are you going to be. For the major cities there are many mobile selling stores, big or small, that will have it or can get it for you. I would recommend to try one of the major electronic stores like Suning or Gome.

  • Rodrigo Freijanes

    BRAZIL, please!!!

  • Wayne Pedlar

    Please release one version in Austrailia……. we need it

  • waqar

    m in love

  • High I’m Paul

    Someone told me that there is a version that is more powerful than this that was released? Is this true?

  • OTENcio

    We will be waiting here in the philippines Samsung GNote 3 dual sim phone! rawr!

  • Johnny bravo

    Is this available every where..??