Galaxy Note 3 drop test: the bigger they are, the harder they fall

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 28, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 drop test aa 8

Another week, another gorgeous device that will never get to fulfill its destiny. That is what we do at Android Authority, and we don’t feel the least bit bad about it.

Last time it was some iDevices, but now we’re squarely back in Android land to drop test one of the most anticipated devices of this season. The Note 3 is the same impressive beast of a phone we’ve come to expect from the S Pen-equipped series, but will it do better than its predecessor?

Almost exactly a year ago, our Darcy LaCouvee drop tested the Galaxy Note 2 with impressive results – the device emerged from the ordeal with an intact display and just some minor scuffs on its sides.

Will the Note 3 follow suit? Darcy passed the baton to Joshua Vergara who proceeded to drop test the Note 3 from three different positions. Of course, we saved the dreaded front facing drop for last. Here’s what happened.

This Galaxy Note 3 didn’t make it through. But the silver lining is the device remained in one piece, and even better, the display underneath the shattered screen didn’t break. If it’s any consolation, that means you might be able to use the phone until you can replace the screen.

Ultimately, the moral of every drop test is you should invest a little bit extra in a good protective case for your device. Even if the thin profile and the texturized back plate of the Note 3 give it great grip and feel in hand, putting a case on it will bring you peace of mind and potentially save you money down the road.

Stay tuned for more Galaxy Note 3 coverage. Over the following days, we’ll be showing you everything there is to know about the new Note, culminating, of course, in an in-depth review.

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  • Balraj

    You guys should try using rhino shield n try ???
    Just my thought
    Nyways I have watched all your drop test videos
    This one is also good..

  • Definitely. A protective case is a good thing. Dropping your phone is a very near possibility. Let me say 50-50. 50% of your phone time you are in good mood. The other 50% are a situation you simply cannot predict.

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      50% chance I spill something on my couch should I cover that in plastic aswell? Or just be carefull?

      • I believe almost all electronic parts nowadays are “water or liquid retardant”. If you happen to spill some nasty liquids, just soak it into clean water and dry it afterwards.
        WARNING; This is just my opinion. And this is what I will do if i’m into that situation. If it comes worse and I have to bring it to a service center, I’ll tell what I did.

  • carlosfrancoz

    Good test! Well at least this phone is not too fragile like the S3

    • Jack

      I hope they will invent unbreakable glass for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in the future! That would be awesome. I hope they will create an unbreakable Note 3 Active.

      • carlosfrancoz

        Maybe the Galaxy Round is more durable and shatter proof!!! let’s see! lol

  • EnX$$


    • Dimitri

      I could say every single device is garbage as they all break. Get out

  • George Av

    that screen is amazing outdoors!

    • inspire

      did you notice that the phone is turned on in tree shadow outdoor ?
      Okay, screen might be good outdoor but, it’s it definitely not predictable from above pics. *COUGH*samsung fanboyism*COUGH*

      • George Av

        It doesn’t matter, My ONE (Yes i own a one, upgraded from s3 a while back) doesn’t look that nice outdoors even under trees!

  • JT

    hell i just dropped my note 2 flat on it’s face many times this year at work. well it finally shattered and so hard that all i see is black, but it works. Strangely?? just in time for the note 3, lol.

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      In time for Xperia, HTC and Nexus. .

      • Dusan

        HTC? Never getting that again.

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          Ive got a feeling thats the case as well. Hense my buying Z Ultra instead of One X.

          • aeta

            that’s a terrible comparison, as the ZU came out mid 2013 packing a snapdragon 800 and 2GB of RAM, whereas the one x came out in early 2012 with a snapdragon s4 and 1GB.

            I’d choose the ZU as well, but not because of some irrational scorn of HTC devices despite their good reviews of late, but because it’s a year newer.

          • Gilles LeBlanc

            Sorry I meant One Max

      • bizzy gie

        Galaxy Note 3 destroys all those phones.

        • meh

          Correction: it destroys itself

          • bizzy gie

            ALL phones OUT. Especially if GN3 Active has the YOUM flexible display.

  • APai

    after their region lock fiasco, it’s about time we dropped the note 3 :P

    • simpleas

      haha, too bad it’s not really locked as everyone now knows. Next troll…

      • APai

        it’s not really about locking, its the inconvenience you have to go through. things were perfectly fine as is. why did samsung have to force this unwanted piece of shit on their phone ? as it is they are dominating the phone scene. the whole idea about a pentaband gsm standard is for you to be able to use your phone in any country with gsm tech. it’s not as bad as having to buy a new phone, but the pain is real for the guys hopping countries. there’s a lot of people doing that.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Seems well put together. I’ve dropped my note 2 a few times with only a small scratch. Not bad for “cheap” plastic phone.

  • lemming

    the chrome looks kinda cheap alongside the faux leather back. scratches on chrome are really obvious

  • Kevin

    Drop test for Z1 please :)

  • techymexican

    so why does the website look similar to the verge?

  • Craig Lawrence

    forget the giveaway i would be happy getting these drop test devices

  • progressive

    Do you people have a heart :)
    My note 2 had sooo many drops but not a scratch thanks to protective case.

  • I’m not putting a case on my Note 3 when it gets here this week, I’m gonna enjoy the way it looks not adding any bulk to it. If I drop it, I drop it. I’ve got insurance.

  • billard412

    If I can say anything its that this guy Def makes the drop test more fair than previous ones

  • sinewave

    ouch, I always feel bad when seeing expensive gadget being tortured like this :(

  • theotheruseoneishere

    If you intentional drop your phone like that i think you deserve to have it broken! now everyone wants //ET/|_ Phones but we all put our devices in a case! It really doesnt matter what the phone is made of if you drop it like that…

  • Hood

    Any chance of a Z Ultra drop test?

  • JK

    What’s hilarious is the way phone review sites carry on & on about a phone’s “premium feel,” or lack thereof… Only to tell us to slap on the same cheap fugly plastic case on all of them.

    Maybe the real lesson of drop tests is, Don’t spend a premium for an allegedly premium feel you’ll never get to enjoy anyway?

  • paxmos

    I don’t drop my phones so it is not a comparison condition on my list when looking at phones.

  • jonathan3579

    Is Samsung still using plastic colored to look like metal on the sides?

    • Memphis May [S]unjay

      Yes, they are.

  • Luis R – Miami FL

    I am glad of your report — I think is great, eventhough I am sad that you are smashing a Great Phone while I am sitting here waiting for my pre-order….I was able to see it in display at the AT&T Corporate store in Pembroke Pines FL = They are not sure when they will be selling it…they said maybe on Friday Oct 4th…Cheers !!

  • Ruslan Zamaletdinow

    It’s good that phone can survive all except crash on screen. But it so hurts when i’am looking on his fall. So much money, nearr 2 years working to get it.

  • Edward Zhang

    Run the slow motion camera on the Note 3 when you drop it, so we can see it from the phone’s perspective in Slow motion.

  • BB BB

    Can’t watch this crap. Why destroy a perfectly beautiful device. We all know what’s gong to happen. Heck give it to me and drop my Z10 instead a device nobody will miss.

  • DaisyPillough

    I hate these stupid drop tests. Like seriously? This phone still trumps any other smartphone on the market, cracked screen and all! Quit being cheap, spend the extra money, get a good case on it.

    • I like the drop test. It is a noble way of warning you to take care. It is a beneficial investment. It also give a market for cover accessories.

  • jim

    you need a test to know the screen will crack?

  • Blowntoaster

    these drop tests are painful to watch. rather give the poor device to me before you drop it.
    unless it’s an Iphone, then you can “drop – Kick ” it for all I care…especially after watching the jOBS movie.
    even less of a fan of Apple now…

  • weed

    But can it be dropped in other regions, if it was already dropped in its home region?

  • Q.

    Does anyone know what happens to these devices after the drop tests?

  • Lin

    Cmon guys. You did a unboxing and first impression then jumped right to a drop test? Give us the full review first. Plus drop tests are moronic. Thats like a website devoted to the newest chinaware doing a drop test on their new products

  • Hannah Wilson

    My phone was dropped on the floor, and looks similar to the pictures above, I was just wondering whether it would need an outer glass screen replacement or a digitiser screen? The phone still works perfectly fine but the screen is quite scratched.