Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 with Android 4.3 scores almost 28K in AnTuTu benchmark

by: Chris SmithMay 21, 2013
Galaxy Note 3 concept

Galaxy Note 3 concept

Allegedly showing the next-gen Galaxy Note smartphone, a new AnTuTu benchmark has surfaced providing certain details about the upcoming device.

According to the image below, the Galaxy Note 3 scores no less than 27914 in AnTuTu, of course assuming that we’re actually looking at the real deal.

More interestingly, we find out from the image that the device runs Android 4.3, which is said to be the next Android OS update that Google is readying for a June or July launch. Furthermore, the test says the Galaxy Note 3 is packing a 1600MHz processor, and we’re certainly interested to see what that kind of CPU it is. Such performance seems to indicate we could be looking at an Exynos 5 Octa version.

That GT-N7200 model number sounds plausible as well, considering that the model numbers of the Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) and Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100), but also the fact that a GT-N7200 device has also been recently spotted in EXIF data for a photo and reportedly identified as the next Galaxy Note 3.


Mind you, nothing is official just yet, and we’re making educated guesses based on previous Galaxy Note generations and existing Galaxy Note 3 rumors. Naturally, the AnTuTu benchmark could always be faked, and we’re certainly intrigued by the other N7200 devices in that screenshot, all Android devices running various OS versions and scoring much lower than the alleged Galaxy Note 3 device.

For comparison purposes, below you can see benchmark results for existing top Android devices, including the Galaxy S4 who tops such tests, particularly the Exynos 5 Octa version – we’ll note that Tegra 4 scores aren’t included in this one. The chart also shows scores for the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2.

HTC One vs Galaxy S4 benchmarks

That said, this purported Galaxy Note 3, if real, is still a prototype model, which means the final version running the final Android 4.3 build would score better in the same tests.

GSM Insider says that the Galaxy Note 3 would be the “first device with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean ahead of other rivals” – not counting Nexus devices in any case – which would be a remarkable accomplishment for Samsung. Has the company managed to somehow convince Google to grant it earlier access to Android OS versions, as some reports said when analyzing the “tense” relationship between the two companies? Or is Samsung simply getting better than everyone else at using that Android PDK?

We’ll certainly be looking forward to answer such questions, but for the time being we’ll remind you that the information presented in such benchmark tests still has to be questioned, as Samsung is yet to release any official details regarding the handset.

According to a recent report, the company did reveal that the Galaxy Note 3 would be unveiled at IFA 2013 – just as its predecessors, we’ll add. The handset is rumored not to pack a flexible display and to feature a design similar to the Galaxy S4.

  • Ruben

    I hope there will be a stock Android version of the Note 3 with all the Samsung apps available for download. That’d be great!

    • Hope that it would feature 32 GB of onboard memory as default.

      • Ruben

        And a removable battery…

      • RaptorOO7

        They better release it as 32/64B versions and skip those 16GB versions entirely. I hope AT&T offers a 64GB version that would be awesome.

        • Exactly what I mean.

        • It’s like these corporations don’t care anymore what the consumer wants. They just give us what they give us and expect us to be happy and buy it.

    • OMGgary

      Doubtful that it will happen with the Note series. The S-pen functionality is tied into Touchwiz UI, so a stock Android Note 3 would have to sacrifice one of its most iconic features. Of course it may be possible for Samsung to separate the S-pen software from Touchwiz in the future, but I think they will be very resistant to doing this unless they sell 25 million Google ed. S4 s or something like that, which would really show the popularity and commercial merit of doing pure Android models.

      • Ruben

        I really like the S-pen and the software that comes with it but I hate TouchWiz so much I rather get another phone without “real” stylus support :(

        • OMGgary

          Well, for your sake and everyone else who would like a stock Android with S-pen combination in a Galaxy Note, I hope Samsung do decide to give this as an option. The expansion of this into other models, especially the Note series, certainly would make for an awesome widening of choice for the consumer.

          • jonathon puckett

            The reason Samsung is able to have stylus support is through TouchWiz. So unless Google decides to integrate it into Android this will probably never happen.

      • AndyCappLives

        I doubt it too. But it surely would be nice.

    • Aziz Farhi

      What’s the point of having a 6″ phone with a stylus without Samsung’s premium suite that comes with Touch Wiz . A smaller Nexus 7 with Samsung logo on the back instead of Azus running stock android which gives you a pure Google experience that you could get on any other Nexus.
      The only good thing of having a such phone is the size of its screen.

    • john

      People will always release optimized custom roms for Galaxy devices so it is just a matter of time.

  • Ivan Myring

    No way. It will be 1.8 GHz.the note always has 200mhz more than the the current S phone

    • steve gerrard

      I also think it’s time for Samsung to be daring again like they were in 2011 and place a model above the note series as the true flagship just as the note replaced the S as the top of the range handset. This talk of the S4 Mega got me thinking, this should be the top of the line phone with upgraded RAM and trialled for the 20nm that Samsung were said to be putting into production, this would be a souped up handset that would pretty much dethrone both the S and note series,. The Note has now become more than about the size of the screen but about the functionality of the S-Pen and the features that come with it as well as becoming the true king of the range. Chances are a third flagship would most likely end up being on Tizen anyway.

      • Aziz Farhi

        I believe a 3rd flagship device from Samsung that would dominate the market would be a tablet. Samsung already has a huge market share regarding both regular Smartphones and Phablets. The next logical target is tablets. Flexible displays combined with awesome hardware (Octa CPUs and more RAM) and better built quality would make Samsung achieve this goal.

    • Usually it’s even GPU that’s just been overclocked too. It might be possible that they will use a totally new or atleast upgraded graphics unit which would be better than the current SGS4 Adreno 320. I think this benchmark is honestly fake.

  • david schwartz

    If you want s-pen functionality and aosp look, you gotta check out Jelly “Beans” rom… simply the best.

  • Bah whatever, ur worse then my GF samsung. Nothing but a co#k tease. I’ll get it when its release enough with the games.

  • MoreQuads

    Yes Apple, Samsung copied this from you also. /*_-

  • needAkiss

    got to be at least a 1.9 ghz on the note 3 otherwise people will start to think that the s4 clocking at 1.9 ghz with the snapdragon is faster. my real question is what gpu is the note 3 rockin? rumor stands at mali 450 8 cores and a higher clocked powervr 544mp3…

  • That mockup looks too much how I wish the iPhone 5 last year was. Since Apple didn’t increase the width of the screen, it pushed me over to Android. :)

  • Cianura

    Face=Nice, Back=HORRIBLE!, Side=iPhone 5… The hell with it!