Galaxy Note 3 could ship with Android 4.3 out of the box

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy note stylus s pen aa 1 1600

What do the Moto X and the LG G2 have in common? They are both high-end (more or less) Android devices that were launched running Android 4.2.2, after Google released Android 4.3 in late July.

Apparently, Samsung looks to buck the trend with the Note 3, which will be officially introduced to the world on September 4 at a pre-IFA 2013 Berlin event. According to the leak purveyors at Sam Mobile, the Galaxy Note 3 will ship with Android 4.3 out of the box.

It seems that Sam Mobile inferred that the Note 3 would be running Android 4.3 at launch from test firmware files that are already circulating.

Android 4.3 brings a series of relatively small, behind-the-scenes updates, most notably OpenGL ES 3.0 for high performance graphics, Bluetooth Smart (low energy) support, restricted user profiles for tablets, as well as many performance improvements and developer-focused features.

While Android 4.3 represents a rather small jump from Android 4.2, history has taught us not to overestimate the manufacturers’ capabilities when it comes to software updates. Sure, Samsung benefits from making the Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S4, but with less than a month to go until the Note 3 lands, time is limited.

  • Interesting. Maybe Samsung could use the GPE edition to say “hey, if you want our hardware and quick updates, buy our GPE devices. If you want our software and the Samsung experience, then stick with us”. Their last few updates were named “Premium Suite” which covered up the fact they were still behind in terms of Android, but they were pushing their own newest software. They could well release the Flagship devices with great new software improvements (multi-window, enchanced S-pen features etc.) and then port it down each model and cover up the lack of Android updates. Consumers will become more interested in their “Samsung” update rather than the Android Update.

    • najiy91

      true,manufacturers knows better for their phones.i like the touchwiz,sony ui and htc’s.just add more butter on klp and add memory binding to EXTERNAL sd card.thats all!(“,)

      • najiy91

        important for game data nowadays-1game for 1gb++

    • taz89

      The premium suit update can be seen as a big update for samsung devices as it actually brings over new features.. As it has been shown on OEM skinned devices, the android version of jb didn’t really matter as most of the features are apart of the “skin” and not android.

  • Shaun Nicholson

    Kudos to Samsung if it’s true. They released the s4 with the latest android version, however the updates were pretty minor. The real test will be when key lime pie comes out.

    • simpleas

      true true, and if history and track record is any indication, they’ll deliver.

  • simpleas

    Gadd.. does anyone else notice the bezel on the note 2 is so much thicker than the new lg g2? lol Tho I still think its the best overall phone even today.

  • abazigal

    The Note3 will be announced only a month from now (and probably released only 2-3 months later). Is there any reason why it shouldn’t include 4.3? Unless Samsung started manufacturing their phones much earlier…?

  • End in sight

    Well people will say that the timing is lucky for Samsung and because of that they can certainly have 4.3.

    I would say not lucky, but it was poor planning by Moto and LG when they set their release dates. Someone shoul have said 20 months ago when they were creating the plans and schedules, “dammit, whether or not Google wants to tell us when 4.3 will get to us, we must find out. We are not going to get into the position where we get bad press because we release a phone a week before a Google software release happens.”

    The tragic failure is with moto. When you can’t even make a plan with input and commitments from your own parent company, something’s wrong.

  • 2gerry

    Senior Editor…try to find and write some valuable articles. Again, this article and rumor has been read and posted and written about multiple times of late on various sites. No real news here. Besides, the possibility is almost a given. New product, latest flagship when released, makes sense for Samsung to release with latest Android version. Nevertheless, even if it doesn’t, Im sure that by the time it lands on your hands and boot it, it couldhave update right out of the box. Please try to write us some more meaningfl andworthwhile articles.

  • John
    This Week in Tech #1: Both the Moto X as well as the LG G2 unveiled

  • poul

    how much will it cost?

  • lil bit

    I never thought otherwise, Samsung is very aware of what enthusiast high end users want and Samsung is more than willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. Unlike LG, who launched Optimus G on ICS and didnt even bother to update it JB for how long (except for a semi-late update only for Korean market, still below par).

    To put it in perspective how bad it was to launch G on ICS, Jelly Bean was announced in June 2012 and released at Google IO in July. Optimus G was launched in November, at least a month AFTER Galaxy Note 2 worldwide availablity, and Galaxy Note 2 launched on JB 4.1.1.

    The good thing now is that Sony seem to be able to challenge Samsung on flagship updates, and Sony already beat Samsung on tablet updates, but im still not sure Sony i1 will launch with 4.3 onboard. Every time people think that Sony has learned their lesson then Sony will go ahead and do something stupid for no good reason at all to prove us wrong, like attention seeking bad boys in school saying “haha we did not learn our lesson, we still do bad things, for no reason at all”.

    Anyway, lets hope LG is next to realize that updates matter, launching G2 on 4.2.2 was not bad considered their history. LG is probably the next “big”android maker, Sony already blew their chances this year, making it so much easier for LG.

  • Guido

    Interesting indeed. Wondering what the Galaxy Note 3 will have when it’s officially announced.