Video: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 Air Command menu in action!

by: Brad WardSeptember 6, 2013

air command

One of the big focuses in Samsung’s Note series has been the S-Pen. We saw some serious improvements in the S-Pen when going from the original Note to the Note 2, but now it’s more of a focus than ever in the Galaxy Note 3, thanks to the Air Command menu.

Air Command is perhaps one of the coolest features about the S-Pen in the Galaxy Note 3. In short, it’s a central and easily accessible location to access a bevy of other cool S-Pen features, such as Action Memo and a feature similar to Sony’s Small Apps.

In order to use Air Command, you have to hover the stylus over the screen and then press the button on the S-Pen itself. After that, a palette-like menu will pop up with five available actions. And that — is Air Command.

Check out our overview of all of the cool Air Command features in the video below. We’re really excited about the Galaxy Note 3, and we hope you are, too! Stay tuned with Android Authority, as we’re on the ground at IFA 2013 showing you all of the epic happenings in the world of Android!


  • Err0xx

    He said “Sony Booth” multiple times. Last time I checked Samsung made the Galaxy series. At least he got the “S” right.

  • Jay


    ok, this is a pet peeve of mine.

    When showing phone demos, use the hand opposite of where the camera is. So camera is on the right, use left hand.

    Secondly, stop with all the animated gestures with your hand if you’re not actually doing anything to the phone. Keep it simple guys. Viewers should be able to watch the video without sound to know what you’re doing.

    At least you didn’t have that saliva-swallowing sound many demo people do.


    This device is nuts. can’t wait to get it.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    I find these features very interesting and useful. I’m debating between this and the Xperia Z1… I’m checking all the features. Features matter the most for me now that hardware has reached so high. Thank you!
    I hope a full review comes soon!

  • gommer strike

    I noticed a bit of lag on the demo device. Seemingly it’s similar to what you see on the S4 as well. Here’s a test: Open up the calculator app(the one that comes with the phone). Click the numbers and notice that it takes a while before the numbers show up on the display.

    This is a simple calculator app for heaven sake. When you hit any of the numbers, the response should be instant, not laggy. Hopefully they would have worked out that UI lag issue for the Note 3.

  • guest

    I’m wondering…wouldn’t all this be possible on a note II running the same (modified) firmware?