Galaxy Note 2 (left) vs Galaxy S4 (right)

A report from a South Korean investment firm reveals that the third-generation Galaxy Note would pack a 6-inch AMOLED display, but that it won’t be a flexible one as certain rumors have recently said.

In a detailed note to investors (see PDF file at the second Source link), Korea Investment & Securities Co. reveals that Samsung’s “first-ever” 6-inch flagship handset is more likely to sport a 6-inch AMOLED display than an LCD one. OLED displays are seen as a “pillar” of Samsung’s brand image by the firm, and therefore a logical choice for a flagship handset like the Galaxy Note 3.

It’s worth noting that both the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 feature AMOLED displays, with the former packing a 5.3-inch AMOLED PenTile screen with 1280 x 800 resolution and the later featuring a 5.5-inch AMOLED non-PenTile display with 1280 x 720 resolution. Previous rumors have said that the Galaxy Note 3 would feature a 5.99-inch display.

More interestingly, the report claims that said display would not be a flexible one, as some reports have suggested. Apparently Samsung would not be able to mass-produce the appropriate number of flexible 6-inch AMOLED screens to meet demand for such a potentially popular handset as the Galaxy Note 3:

Although equipment for most processes has been delivered and the supply of remaining equipment (only for a specific process) should be finalized in 1H13, we cannot say [Samsung Display] is ready to mass-produce flexible OLED panels. Production technology still seems incomplete, and even assuming the start of production in 2H13, shipments that can be supplied to finished products would be minimal. As such, we believe chances are slim for [Samsung Electronics] to adopt flexible OLED panels for its Galaxy Note 3 (slated for release in 2H13). [Samsung Electronics] will likely choose flexible OLED for its smartphones as a differentiating design feature but would need more time to adopt it for the major models.

LG, which previously confirmed that it will have a smartphone with flexible display in stores by the end of the year, seems to have issues mass-producing such panels also, and may delay the launch of such a product.

Without going into too many details about flexible display technology, the report reveals that Samsung and LG use two different technologies. Samsung relies on thin-film encapsulation while LG is developing face-sealing encapsulation technology. In either case, the object is to prevent water and/or oxygen to reach the inside of the device. The report says that Samsung “is still far away from securing product reliability that guarantees mass-production” and LG’s technology “has not yet been tried for mass-production.”

The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be unveiled at some point in Q3 2013, most likely at IFA 2013 in Berlin, Germany, according to other rumors. The report also mentions that Samsung’s “6-inch display smartphone model [is] scheduled for release in 2H13.”

That said, we’ll remind you to take everything with a grain of salt when looking at such reports, as, after all, both Samsung and LG are yet to announce commercial products sporting flexible displays.

  • In the meantime Note 2 still brutally kicking the competitions A##. Wohoo !!!!


      I still can’t believe all the dumb ass ppl saying the Note 2 isn’t all its cracked up to be and it’s just full of useless features. Obviously they’ve never taken some time with the Note 2 because everyone who has had time with the device even reviewers who have the choice of many many devices go with the Note 2 as their daily driver including myself. Even some who have used or own the Galaxy S4. Once you go Note you’ll never go back.

      • Amen!

      • lil bit

        7 months on Note 2. i dont miss it, my Z is way superior.

        Problem 1 with Note 2, You know a lot of people cant stomach the Samsung UI, just respect it, dont be a dumb ass, you dont get to dictate whats good for others even if your name is Kiddroid Klueless.

        The second undeniable problem with Note 2 is the low PPI, why so big display at so low res, you cant fit a lot of content on so low resolution anyway, all you get is a longer optimal viewing distance. 1280×720 is best suited for 4.3 to 4.5 inches. Note 3 will be better in the PPI department, but do we need 6 inch for Full HD? If it was 2560×1440 then ok, but for 1920×1080 5 inch is enough unless you are far sighted and refuse to use reading glasses.

        Third undeniable problem is build and design. Why is it in your best interest to force people to like this tastelessness?

        4, S-Pen, dont need it, i can play Flow 14×14 boards on my Z without using a stylus.

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          The screen is amazing. I would go so far as to say that it is almost a tablet screen quality, but it fits in my pocket! I love the “smart actions” and I can not wait to play with them more!

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          • Arsenal™

            nice essay :D

        • Obviously youve never tried one, may I recomend it? Going from my iphone 4s to note 2 there is a huge difference. The colors are so damn vibrant youl pop ur load after un boxing. I see zero pixels when I jam it into my eye socket like I had to with iphone. You can hold this at book distance. Its made my tablet useless and my lappy only good for my sony head mounted display for porn and movies.

          • lil bit

            I think you are the one who is not for real here. On GA there are lots of purple who switched from note 2 to Xperia z and no regrets. You obviously have no idea what a great phone the Z is, I pity you in your ignorance. Even here in aa the Z wins the polls against the S4, in GA the z is miles ahead in ranking. Note 2 better than z, wtf are you smoking?

          • You seem to love ur z as much as I loved my first car. Sorry buddy :-/ Have a good one today.

          • lil bit

            I dont see anywhere where i love my Z unconditionally, unlike you, with no constructive arguments you simply go on to say that it kikks a$$ and that everything else sux. Im happy for you if you can live with your ignorance, but accusing me of what you do is pretty tarded

          • lil bit

            I starting to feel sorry for you guys, do you honestly think Note 2 is still the best phone?? So much has happened since, Note 2 is old news, i strongly advice people to wait for Note 3 and not waste money on Note 2s low res display. Note 2 does not kick anyones a$$ anymore, its ready for retirement, the sooner the better, G Pro has been out a long time and convinced people that 1080p is not at all overkill PPI for this size display.

            Even when it came out Note 2 was criticized for having low res display, it was a step down from Note 1. Note 1 had excellent resolution for its time, Note 2 had not. It was enough to make it the best phone at the time, and thats why i bought one, but saying its best today is ignorant and fanboyish.

          • lil bit

            And please read your own posts,

            “In the meantime Note 2 still brutally kicking the competitions A##. Wohoo !!!!”

            What does this even mean, and is it in any way constructive??

            Who is wickedly happy with their own phone? Luckily i can change phones often, no locked phones or 24months lock in plans in my house, so i can afford to be more updated and keep to facts based on own experiences, not wortless feelings like “omfg note 2 kikks a$$ roflmao man!”

        • Guest

          Look as reformed introvert I get the lack of social skills… Try working on not saying what you think. Rather make it PG then say it…Why? Cause you must conform with the collective to function within it… Checked the z specs damn good device problem is screen size and bezel. That little extra is where we differ. Take it eazy buddy have a good day :-)

          • lil bit

            Can you write that again in a readable form? What kind of retard are you man, your syntax does not conform to any known standards that the rest of us function with. Please get help.

      • I love the note 2 nut needed a change still Samsung best phone hands down imo

    • Gilles Drool Blurred Speech

      “Wohoo !!!! Im so tarded”

      Yes you are Gilles

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Even if I know there is a lot of fans of Note 2 here, I honestly think this is way to big to be carried and used everyday …

    • Arthur Vincent Simon

      I own a Note 2 and I think that the size was ok. I have to see and feel that 6 inches form to know if it is already pushing it too far.

      • And that my friend is what she said. I like the note 2 I don’t think I could go to a smaller size screen. Despite what people say bigger is better.

        • Arthur Vincent Simon

          I might not have made my point clear. I am just saying that if we get to use it, we might get used to the form, just as I did when I used the Note 2(I initially thought that the Note 2 was too big).

        • lil bit

          Try a 5 inch full HD phone, it fits more content on the screen than a Note 2. Size means nothing without the resolution to back it up.


      Then lose the terrible looking skinny jeans, because it easily fits into regular jeans, a jacket, or even a pair of dress pants your wearing to the office.

      • th3d

        Please keep those kinda posts to your fashion forums, advices on how to dress really does not belong here, im shameful on your behalf, really inappropriate.

    • lil bit

      I dont think the size is the problem of the Note 2, didnt bother me much for the ~half year i had it, and i doubt it will be a big problem for Note 3. But yeah, in a way im happy to have a smaller and lighter phone now, its a Z, and the best part is that despite smaller size my current phone can fit more content on the screen.

  • n3

    hoping note3’s width is less than the note 1’s


      I completely agree n3 the original was slightly too wide and was not comfortable to hold in one hand, but the Note 2 easily fits in your hand perfect (unless your a girl or midget lol). They have to keep the 3 the same width of the 2 and it will sell like mad.

      • terminator

        I’m a girl with slender hands, and the note 2 fits perfectly #hiss

        • KID ANDROID

          You might have slender hands but they must be fairly large because none of the girls I know can hold it in one hand and use it comfortably at all. That’s awesome if you can use it with one hand your lucky if you can because you can have the best phone available on the market right now.

          • th3d

            You are just digging up this stuff out of ur big A as you go. I know Asian girls with note 2, when you are below 5ft tall but can easily hold a Note 2 then its even easier to know that you are making this up.

          • Dont feed the troll lol. “lil bit” is the village idiot.

          • KID ANDROID


          • lil bit

            And you apologize to the lady, and the same to the guy you accused of having skinny jeans. WTF man, the only thing you are not willing to talk about is Note 2 and Note 3, only telling people are dumba$$ if they dont love Note 2, and YOU HAVE BIG HANDS LADY, and STOP USING THOSE UGLY SKINNY JEANS. This is a cellphone forum, get it?

          • lil bit

            I will not take your title, i stated well known and widely accepted facts about Note 2, and you read “oh a sony fanboy, lets attack”. Where are your constructive critics, other than “yeahhh it kickks a$$$, im so tarded i cant write anything better than this!”.

            You are so ignorant, insanely. And your bestfriend Kid Android, must be your brother, look at his behavior, accusing people of wearing ugly clothes and having big hands. He have no social skills at all the poor person. Talking about the ladies hands being big, just here to offend people both of you.

          • AnonDouche

            Do you even know any girls?

          • KID ANDROID

            Man you are hilarious lol. I don’t really have to defend myself to you but actually I have a wife thanks. I’ve forgotten more women that a I’ve been with then you’ve met in your life if you really want to know.
            Funny how there was no responses to this post forever than a bunch all in the same timeI period all bbashing me lol troll much

          • lil bit

            Whats you emo problem? No replies since Forever? My reply was 1 hour after your post, and Anons was 2 hours after, what ARE you talking about? Please calm down, we dont live here on these forums to make immediate replies to your posts, not that they are much worthy of reply anymore anyway. I smell paranoia here.

          • terminator

            They are not large at all. I balance it delicately on my fingers in one Hand, and type with my thumb. It does have a one-hand ops feature. That you’ve not seen someone with small hands do it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. There is no “must”
            your assumption that only someone with large hands can use a note 2 means that you practically hug the phone to death with your hand when you’re using it.

          • KID ANDROID

            I’m not saying you can’t use it with one hand and that it’s impossible to type, I mean you can’t use it comfortably in one hand without doing a balancing act, you can’t hold the phone in one hand with your hand wrapped around the device and work things. Try holding it in one hand and play the game “SUBWAY SURFERS” if you can do that and play it properly then I’ll admit I’m wrong. I’m 6’7″ 300lbs with some very large hands and with the original Galaxy Note I can’t do it at all thus being uncomfortable. With the Note 2 I can do it very comfortably.

          • lil bit

            Im so sorry for his behavior, im very shameful on his behalf, sorry. Hope those two fools will not stop you from coming back here. As you can see above also others react to his behavior to you, no wonder people think he dont know any girls, he sure dont know how to talk to girls.
            Last year when i had Note 2 i used to go in this place to have some drinks with some boys, and lots of teens was living in that house. Some of the girls always borrow my phone there, 2 of the most addicted ones were 13 and 14 at the time, very small hands as you can imagine. But holding the Note 2 a problem?? You are absolutely right, Kiddroid is a squeezer, he dont know how to hold a phone, maybe he could learn from those 14 year olds.

          • terminator

            It’s ok.

      • lil bit

        Hehe, too wide, reminds me of the stupidest device i ever held in my hand… LG Optimus VU! Wow that thing is so impossible to use.

        Anyway, Note and Note2 were a little hard to hold because of excessively rounded sides. I saw S4 in the store the other day and the little flat area they added really made day and night difference, finally they copied iphone on this. I am sure Note 3 will also feature somewhat flat sides, hopefully more than the S4. This may be individual but for me the all flat sides of the Xperia Z won over the S4 when i held them both.

        I can also add that S4 disappointed me when i held it face to face with the Xperia Z, the S4 isnt noticeable smaller, and the looks speak for itself.

  • freedomspopular

    Ever since I first got the original Note, I always said I’d love a 6 inch screen. Bring it on, Samsung.

    • lil bit

      I must admit i once said the same, not so sure now, but the new Sharp 6.1 inch IGZO display at 498 PPI could possibly change my mind once again. The downside, for my taste, is that its 16:10 and not 16:9 (2560×1600, i would prefer 2560×1440 to get a narrower device). But 6 inch at 1080p, no, will not offer any significant advantage over for example LG Optimus G Pro 5.5 inch, even 5 inch is big enough for 1920×1080 resolution. I know many dont agree with me but i think its better to keep the size down, bigger screens are not better if resolution is the same (not that i want too small also, for example HTC One is pushing it a bit too far)

  • I might be high on something.. but looking at how things are progressing.. Samsung seems to be altering our thought process. Sure the first Note rubbed a lot of mobile experts in wrong areas. But Samsung found a way to sell them and guess what, it Sold! Much like how we keep saying Apple re-invented the mobile industry (yes it is the truth!), Samsung re-invented the Stylus and are making progress no one has ever heard of or seen before! They are slowly evolving the S-Pen into something more of a substance than just a gimmick.
    What i started out saying in the beginning was, Samsung is actively changing our thought process from small screens with limited functionality to big screens with potentially limitless possibilities. Of course with big screens come bigger problems – of handling. But we are learning everyday to cope with larger devices especially when they offer added functionality – functionality that the common man can use everyday.
    We are used to handling phones with one hand & slip it into our pockets easily. This is slowly being changed by Samsung making us realize that if we need all the processing superpowers in our finger tips we have to adapt and evolve – get used to the bigger size – get used to not handling it with one hand – get used to not carry in our pockets. The Note was big enough to stretch out our fingers in angles oblique enough to look and feel crazy! Then Note 2 came and we started looking for pills online – that added a couple of inches!
    No No.. Not those pills but pills that would make our fingers grow longer to adapt to the Note 2! And now comes the time of the Note 3. Once we see the device and the endless opportunities it has to offer we will shed the traditional dogma of phones in our pockets! So not only has the mobile phones themselves that are evolving, the users are too. And I believe the Note series is both a beacon and guide in this evolution!

    • I think it would be a terrible mistake to create a phone that will fit in the pocket of most.

      Digital camera sales are down because people use their phone. They use their phone because it is one device they can keep in their pocket – unlike many cameras.

      I own the Note 2 and love it. The size is good and I think 6″ will be fine. But I do not think anything much more than that unless it is taller than wider will be as much of a success.

      The phone needs to function – not be a burden.

  • darthsanzo

    been using note 2 for a few months now and I didnt find it big.. a bit weird because I found galaxy s2 bigger when I first used back then… if they could fit the 6inch screen on the note 2 chassis…would that be something? =D

  • wonshikee

    Look at the picture of the S4 and the Note II above. Now imagine the phone on the right is the Note II and the left one is the Note III.

    I would have to say 6″ is definitely outside the grey zone and in the tablet zone.

  • ckmemphis

    mmmm, 6″ does sound very tempting, but after the Note 2’s 5.5″ screen, I feel you might be pushing the mobility aspect of the phone… Carrying a 6″ device in your pocket will take a lot of getting used to. Yes, it will be awesome for videos, pictures and so forth, but then if you want screen size, just go 1″ bigger and get the Tab 7.0…. Really, I’m looking forward to seeing what this new Note has, but I’m also thinking that if the current Note 2 is keeping up with the S4, how much stronger a device do you really need or want…? Even the Note 2, with it’s quad core CPU, we don’t use half it’s capacity in normal usage, even during gaming, the programs and software on the devices are not optimized to use all that potential, so why add more cores, and up this and up that… Screen ppi, that will be welcome, but from what I remember, the screen of the Note 2 was still ranked up there with the best…

  • Farbod

    What size is the note 5 gonna be then??

    • lil bit

      I think, Note 4 will not be bigger than 3, maybe even smaller, but with higher resolution, probably 2560×1440. Note 5 is so far into the future that we may see game-changing technology before that time, todays display sizes may not be so relevant by then.

  • SamerKurdi

    I have a Note 1, and I have foresaken Note 2 (got one for free and sold it), S4, and HTC One because I am waiting for the Note 3.

    I cannot imagine using a small phone without a stylus anymore. BUT I am hoping that the Note 3 has the same resolution (or higher) as Note 1 (1280×800), and not smaller.

  • I jumped ship from CrApple to the Galaxy S2 when it launched in the US, then Jumped on the S3 when it launched… This time I’m holding out for the Note 3 after being able to get some real time with the Note 2… Flexible display or not this phone should be awesome. (Although my wish list is for a Flexible Display, At least partially metal housing, Snapdragon 800 or Exynos OctaCore, 4GB Ram, 32gb base storage and (really wishful thinking) a 16+ MP camera with excellent low light resolution…) Not likely to happen but would be nice…

  • Bullydogger

    I love my Note2 but will definitely welcome the bigger Note3 Big fan of large phones. For now Note 2 remains the best phone in the world I am sure Note3 will raise the standard once again, hurry and come to Verizon

  • 6 inch?? As long as it’s all screen on the front I could see it working great!

  • Way too big. I hope they will make it thin bezel then I might consider it. But if it again gets that ugly button and huge bezel, then they can forget about getting my money.

  • maybe the 4th generation will have a flexible display, and if not, maybe the 5th generation and so on…

  • Cookie

    I think this is a G R E A T device. This should have been done a long time ago. I personally will wait for the larger screen, (6″)…. Come on Verizon, get your act together and get this in stock~~~!