Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 firmware leaked – build N7100XXUEMI6

by: Andrew GrushOctober 2, 2013


Just yesterday, leaked test firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S4 hit the web, Android 4.3 in tow. Now it’s the Galaxy Note 2’s turn with the newly leaked N7100XXUEMI6 build.

As you might have inferred from the build name, this Android 4.3 test firmware is meant for the Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100. The firmware is a fairly early build that was originally leaked to Vietnamese Tinhte forums earlier today, and has since made its way over to the XDA Developer’s forum as well.

So what’s new here? While we don’t have a full list of details by any means, we do know that the update brings with it many of the UI elements and special features found on the Galaxy S4 and Note 3. The update is also said to offer speed improvements and other performance enhancements.

Like the leaked S4 test firmware, the Note 2 update also includes Samsung Knox and Samsung Wallet.

Due to bugs and other issues that can arise with installing leaked firmware, you are probably better off waiting for Samsung to release an official Android 4.3 update. If you have your heart set on installing the test firmware, keep in mind that you are potentially putting your handset at risk – so proceed with caution.

To grab the firmware or learn more, you’ll want to head on over to the XDA Developer’s Forum.

  • MasterMuffin

    The leaked ROMs don’t get the official update, right?

    • Skander


      • MasterMuffin

        That means “right”, right?

        • Abdel Aziz Farhi

          Well as soon as you flash a custom ROM you won’t be able to update through Kies or OTA. You can reverse back but its a long annoying process. I suggest waiting :)

          • MasterMuffin

            That’s not a problem, I’ve done that multiple times. I was just making sure of that for my friend

  • Av R

    I hope it comes with all the updates to the multitasking features etc. Would hate to miss out on note 3’s features even though I have a note 2.

  • simpleas

    whoohoo! off to xda here i go

  • buddy

    What will be the difference with the 4.3 update between N7100 and N7105?

    • Jose Marie Maquinay

      Yes. Both use different processors

  • George Av

    WHERRRRE IS THE S3 LEAKED 4.3? :( i want NOW

  • sammy

    i have been using Samsung phones since 1998 and if i don’t get the 4.3 update by end of year, i will have to move on to Nexus.

    • mobilemann

      if you’ve used them through their rise with android, how did you not expect bullshit like this?

  • Allan

    Why does Samsung have to be so inconsistent? When the first 4.2 leaks for the S3 appeared, the settings were modeled after UX 2.0 but SecLauncher remained original Nature UX. Now the same thing is going on with the note 2…

  • Mano Kshatriya

    Really worst update I ever seen in my life … worst samsung .. I really hate you faggots .. you stole lot of money and not giving at least proper updates .. see the calander , music player and its buffer bar graphics , and someother shit .. everything is utter flop with this update .. Please dont flash guys .. its really headache ..

  • Nadeem Ansari

    Hey guys the update and tutorial is explained in a much better way right here –

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