Supposed Galaxy Note 2 shows up in benchmark with impressive spec set

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 21, 2012

samsung Galaxy-Note-2-mock-up Mockup by GSMArena

The Galaxy Note 2 is the next big thing coming from Samsung, quite literally. The device is set to boast a whopping 5.5-inch screen, but its actual size will not increase, thanks to a thinner bezel. Moreover, we suspect that the Note 2 will come rather soon. As we’ve told you in our Galaxy Note 2 rumor roundup, Samsung has scheduled an Unpacked event on August 30, which seems like the best occasion to launch the magnificent successor of the Note.

Now, PhoneArena has spotted an interesting entry in GLBenchmark. A device that identified itself as Samsung GT-N7100 briefly showed up in the benchmarks’ database. The original Galaxy Note carried the GT-N7000 codename, so it would make perfect sense for the Note 2 to be called GT-N7100.

galaxy note 2 benchmark

Somehow disappointingly, the benchmark listing revealed that the device was powered by an Exynos 4412 processor, coupled with a Mali-400 graphics unit. This is Samsung’s current generation architecture, also found on the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, and the Galaxy S3. I know that some of you have hoped to see an Exynos 5250, but let’s face it – why would Samsung rush out the 5250 now, when the current Exynos 4 Quad is perfectly adequate for a high-end device?

The chip on the supposed Note 2 did perform better than the Galaxy S3; the benchmark shows a top clock speed of 1.6GHz, which is a 200MHz extra over the S3. Another leaked specification is the resolution of the ICS-running mystery device, which is 1280×720.

Check out our Note 2 roundup for a bird’s eye view of everything we know so far about Samsung’s next gen phablet.

  • utvballman

    Hopefully Verizon will not be late to the party and carry this device from the beginning. I am looking forward to seeing this device and reading reviews. I am end of contract so no big deal leaving Verizon for different carrier if this phablet is as good as it sounds.

  • Damon

    The Note2 hasn’t even been launched or displayed to the public. That someone would have a Note2 doesn’t make sense. It’s just silly. Not only that, but it would be illegal to knowingly test and publish results on a stolen device. I know this story is all over the Internet, but it’s totally illogical with Samsung having a world premiere of the phone in the next 30-40 days.

    • Matt

      Have you considered that it’s samsung testing it?

      • co0lk1d

        Sheep are known to have small brains…don’t blame it too much it can’t help itself.


    The only way I see the screen increasing in size but the device size not changing is if they are making the screen longer & going with putting the buttons right on the screen. There is no way that they can make the bezel on the sides any thinner without making it even more fagile then the original Note. I really hope they stop bringing the glass on the galaxy series right to the edge. It makes it way to fragile @ least it does on the Note which Im on my second Note in only a month due to a smashed screen from a mere 4″ drop onto a wooden table. I am glad they make these devices thin at least because you really do need a protective case on them. I went all out last night after getting a replacement Galaxy Note earlier in the day & got the Otter Box Defender for it which I highly recommend as it completely encases the entire phone which it really needs. It dies make the Note feel even more like a mini tablet but personally I love it because I play games and browse the web more then anything. Anyways I hope they figure out a better design then full glass on their new Note & make an amazing device just a bit more durable.- KID ANDROID (T.A.C)