Galaxy Note 2 Mockup by Daniel Uy

The time is here folks, after months of leaks and rumours today is the big day where we get to see what the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will look like. Right now we are live in Berlin and counting down the minutes till the doors open for the Samsung Unpacked 2012 Berlin media event.


The Galaxy Note 2 unveiling will begin on Wednesday August 29th at the following times:

  • Los Angeles: 10:00am PST (GMT-8)
  • Denver: 11:00am MST (GMT-7)
  • Chicago: 12:00pm CST (GMT-6)
  • New York: 1:00pm EST (GMT-5)
  • London/England: 6:00pm (GMT)
  • Berlin/Western Europe: 7:00pm (GMT+1)
  • Philippines/Hong Kong/Malaysia: 2:ooam August 30th (GMT+8)
  • Tokyo: 3:00am August 30th (GMT+9)
  • India: 11:30pm (GMT+5.30hrs)

Also a friendly reminder, we are giving away a Galaxy Note 2 in our international giveaway, so be sure to get your name in the draw.


  • Abhisshek Das

    thanks for adding Indian Time :)

  • Abhisshek Das

    btw No Live Video Link !!????? where would we go to watch it later tonight !!!

  • Hinko

    Anyone at Berlin Samsung Unpacked event mind to share the live?

  • bman

    Is there anywhere to watch the live video stream other than youtube?

  • juan186

    Juan Batista i like to be included in tje draw

  • Zé Ferrari

    @google-4eae8a780ffde7574399de2cbf85d9e2:disqus To watch the event live:

  • Sasguy

    Want it

  • Christos

    What about Jelly Bean release for GALAXY S3? Is it going to be today?

  • Fernando

    Finally the day to see the neew note, would definitely love to be in the draw…Fernando ulloa

  • Hira

    :: OMG OMG literally counting-down the minutes for the Berlin 2012 Event — CANT WAIT 2 more hours to GOOOO !!!

  • I hope it has 4.1 jellybean

    • MasterMuffin

      Same here!

  • MasterMuffin

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 hour 43 mins and 22 seconds!!! 21, 20, 19, 18…

  • note2ors3

    This will determine what phone I will get in October when my 2 year contract ends. :)

  • Timings are incorrect. Germany/Berlin/West EU is at GMT+2 now. Everything should be 1 hour earlier.

  • Seth Forbus

    LOL Facebook is blocked at work. No video live stream for me. Looks like I’m stuck on the writing one.

  • Galaxy note 2 is the promising and leading technology for smart phones . I will toilet my iPhone 4.

  • rick barnett

    the only reason why there aren’t 2 million people waiting to hear the real news about this product and its U.S. integration with Features and Providers of Service is because of those Americans who do not know the site exists!

    PLEASE…share features and WHO will be offering it…

  • I will have to use two devices, SG3 and this new Note.

  • This is going to be huge!
    The Galaxy Note 2 is amazing.

  • dizzyme

    Ive been waitinnn forr dizzz!!! Hope it has 2gb of ram n above!!! Yezzzz!!!!!!!

  • blenky
  • Abhisshek Das
  • okay att has the original note refurb for $49…if I add Jellybean then isn’t this a better deal than spending $300 for this new phone? That’s my biggest gripe with samsung is that they don’t release OS updates to the previous gen phones….

  • When I heard him say 1.6 Ghz quad core and 2 GB RAM my heart stopped beating for a moment.

  • Anything about the S3 Update to JB?

  • Rex

    Now Galaxy Note prices should go down :)

  • peyhwa

    If the images wldnt be vertically scretched. Im so getting the note 2

  • Faith

    TO: Alexander Akopian
    You made me crack! LOL Can I join in on the fun and flush my iPhone 3G, too?
    Anyway, any Android phone over the iPhone. Oh and the Galaxy Note 2 looks like the S3 but bigger and with a stylus. Still, amazing.
    ios 6 beta