Samsung is on track of selling over 60 million handsets this quarter, according to some estimates, and given that we’re in the highly productive Christmas quarter, we wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen, especially considering Samsung’s mobile sales so far this year.

To help get the company to that milestone, we have two high-end Android devices that are still selling like hot cakes, the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2. The former has already passed 30 million sales since being introduced in late May, while the latter has apparently topped 5 million sales in just around two months.

Just a few weeks ago we heard that the Galaxy Note 2 had already passed the 3 million mark, and it looks like the company is ready to sell even more second-gen phablets as the device become available in more and more markets. Comparatively, the original Galaxy Note reached the same milestone in two months.

What about you, Android Authority readers, how do you feel about buying a Galaxy Note 2 this Christmas? Or have you already purchased one?

In case you’re still not decided whether buying a 5.5-inch smartphone is the right thing to do, you can certainly check out our extensive Galaxy Note 2 review to help you make up your mind.

  • Joshhud

    December 1st ill have a pretty new note in my hands… cant wait.

  • Yan Kar

    Been using for 2 weeks now and get more and more used it. It’s big… but its hard to go something smaller after using it for while. I guess i need to see Droid DNA on att to compare it.

  • Sprotty

    I just went in to Optus at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast here to get my new micro sim card for my new smart phone being the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2(international version) which is on route as we speak now but they told me not to get the sim till i have the phone so i have to go back on Wednesday and get that and they said to me that they don’t even have display stock yet and ask me how i was able to bet one before they did and they ask me to show it to them when i come in to pick up the new micro sim car for it while they connect it to my new Boost mobile plan on the $40 unlimited which i have use for a long time with out any hassels. Why don’t they have the newly anticipate flagship phone on there displays yet or any stock of the Galaxy Note 2 and she said that it wasn’t fair that you have one before we do lol well i guess in the end that is how life runs and with the buying power that Optus is suppose to have you think that they would have one already on there display stock to show people the future flag ship phone coming to the stores this christmas.

  • TechGuy

    They would have sold more if the 32Gb and 64Gb models had also been available

  • Awesome phone. I’m just a little worried about the Note 3 coming out in a year though. I mean…as satisfied as I am with the Note 2, either there’s nowhere for them to go but down, or this is gonna get expensive for me.

    • i bet the Note 3 will come with a 1080p screen, and the new Exynos 5450 Quad Core @2.5Ghz with 3GB Ram, and alot alot more, im happy with my Note 2 as well but i dont care,


      • Yep…exactly what I was thinking. I wonder if crackheads feel this way on their first hit. “Uh oh!”

  • dice

    Love the note 2. I go back to pull my contacts off my iphone and im like damn this is small. But I do wish they had the 32 and 64gbs out.

  • James Drissel

    My only gripe is that the s-pen will not operate the back and menu buttons. Other than that, best phone ever.

    • Jason Cohen

      s-pen button and draw > on the screen or could be draw < cant recall for sure

  • Buying my Note 2 on tues…. damn verizon!

  • Abdullah Naji

    Cool! It’s a great phone.

  • James

    Ohone is amazing. I switched to this from an iphone 4 and will never look back. Everything looks so puny now after getting used to the screen size. In two years when it’s time to upgrade, that’s right, galaxy note 4.

  • Gregory Brainard

    I own a note 2 and love it.