It’s not just Everything Everywhere customers in the UK that will get their hands on LTE-ready devices in the near future, as some German subscribers will also be able to buy a few smartphones, phablets and tablets sporting real 4G connectivity. The lists includes a variety of Samsung Android and Windows Phone devices such as the Galaxy S2, the Galaxy S3 the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the ATIV S.

German blog All About Samsung has gotten its hands on a few screenshots that reveal launch windows for the devices mentioned above, and while we don’t have actual release dates, the publication does say what week some of these devices will be launched in:

  • Titanium Grey Galaxy S3 LTE – week 40: October 1-7
  • Galaxy Note 2 – week 42: October 15-21
  • Galaxy Note 2 LTE – week 46: November 16-18
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE – week 46: November 16-18
  • ATIV S – mid-November

What we’re mostly interested in is the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung’s brand new high-end toy that still lacks a release date both for European and U.S. markets. Samsung did say that international markets will get the phablet in October, while the U.S. launch is scheduled for later this year. It’s also worth pointing out that we already have various leaks suggesting that all the major carriers in the USA will get the phablet, one more reason to be extra interested in the phablet’s launch details.

We’ll be back with more information once we have it, in the mean time, let’s hear from our German readers, are you buying any of the devices mentioned above, especially the LTE-enabled ones, later this year?

  • Once you get a taste, there is no going back folks. #ForbiddenFruit

  • LexicomaneIrenic59
  • yarrellray

    Just like I thought between October 26th and November 14th. It’s pretty clear that Samsung will launch the US models after November 14th. Least it will launch at the same time,

    • squiddy20

      And here you are changing your story to make it look like you “knew” you were right all along. Fact is, you’re wrong Dick. You “predicted” that the phablet would be *here in the US* between Oct. 26 and Nov. 14. And you’ve just been shown to be wrong. You were wrong about the release date of the Evo 3D, Galaxy Nexus, Evo 4G LTE, and now this. When will you ever learn?

  • I just cannot wait for this amazing phone!
    I want to get it NOW! =D