A few days ago we told you that not all Galaxy Note 2 units that are already in stores come with the multi-windows feature available on Samsung’s 2012 Note devices. However, we suspected that a future firmware update will bring the feature to the second-generation phablet and it looks like European Galaxy Note 2 buyers already have access to such features.

Sam Mobile has already posted up the NL100XXALJ1 firmware update that’s available to download for various regions including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

While we have no idea what else is included in this update, xda-developers member irenic reveals that the new firmware does indeed support multi-windows.

Of course, if your Galaxy Note 2 already has multi-window enabled, then you probably shouldn’t be that excited to hear there’s already a firmware out in the wild for the device.

In case you’re not familiar with the feature, then you’ll have to know it’s characteristic (at least for now) to new Note devices such as the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Galaxy Note 2. Thanks to it, users will be able to experience a computer-like environment on these devices, as they would be able to have two apps open simultaneously and move between them with ease. However, not all Android apps support the feature (at least for now).

Have you received the NL100XXALJ1 update for you Galaxy Note 2? Is multi-windows finally available?

  • Hope this update comes to Sweden soon … Want to try this out!

  • Bone

    Samsung for the win… after a slight delay.

  • Tatsuya

    That’s a great feature for sure but what makes me sad is the lack of real hdmi port to take advantage of a 1080p output for a computer like experience (with mouse and keyboard and multi windows in high res).

    • Anonymous

      Buy an actual laptop then?

    • You can definitely hook up a hdmi dongle to take advantage of the 1080i output. You just have to buy one separate.

  • Tony

    How to get this update?

  • Still not able to download the update ‘the latest updates have already been installed’ :(

  • Graeme Harvey

    Got the update, but still not working for me :(

  • Jorma

    Not yet in Finland :/ My Note 2 is still in LIH version