Galaxy Note 2 users looking for the biggest battery, Mugen Power now has a 6400 mAh option available

by: Robert NelsonNovember 28, 2012

The Galaxy Note 2 is a rather large smartphone. It is also a smartphone that ships with a rather large battery, a 3100 mAh battery. And while this is probably going to be sufficient power for most, there is likely the group that will want more. That being the case, Mugen Power has recently announced a spare battery for the Galaxy Note 2 — a 6400 mAh battery.

Yup, a spare battery that is a bit more than 2 times the size of the original. Or as detailed by the folks at Mugen, the 6400 mAh battery will last 2.06 times as long. The battery is priced at $98.95 and while available for order today — it is not expected to begin shipping until December 21.

The battery has NFC and will ship with a new back cover, which you can pick from white or gray to match the color of your handset. Furthermore, the Mugen listing notes that this battery is compatible with the AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular and OLLEH (SHV-E250K) models of the Galaxy Note 2.

The one thing we wonder, just how much extra bulk this battery will add. So how about it, any Galaxy Note 2 users feeling the need for such a large battery?

  • Brisbane

    Good grief… I’ve had my AT&T Note2 for almost 20 days and I still haven’t managed to kill the battery in a day. I’m sure I’ll eventually need something like this, as I’ve noticed batteries tend to start sucking after a couple hundred power-cycles, but for now I’ll keep my $100. That’s crazy. I totally want one, though. :-p

  • Why is there a need for NFC in the battery? The Note II has it on the back cover… Does it even support the NFC on the battery?!

    • PopeJamal

      This battery is two times bigger than stock, so that means that you can’t use the stock cover. Since the stock cover has the NFC “stuff” on it, you need to either put it on the battery, or on the back cover.

      It probably doesn’t matter whether it’s on the battery or the cover since both will, by necessity, have to come from the same vendor.

    • Because you can’t use the stock back cover with the extended battery. Mugen put the NFC antenna on the battery like the Galaxy Nexus instead of the back cover like the Note 2.

  • The price of this will come down. It may not be a Christmas present for this year but maybe an early Birthday present depending on the quality of the current battery. It’s hard though to get this instead of a few cheap replacements.

  • Love the concept of a larger battery. But how do you protect a phone with a larger battery? Almost no companies make a decent case or covering to fit a phone with a larger battery attached.

  • dice

    I can run my battery down in about 4 hours with heavy use. But I dont need extra bulk just for a couple more hours.

    • Something is wrong with your battery if you only get four hours on the gnote 2. I’ve the screen on over night and didn’t even reach 50%

      • OC Del Guy

        Size (of human) notwithstanding, how does a GN2, GS3 or other large phone survive in anyone’s back pocket? Constantly sitting on the thing… One of my friends busted her phone in her pocket a few months ago. Any tips?

        • Why would you put this in your back pocket then sit on it? Honestly? Put it in your damn side pocket and take it out when you sit down or w/e. I have no sympathy for illogical people. “I held my money over a fire and it burned, can I have a refund?”

  • RaptorOO7

    Exactly how BIG is that Mugen battery going to be, and good luck finding a case to fit it. I am opting for a spare battery and charger kit.

  • This is one of those instances where the battery lasts so long that a spare will more than suffice over a bulky, extended battery.

  • Nacos

    Generally speaking is hard for me to understand why some people would opt for a bulky, allegedly better battery, while having to add more thickness & weight to their phones, rather than simply buying an OEM spare battery which guarantees EXACTLY twice the original battery life. Plus, while also buying along the OEM charger you give yourself a whole lot more flexibility – charge a battery, while still using the phone – UNPLUGGED. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ll have to remove the back cover to do that…so what? That’s why you bought a Samsung and not an iPhone. Use this HUGE advantage!! However, particularly applying this concept to the largest phone there is today, seems to me ridiculous. Now you turned a phablet into a brick, or a maybe a self-defense intelligent weapon – literally.

    • Liam Bulkley

      The main reasons would be: not having to turn off the phone to install a new battery, and not having to lug that extra battery with you.

  • Any screenshot about this battery?

  • jer01

    FYI : the additional size will be around 12mm in thickness (I asked Mugen Power on Twitter). The Note II it’s original thickness is 9,4mm