Although few people were initially bullish about it, due mostly to its humongous size, Samsung’s Galaxy Note “phablet” struck gold and already sold in 7 million units worldwide.

Released back in October 2011 in Europe and at the beginning of 2012 in the US, the Note is clearly worthy of a successor, but up until now, we knew very little about what could the Note 2 bring to the table.

While we still don’t know anything official about the Galaxy Note 2, the guys at UbuntuLife are claiming to have found out a few juicy details about it. First of all, the Note 2 will most likely be sporting an even larger display than the first-edition Note with a higher resolution.

The 5.3-inch display featured on the Note will be increased in size to 5.5-inch in diagonal, and will come with a 1680 x 1050 pixels resolution and 360 pixel density, according to UbuntuLife claims. The new Super AMOLED display will be built on the same PenTile matrix used to manufacture the Galaxy S3.

I’m sure you remember Samsung’s claims that PenTile matrix displays last longer and use less power than RGB screens, so we’re not going to insist on this choice and discuss about the differences between the two types of displays again.

In terms of hardware and performance, the Note 2 will most likely pack the 2 GHz Exynos 5250 chipset unveiled last year, which hasn’t yet been officially released. The proc is dual-core, which might make you think that the Note 2 will not exactly be the strongest piece of technology around. But then again, we’ve learned over these past few months that the number of cores is not the main element that decides a chipset’s performance.

That being said, we’ve been hearing about this new proc’s power efficiency and high performance for a while now, so we can’t wait to finally see it in action. The Exynos chipset will be doubled by 1.5 GB of RAM (why not 2 GB, Sammy?), while other features will include an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and 4G LTE speeds both for the international and the US version of the phablet.

As far as software goes, the guys at UbuntuLife are hesitating to make any kind of prediction on what Android version will the Note 2 run. We all hope that it will come with 4.1 (or 5?) Jelly Bean, expected to be released over the next few months, but there’s still a good chance that it will run Ice Cream Sandwich. What’s almost certain, however, is that the future Note will come with S Beam, S Voice, and NFC capabilities.

The Note 2’s design will most likely resemble the S3’s look, so if you’re digging the new phone’s curves and rounded edges, you’ll probably love the future 5.5-incher as well. UbuntuLife even has a photo of how the Note 2 could look, but you shouldn’t take it very seriously, as it’s just a mockup based on assumptions and unconfirmed rumors.

Finally, if you’re wondering when to start looking for the second-edition Note in stores, you should know that October is the most likely release window. This doesn’t come as news, however, as we suspected to see the Note 2 following its predecessor around a year after the initial launch.

What do you think of this new set of rumors? Which ones do you think are the most likely to become reality and which ones are simple speculations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

  • Samsung fan

    I agree cores dosent matter, just the rams matter

  • davianny

    I look forward to the 2nd generation. Probably by October the ram will be brought up to 2GB. More rounded like the S3 and due to the LTE here in the states have the snapdragon processor. The increase in display is fine so long as the bezel is less, thus keeping it at the same size as the current one in width. Much like what Samsung has done with the S3 and having only one variant of the device for all carriers, I feel they will do the same for the Note 2. This time all carriers will carry it, not just AT&T.

    • Cole Raney

      The exynos 5250 is based on the cortex A15. There would be no reason to put a snapdragon in the US because cortex A15 supports LTE.

  • AppleFUD

    Maybe this will be one of the new Nexus devices rumored to hit around November. . . . that would make a nice middle Nexus device between the gNexus & the new 7″ NexusTab.

  • Just waiting for T-Mobile to have to upgrade my current android cell,plus right in time for the holidays. Hopefully there will be a great special for those with long standing (8+ years with one carrier) type of special!!!

  • Ako

    yeah when samsung knows about the rumour they will try to do the opposite to mess it up like the S3

    • Oliver Paler

      they sure messed it up, that’s why it’s having problems with the demand, almost 10 million pre-orders and not enough phones to deliver. lol

  • cvgordo

    i’ll pass on the s3 for this IF it has the 5250 in it.

  • olbp

    All this is well and good, but we hope that they have a better screen, Full HD, like on the new LG screen, full 1920 x 1080 in and OLED, but NOT Pentile. And, completely water-proof and drop-proof, as well.

    We would also like to see them make their screen truly superambiphobic (that is: VERY water and oil repellant, to cut down on smudges and fingerprints).

    A superambiphobic screen is able to keeping itself completely clean of smudges, smears, water spots, oil stains, fingerprints, etc. Lets get it on, Samsung!

    It should also try to make itself a bit more future-proof. 2GB of RAM is an absolute MINIMUM!

    Then, bring it to all carriers, as you did with the S III. Then, of course, you can make it a Nexus device, to avoid bloatware and speed up updates.

    NOW you are getting somewhere.

  • TechGuy

    Just cancelled my order for the S3 – Was reluctant to change my existing Note for the slightly smaller screen but this is great news especially if the bezel size is reduced to make the larger screen fit in the same size as the existing Note. It will probably come with Jelly Bean from the outset and have all the “new” features of the SIII de-bugged! Fantastic news.

  • LBX

    How about adding DUOS (dual sim).