Samsung Canada: Galaxy Note 2 Jelly Bean update with Multi Window support coming this week

by: Shea HarrisJanuary 14, 2013

Galaxy Note II Jelly Bean


Samsung Canada has announced that they’ll finally be pushing out the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update to Galaxy Note 2 devices within the next week or so. Exact availability isn’t known quite yet and will vary by carrier.

Also good news for Canadian Galaxy Note 2 owners is that Multi Window support, which allows for two apps to be open on the screen at the same time, will be included in the update. Users will also be able to use Pop Up Video in conjunction with Multi Window.

Here’s the word from Samsung Canada:

“Samsung Canada announced today the upcoming availability of the latest update for the GALAXY Note II smartphone, which offers Multi Window allowing users to interact with two separate applications simultaneously.

The OS update (Android 4.1.2) gives customers the ability to personalize and customize their smartphone experience and interact with two apps at the same time. Samsung Canada now allows GALAXY Note II customers to change app positions within the Multi Window in addition to having the capability of using Pop Up Video while using Multi Window.

Also, included in this software update is the inclusion of both simplified and traditional Chinese language support. Easily accessible from the device’s settings menu, the software can change the language for most menus and applications and also support handwriting of Chinese characters to be transposed into text.”

What do you say, eh? Any large-screen loving Canadians excited about the news?

  • N00bs r kool

    Galaxy Note 2 update, yet there’s a picture of the Galaxy Note? What a n00b!

  • Ted

    Finally! The much promised multi-window support. Hopefully Rogers wont sit on their butt before pushing out the update

  • pismire123

    The multi window is freaking killer. Too bad ALL apps don’t work that way. Too bad it doesn’t do a smart font resize too to adjust to the loss of real-estate. All in all though, THIS is truly “groundbreaking”. How funny is it going to be when Apple finally releases a 5″ + phone for iPhone6 and calls it “The best phone ever”. So. Behind. The. 8. Ball.

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  • PopeJamal

    FYI, I don’t think that picture shows a Galaxy Note 2.

  • Tauheed khwaja

    Is d update for note 2 or the first version of the note…

  • 1ceTr0n

    Uh, that’s a Note 1 dimwit…

  • Aziz Farhi

    Damn i thought that my Note1 is going Jellybean style :(.. looks like i’m gonna have to wait for much longer.

  • Z

    about time… and yet u guys posting the update can’t get the right picture up for the correct version of the phone. What a joke on both fronts.

  • gcapital

    Who cares. I couldnt wait three months for multiwindow to be lauched. I flashed my Rom second week of November to get Multi Window, rooted my phone and unlocked it so I could use it on my current trip overseas. Thank God I didnt try to wait for the update.