Is the Galaxy Note 2 going to be released this fall?

by: LucianMay 24, 2012

Because it hasn’t been more than a few months since the Galaxy Note was launched in US, you may be inclined to believe that the Galaxy Note 2 will be launched in 2013. But if we go back, we see that the first Galaxy Note was announced in September at IFA in Berlin, and then less than 2 months later it was released to the public in Europe, at the end of October.

These next-gen devices tend to be released about a year later compared to their predecessors. By now, most manufacturers should be able to make next-gen devices even after 10 months. If they think they can add more features in those last 2 months, they wait and make it easier for potential customers to know when such device is expected to arrive, if there’s a sense of predictability.

Since the original Note was announced last September at IFA, I think we can expect the next one to be announced this year at IFA as well. But they’ll probably try to separate the launch date as much as possible from the launch of their Nexus device (which might be on November 5th).

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 concept

Unless it’s launched in December or even later than that, this device won’t have Android 5.0, since they’ll want to put their skin on it, too. I believe it will have a version of Android Google which will be released at the Google I/O event. The screen size will be either the same 5.3″, with smaller body, or it will have a slightly larger screen (5.4″, 5.5″), while maintaining the same overall size. The processor should be the Exynos 5250, and I hope it will be. I’d be quite disappointed if it’s the same chip as in the Galaxy S3, unless they really want to leave that chip for their Nexus device.

Normally, I’d expect them to continue to use the Pentile screen we’ve seen in the Galaxy S3, but hopefully after they’ve received a lot of negative feedback for it, they will stop using it. I actually expect Samsung to use Pentile for quite a while, even if they stop using it in smartphones. They are still the high-resolution tablets coming up, and it’s very unlikely they will build a non-Pentile display for them, because it would be very expensive for them to build a 2560×1600 resolution display that is also Super AMOLED. It might be so expensive, they’ll just stick with PLS LCD, or some IPS display they are making (for the tablets).

I’m also hoping for an even more accurate S-pen and screen that will allow for more pixel-perfect drawings. The S-pen is already the best touchscreen stylus on the market right now thanks to their partnership with Wacom. However, I’m sure it can still use some improvements.

If you’re a potential buyer for the Galaxy Note 2, what would you like to see in it?

  • I just want it to be on T-Mobile or Verizon already!

  • Tripod305

    Are you kidding me?
    While we are waiting for ICS, they want release another model?

    • boris1987

      Yea pretty ridiculous and you want a processor in it that is designed for tablets and has the power consumption range for tablets? Its not designed for phones!

  • I just hope you to be a prophet in our times. I’m eagerly waiting for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. All I want is them to keep the form factor, the digitalizer functionality and, gosh, an Exynos 5250 dual core A15 based processor, with that Mali-T604 GPU. Not a lot of people talk about this, but that chipset makes me salivate. About using SAMOLED or SAMOLED+, or increasing pixel count, I really don’t care a lot, SGNote screen looks pretty good for me. On features I guess they won’t go any lower from the SGS3 and the smart stay and direct call (gimmicks for some people, not for me) will be present.

  • ihatefruitsonlyapplesthatis

    they need to rid the buttons on all 4.0+ devices. just makes the phone look much cleaner and can customize the software buttons.

    • boris1987

      and what ya gonna do when it crashes with those soft buttons?

      • ihatefruitsonlyapplesthatis

        What’s the diff between them and capacitive buttons. That’s what we get in the us anyways

        • boris1987

          More screen area (no buttons) and one of them isn’t (its a proper hard button) enabling some control over software crashes

          • ihatefruitsonlyapplesthatis

            Ya but what I’m saying is most likely usa will not have the button do for us it’s no difference

          • boris1987

            The hard button is part of the design so both international and US versions will have it.

          • ihatefruitsonlyapplesthatis

            Really!? I did not know this

          • Bigballa11222

            The US version does not have a hard button. Google ATT&T Samsung Galaxy Note LTE.

  • Wade

    My main wishes in order of importance.
    Slightly bigger screen 5.5 to 5.7
    Thinner body. No more than 9mm.
    Bit bigger battery. Please keep replacable bat.
    More ram 1.5 to 2gb. I find myself running out with ics
    Quad core processor.
    Louder speaker.
    Improved camera. Doesn’t need to be more MP
    64gb internal and exfat micro sd support

    I am happy with the screen resolution and pentile But any increase is welcome.

    • Ethan Thomas

      Smaller body, but bigger battery? Yeah, I see the logic…

  • Rusli

    Still no ice cream on my note. I have gone bitter, no more Samsung for me.

    • Nothankyou

      its not samsung……its your carrier.

    • You might want to check XDA dev. There is many countries that now have ICS for Note. Upgraded mine today..

  • Dominick_7

    Been needing it on Verizon! Id be happy with that, but I’d I could get a say in specs I’d say. Don’t know what bigger would feel like but I think to keep the same market and not let the whiney babies with gerbil hands have more to complain about its probably best to keep it at 5.3. A screen as good as the One X LCD or S3 or better, if possible no pentile please. The one it has now is really nice, with pitch blacks but better with truer color rendering and no weird issues with the way black looks for some videos. I’d like to get an extended battery so if they could make it thinner, cool, but if not no biggie.. Don’t want the thinness to limit internal specs for sure. If possible longer lasting battery still removable. 1.5-2gb of ram. Quad core exynos for the us version too! Please don’t screw us over in the us. Keep the capacitive buttons, HATE ics on screen buttons that takes up screen real estate, if its possible to make the capacitive buttons respond to the stylus cool, if not no big deal. Louder better sounding stereo speakers. Would be so cool if the movie playback had sound that was up to par with the gorgeous screen experience, or closer if possible. Bit bigger battery. Please keep replacable battery. More ram 1.5 to 2gb. 32-64gbs of internal, with expandable storage for current and next generation micro sd cards. Gorilla or gorilla 2 glass. More pressure sensitive points for the stylus with better Wacom chip. Even better camera with the zero shutter lag and burst mode like the other next gen phones. OH PLEASE KEEP THE VIDEO EDITOR IN THE US VERSION!!!. Even better front facing camera if possible. If they have to skimp out do so on screen protection thinness and front facing camera. How they decided the cost/design ratio on the original Note was brilliant. Keep the same team that did that Note with the same or better quality and it should be as perfect as that Note has been. You guys totally out did yourselves with the Note! Seriously! Whoever created it needs serious raises! Its a masterpiece!

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    It’ll be cool if Samsung releases the Galaxy Note 2 in October/November with the following specifications: 1. 5.5 inch HD Super Amoled Plus display with Gorilla Glass 2
    2. 2.0 Ghz Samsung Exynos 5 dual-core CPU
    3. 2 GB RAM
    4. 32GB internal storage expandable up to 64GB
    5. improved 8MP rear camera with a full HD 2.0MP front camera 6. Improved speakers which are simliar or better than the Beats Audio speakers which come with the HTC One smartphones

  • olbp

    Sounds nice, but if Samsung is wise, they will start to really push Superambiphobic screens. That is, screens that are both Superhydrophobic (water repellant, hence, smudge resistant) AND Superoleophobic (oil repellant, hence, fingerprint resistant).

  • Dobsy01

    It must have 4g . It’s the only thing missing from this great phone.

  • Dynamite_dareyes

    The next SGN2 should be like this way:
    1. 5.5″ Super Amoled 2 screen with Gorilla 2 glass
    2. 2ghz quad-core cpu
    3. 2gb ram
    4. 512mb gpu
    5. 32gb internal memory
    6. 12mpx camera w/ xenon flash
    7. 5mpx front camera
    8. 1366 x 768 screen resoluotion
    9. 5000mhz removable battery
    10. Hdmi port
    11. Usb port
    13. Micro-sd card slot up to 64gb

    • Pen_lover_25

      + a fucking pen… And I will run to Korea to get one of these…

      • InpraiseofHim

        Another lost soul. :-(

    • Pen_lover_25

      Don’t forget 4g TOO.

    • InpraiseofHim

      A 12 mpx canera sounds cool but a better zoom would be great!

    • Liam

      Plus your own genie!

    • emmm.. the battery is classified in (mAh) not mhz… btw

  • InpraiseofHim

    I love my Note and hope to pass it on to my wife when the next one comes out; hopefully soon so I won’t be tempted by the S3. I’m sure that all the updates would be great but 2Gb and a better camera could please me. It would be nice to have it lighter but not bigger!

  • Pouet

    I just want a great resolution on the screen. Because it would be my sketchbook,… so with another stylet a bit larger it will be good. And of course an instant response.

  • Who cares? Bring the damn 10.1″ to market already! A penabled tablet that works will be an iPad killer even with last year’s innards!

    If they want convince Wacom to give em a better digitizer( Tilt, 1024 levels of pressure…Intuos compatibility…OH GOD OH GOD PLZ MAKE IT SO I’LL BE GOOD) for a(lot) more expensive “Art” tablet. Probably won’t happen, but release the damn thing already!

  • Desktop mode like Motorola Atrix Webtop 3..

  • Lewis

    i dont want it to look like the sgs3!!!!
    and a 5.5 screen would be nice plus 2gb or ram

  • I would like to be able to click those 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen with PEN….. it doesn’t make sense that you use the pen all over but when you wanna press the button, you have to switch to fingers. Hope Team Note reads this, but I am sure they already figured it out by now.

    Also, handwriting recognition should be a standard input and it should learn how I write and convert my writing into digital text.

  • I’m being reasonable here, the next galaxy note should have:
    5.5″ – 5.8″ Super Amoled or Amoled 2 screen but it must have Gorilla glass with 330+ ppi and a res thats just as good as the current GN or a little better
    1.5 – 1.6 Ghz Quad core(also a different chipset, qualcom? I hope

    1 – 1.5 Gb ram

    A Mali or Nvidia Gpu, same or a little better than the current GN

    8mp camera(doubt they would bring a 12mp, they rumored that with the SGS3)

    Front camera 2mp(as usual)

    2050+ mAh battery

    Internal memeory preference of 8, 16, 32, or 64 Gb OR 16, 32 or 64Gb

    Same s-pen(whats a Gnote without one -_-)

    Preferably the same size body with more of the front consumed with a screen of 5.5 inch screen or bigger.

    Hmmmm a better fucking stock skin maybe?

    Android OS 5.0(Jellybean)

    For the SGN2 to release with specs along the lines(or better) of the specs above it would have to be released some time between decemer 2012 and late janurary/early febuary. If the SGN2 release with specs lower than whats been stated then they’ve basically relabeled the same Samsung galaxy note by just putting “2” in front of it :)

  • Darren Australia

    With a 5.5in screen I hope it has a kickstand…!