Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.4 KitKat update available unofficially via OmniROM

November 11, 2013

    Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.4 KitKat via OmniROM

    A first unofficial Android 4.4 KitKat ROM for the Galaxy Note 2 has hit the web, via OmniROM and it’s available for download.

    Support for various handset versions is available including the GT-N7100, the GT-N7105, the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 and the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 models.

    The Galaxy Note 2 is yet to receive its Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update – although word on the street is that the update is available in Samsung’s own service centers – and it looks like an unofficial ROM is already ready to take the phone to the latest Android OS version.

    Instructions on how to get the Android 4.4 KitKat for the Galaxy Note 2 can be found on the xda-developers Forum (see Source link below), although we’ll remind you that we don’t encourage you to install unofficial ROMs on your handsets and tablets and that you’re going to be the only person responsible for whatever happens with your devices during these procedures.

    We’ll also note that we’re not surprised to see unofficial Android 4.4 KitKat ROMs for various devices hit the web, especially considering that various custom ROM developers including AOSP, CyanogenMod, OmniROM and Paranoid Android are currently working on their respective KitKat updates.

    Meanwhile, the Nexus 5 remains the only handset to run KitKat officially.

    Thanks, Parth!


    • dodz

      this i gotta try

    • cdlq456

      Good news!

    • sreekar

      Links are not working

    • Mystery Man

      Ahh man I thought I read Note 3

    • girlpower23

      Chris Smith you are sah sexyyyyyyy

    • Bibars

      what about S3 (i0300) ?

      • Bibars


    • Artur Staniec

      Why does it have soft keys?

      • Parth Patel

        because i activated them.

        • Hassan Mirza


    • Zain

      That’s not a Note 2… Unless the Rom duplicates the Capacitive keys and the Soft Keys!.

      • Parth Patel

        it is a note 2, i had activated them :)

        • Zain

          Why lose screen real estate like that?

          • le_lutin

            Because choices

        • Hassan Mirza


          • Parth Patel

            by editing the build.prop

    • Canrith

      It does not work, to much apps are crashing, camera is not working and SD cart not recognized. Just wait for the Slim Bean.

    • rajat

      how to install it means i have never done it before can some one tell the procedure

      • Jayfeather787

        First, your Note 2 must be rooted.

    • Jauhari

      Where is the link?

    • Jacob Koehler

      No link…?? Why would you write an entire article about something and not link to it? I don’t see a 4.4 ROM for the Note 2 anywhere on their website. Sounds like a publicity stunt to me. Fail.

    • Daniel Duarte

      NO link ??

    • Holly Mao

      Hi! The link for the post is on the attached image. Cheerios!

    • Me

      N7105 links dont work.