Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update reportedly in testing, to arrive by the end of the year

by: Chris SmithSeptember 25, 2013

Galaxy Note 2

According to a new report, Samsung is currently testing the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Note 2, although the rumor can’t be verified just yet.

The news comes from Sam Mobile, which has apparently learned that the Android 4.3 tests for Samsung’s second Note version have just begun:

The publication, which has been accurate with previous Samsung-related leaks, speculates that the company will first bring the Android 4.3 update to the Galaxy S4 (October) and Galaxy S3 (October/November), with the Galaxy Note 2 said to receive the latest Android version by the end of the year (late November or December).

Furthermore, Samsung is also said to be testing Android 4.3 on its two Galaxy Mega models, although nothing can be officially confirmed just yet.

A previous report said that the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 will be upgraded to Android 4.3 at some point in October.

Sure, Google may unveil and launch a new Android version by the time Samsung updates its current and previous flagship devices to Android 4.3, but that wouldn’t be the first time something like this would happen.

For what it’s worth, we’ll remind you that the Galaxy Note 3 is officially available in various countries, running Google’s latest operating system. Not to mention that the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition and the Google Nexus 10 also run Google’s latest OS version.

  • RaptorOO7

    I could have sworn they said it was coming in October. I guess they just meant they were starting to release them in October. If this is true then US carriers will delay these updates even longer and into 2014, sad, just sad.

  • jjordan

    This pisses me off the s3 has already seen a major is update the note 2 hasn’t seen anything but an incremental update and yet its last on the list and only because Samsung would rather sell brand new note 3’s

  • Cotomeo

    This is annoying for whose like me who own a Note 2. Too much waiting time to get a new update.

    • simpleas

      i’m still on 4.1.2 on my Note 2 but i’ll give 4.2 a shot soon from XDA.

      • Cotomeo

        Yeah, the Note 2 is one year old and it should be at least on 4.2 (without rooting of course)…
        such a pity.

        • simpleas

          Give me one good reason it’s a pity. =)

          • Cotomeo

            They’re delaying too much the new updates because
            a) they want you to buy a next gen phone
            b) they’re lazy.

            Anywhay 4.1.2 works fine, but you get the feeling that this company doesn’t give a damn about their users once they buy a product and they should offer a better after-sales service.

      • Iliyan Conev

        try sungsonic hd v3 man it

        • simpleas

          Thanks bro, ill check it out for sure!

  • jeddo45

    Im done with Samsung phones

    • simpleas

      If you’re done with Samsung phones due to updates, you’re done with all phones cause Samsung has the best updates.

      • Clarkkent113


      • asd

        That’s true besides nexus Samsung is the best at updates but still wish Google had some sort of rule for companies to realase updates fast

      • jeddo45

        Except for the nexus line man. I’m not sure about the best. The HTC one has 4.3 already, and its even worse when the Verizon HTC one has one of the highest updates on any phone. My next phone is definitely the nexus.

        • Thomas Vales

          The HTC one is on 4.3 already but this is like the first time theyve updated a phone so quickly. Besides a nexus, or google play edition Samsung has the best track record of the lot when it comes to updates. I do agree this is BS and shouldn’t happen though, i’ve waited for the update since June.

        • Robert Paulson

          First time ever in the history of HTC devices. I would know. I had 4 HTC phones in a row and they took FOREVER to update them. It was horrible.

    • Q.

      They are much better than the rest (excluding Nexus).

      • jeddo45

        Well, agreed that they may be the best, but if they are the best, then that’s not saying much at all. Think about it. We may get 4.3 by the end of the year, but what happens when kit Kat comes out? We will be stuck on old software, and no one is going to like it. Precisely why I’m going with a Nexus.

  • 72goojman72

    And that’s why I’ll be switching from my Note 2 to the Nexus 5…

    • Clarkkent113


    • D’Ander McSullivan

      I’m starting to think about it as well.

      • Allen LLeshi

        as I said earlier .. I will never ever use or buy samsung mobile again.. I am selling my note 2.. and I will go back on windows mobile or iphone…this ignorant people from samsung r for me my past …

    • Cotomeo

      My next phone won’t be a Samsung surely.
      I don’t even use the pen anymore. :P

  • Clarkkent113

    I own a Note 2, but wow the device has never looked so dated as it does in the picture at the top of this article.

    And the Note 3 doesn’t really do anything for me. I’ll be selling my Note 2 and switching to the Nexus 5 or LG G2.

    • x425m

      If the Nexus 5 will have 32GB model, I would sugguest get the Nexus 5 over G2.

      Phones these days, if your not a Gamer, as long it can play full HD 1080 that’s all it matters, as Nexus 5 will be fast enough for most task for the next few years, plus you will get the latest updates from GOOGLE such has andriod 5.0 first.

      I will be switching to Nexus 5 if they have 32GB, otherwise I’ll just hang on to your current note 2 for 4.3.

      Maybe 4.3 will let you save apps to SD card like the s4 did.

  • mrjayviper

    I got 4.3 on my note2 right now via cm10.2 XD

    I’ve tried touchwiz but after using AOSP-based ROMs for so long, it felt weird.

    • Abdul Kadar

      there is any issue after upgrading to 4.3 in Note 2 via cm10.2 XD

  • Sunny

    Marketing ploy,can’t wait buy Note3 !

  • shamatuu

    OMG really. I’m so rooting. My god that is not cool.

  • Thomas Vales

    Whatever happened to the 4.2 update, back in april I heard rumors of 4.2 releasing in June and then we end up having to wait until dec, is that a joke. At least it’ll go straight to 4.3.

  • PhoneGenius

    Well. Galaxy note2 have a slow update is due to test note 3’s features. . So don’t change ur Phome yet

  • shamatuu

    OMG can we at least get the international models in November instead. We have to wait a full year. WTF man

  • Q.

    I’m kind of disappointed in Samsung taking so long updating last years GS3 & GN2. They will likely update the phones beyond Android 4.3 of course, but they have slowed down.

  • So 4.3 will be released on devices after the 1-year warranty is up?

  • Allen LLeshi

    u people should sell note 2.. and buy HTC one max… samsung uses cheap materials for their mobile… samsung aint worth it anymore

  • olbp

    That statement, that the Note 2 will have 4.3 by the end of the year. Does that mean that Samsung will release it to the CARRIERS by the end of the year, or that the Note 2 OWNERS will have it by the end of the Year?

    Big difference, about 6 months.

  • Allen LLeshi

    wait people wait update is coming this month .. so get your note 2 ready ..

  • Allen LLeshi

    The Galaxy S4 will receive it sometime in October through Kies and OTA. The Galaxy S3 will get the update in November or December through the same methods and the Galaxy Note 2 will have it around the same time.

  • Allen LLeshi
  • arthrob

    I hope the updates will come sooner, because, i already loved the updates in samsung galaxy grand even it was 4.2.2, soi hope it’ll come sooner in october