Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update reportedly available in service centers

by: Chris SmithNovember 10, 2013

Galaxy Note 2

After the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Note 2 seems to be the next in line to get the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, which is apparently available already in service centers.

Sam Mobile reports that Samsung service centers have access to the Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 build, with one phone user in India having already had his device updated to the latest Jelly Bean version (see screenshot below).

According to the publication, the new Galaxy Note 2 firmware is N7100XXUEMJ9, having an October 31 build date.

We have already seen Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 test ROMs leak in the past weeks, so we’re not surprised to see that Samsung is getting ready to roll out the update.

However, while it’s not clear when that will actually happen, we’ll remind you that carriers are also involved in Android update roll outs, which means some Galaxy Note 2 versions will get their Android 4.3 upgrade sooner than others.

We’ll be back with more news about the Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update once we have them.

  • Samuel

    What about the S3 LTE? ):

    • lroy

      I saw the leaked M16 build on a friends note 2 and was not impressed with same. Hope the final build will worth the long waiting.

      • Ivan Myring

        Why weren’t you impressed

  • DarxideGarrison

    And this is exactly why I said the hell with Samsung, sold my S3 and got a Nexus 5! No more waiting on manufacture and carrier to approve and roll out software updates. Now I get them directly from Google!

    • Santeri

      It is kinda weird that Nexus 4 is still on 4.3. I hope Google will push it out soon because that is why people buy nexus devices.

      • tan

        only the nexus devices bought directly from google get the instant updates. The carrier locked Nexus devices get the update when carrier release the update after approving it.

        • Frothgar

          False, I bought a nexus directly from Google and I am still on 4.3 despite 4.4 being out for a week. With only the coming weeks as my time frame. This will probably be my last nexus device with Google only supporting up to 18 months.

          • bahehs

            They said the Galaxy nexus has hardware limitations because the manufacturer wont update their drivers.

          • Cosies flatten

            Google only promise 18 months but the n4 will probably be supported longer, the gnex was only discontinued due to a lack of drivers as TI shutdown

    • Ahmadovich (R4bia Edition)

      Ahahaha. Like a boss.

  • jack

    haha android losers whining about updates.. you chose to suffer

    • Avnish Raghoonundun

      I’d rather have an update that speeds up my phone and delivers actual, usable features rather than one with only a change of icons, adding multiple bugs and slowing it down with worse battery life.

      • So which Android that have this update featured?

        • Avnish Raghoonundun

          String a coherent sentence together and i’ll tell you.

          • Daniel Khoo

            If you want to act like a smart ass, at least know when to use a capital letter.

          • Avnish Raghoonundun


          • Daniel Khoo

            Yes, that’s the way to make yourself look knowledgeable and mature.

          • Avnish Raghoonundun

            Glad you get it :)

          • Ahmadovich (R4bia Edition)

            I not i. lol

      • Tuấn Ankh

        Don’t be so mean. iOS 7 didn’t just change icons. It added features!!!
        Which Android had had for a long time, of course. xD

        • Daniel Khoo

          Really? What features are you referring to you? please enlighten me. If you mean those features that came from third party apps. Those apps were on App Store before Google play. Just that Apple thought they were really good ideas and decided to implement them into the core OS. What’s wrong with that?

      • Shao Kahn


      • Brian Shieh

        and leaving out features because your device is older

        • Daniel Khoo

          I don’t see Note 1 getting any extra features. You know why? Because it’s not able to handle the amount of information that needs to be processed into visual commands.

          It’s like me trying to teach you a little common sense. Your slow and biased mind can’t process the information. It’s not compatible with your OS.

    • Ledge

      Yeah, I’m “suffering” with my Note 2 on 4.1.2, which is WAY more feature packed than your “updated” non-Android phone.

    • Daniel Khoo


  • AbbyZFresh

    for all you note 2 users complaining. Just move on to the note 3 instead of waiting.

    • Noel

      Yeah, cos everyone has a few hundred €/$ lying around just in case the manufacturer of their current phone isn’t bothered releasing an update for it in an any way timely fashion. Sure, I bought my own plane the other day, just so I could fly to Korea to get it straight from it’s home country.

      No, think I’ll be buying a Nexus 5 now, instead.

      • AbbyZFresh

        Good luck with the 18 months of support.

        • Noel

          As opposed to what? Buying a new phone every 12 months? Some people have awfully deep pockets. More money than sense.

          • crackinthewall

            Samsung? The S III is a curious case as while it was released five months later than the Galaxy Nexus but it received the same update. They both launched with ICS and are now both on 4.3 but hopefully the S III will still receive Kitkat.

    • Austin

      Yea just buy a whole new phone that’s intelligent, it’s people having this mentality that feed these fat cat corporations and encourage them to keep making updates take longer so you buy the latest gadget it’s a joke be content with what you have the phone works fine. Does it call, text, surf the Web? Thats all you need.

    • Daniel Khoo

      Overkill… But true… Only the ones complaining. Ha ha.

  • Alex

    I love my note 2 and will wait….As for Apple Fans …enjoy your Crapple..

    • Daniel Khoo

      Listen to yourself. I own both a note 2 and an iPhone 5. My iPhone battery lasts 2 days easy. My note 2…Had to buy a second battery just to make it through the day . My iPhone needs a restart about once a month. My note needs a restart about once a week. And the funniest part, my ip5 phone is my main line. The note 2 is just a tag along for the data.

      I hope this update brings features that make it worth while. If it sucks, I’m gonna change this for either a nexus 5 or a Xperia Z1 Ultra.

      Some of you Apple haters just act so childish. Both have Pros and Cons. If you can’t accept that, then you’re just a 2 bit hypocrite on crack who likes to talk out of your ass.

  • Samshung

    I have the rollout schedule for the S3, Note 2, and S4 + other Samsung devices to get Android 4.3 and/or Gear compatibility (I work in a Samsung Experience Shop in a Best Buy) – who can I email this info to? My chart shows specific launch dates for specific carriers for each device. Schedules for multiple continents as well.

  • crackinthewall

    Sammobile’s source deleted the tweet. I’m inclined to believe that this is a hoax as no one else has confirmed that the update is indeed available in Samsung service centers, Samsung usually rolls out their updates first to a European or Nordic country, AND Samsung Mobile India or any of their regional division would have announced it by now if they ever decided against an OTA/Kies update.

  • mr angry


    • Manuel Koliqi

      more than a year?? Android 4.3 was released on 1 July 2013 it is only 5 months old. My friend on February last year bought a Nokia Lumia 900 with WIndows Phone 7.5, after 6 months Windows Phone 8 was released and the Lumia 900 never received and never will receive this update (my friend paid $800 for it). So I say why Lumia 900 only 6 months old has not received the update and the Note II which is 1 year old will receive the update? If you want to know, the Note II will receive an update even for the Android 4.4 KitKat. So don’t say “Samsung sucks” they are doing their best and remember…. better late than never

  • Billy Royle

    why are people such whiny babies? I have the Note 2 and when i get the update…i get the update. do you really think getting 4.3 will change anything other than that you have the best phone on the market other than the noite 3? my note 2 is everything i could ever hope for. Its blazing fast, never lags for me and has all my music ever needed and works just fine on 4.21. Will waiting one more month make a difference in your over obsessed smartphone life? I think not…

    it’s kinda like waiting for a new season of your favorite show to come out…you will watch it ….when it comes out…

    • tonydrot

      well at least tv shows announce their premier, and the galaxy is far from the best phone, you seem to have forgotten about the Nexus 5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1, LG G2, HTC One and HTC One Max.
      And to put a controversial slam on this, the iPhone has had its major update, waay before samsung has even announced the update and we are still waiting…..

      • Billy Royle

        each one of those phones you have mentioned ive played with or have friends with them and i still feel the note 2 trumps them. that said. my girlfriend has the s4 and it is a sweet as phone. I have big hands and like big screens so im biased in that i prefer the Note series. as for the nexus 5…the note 2 is still a better phone…and i wont even go into the note 3 because well…its truly in a league of its own….as for the iphone….every friend of mine that got the update just got worse battery problems and a bunch of new fisher price icons I will also say the lgG2 is a sweet phone..

        but in the end…the note 2 still is the best besides the 3

        • samsung song

          if you do like big screens, you should take a look at the Xperia Ultra or HTC One Max, you will be surprised, they are pretty attractive over the Note series and dont include touchwiz which is a slow unpolished bloated old thing

          • hero43@@@

            Agreed Touchwiz really needs an overhaul thats why I have Cyanogen on my Note 2

          • Billy Royle

            i don’t really care what launcher is on the samsung products…I’ve committed to Nova launcher prime and will never change unless somebody even comes close to making something better. Nova gives me every option i like to change

    • cody

      How is ur note 2 on 4.2 ? Note 2 never received 4.2 im currently running 4.1.2

      • shaynej95

        me too….wonder whats up with that…are we going from 4.1.2 straight to 4.3 ?

    • Cotomeo

      My Note 2 runs really well.

      People are complaining because they get the feeling that the company doesn’t give a damn about their current phone. You get the feeling that they don’t even try to update their phones ’cause they want you to but the Note 3 or the S4.

    • Hovig Ghazarian

      The only thing I can think of that I would love from 4.3 is the new multi window and action menu.

  • 毛泽东

    iphoen is the best one

    • downwithapple

      I guessing he spelled iphone wrong using his Iphone

    • Samsung fan

      Haha funny ishit users. They copied everything from android and now telling. Hey we got ios 7 , we got ios 7. Hey loosers.if you got ios we already had ios 7 in another name as ics, jb, or etc.. :D Guys please be matured. Update is on the way . Can’t you wait for 20 days at least? I own note 2 no complaints at all :)

      • Daniel Khoo

        Samsung Fan : iPhone was released before Android. iPhone had App Store before Android. So please, get your facts straight before you start shooting. iShit? Seriously? Is that the best you can come up with? Assdroid? Andump? JB is a term used by Apple Hackers “Jailbreak”. You don’t seem to know much, but you just wanted to shoot your mouth off and give your two cents…unfortunately, it’s worth less than that. However, I do agree with you that when the update for Note2 is ready, we will all be receiving it happily. I would rather wait than to suffer the consequences for those who updated on their S3 recently. And for those who actually don’t know. The first touch screen phone didn’t come from Android nor Apple. It was actually the Ericsson R380! Before Sony’s buyover. In 2007, Apple was the first to implement a MULTITOUCH screen with iPhone. A year later, the first Android phone was released by HTC known has HTC Dream. Both OS’s had no App Store/Google Play. So, it was down to the hackers who created “Installer” for the iPhone who started the fad of App Creation. Followed by Cydia. And the rest is history.

        I have owned an iPhone since it’s creation only missing a couple of models. But my first Android was the Note 2 LTE. I’m happy with it, other than the fact that within the first month, I had to change the SIM Tray since it was shorted out. Weird. But now it runs as my portable broadband. I still prefer the use of my iP5 as my main phone as I’m used to the interface and can use it without have to look at the screen all the time. With the Note 2, I actually need to use the pen quite often as there are many websites are not optimized for iOS nor Android. So I see a full page screen in miniature. Hard to click a dot without a pen.

        IP5 Pros
        – One handed use is actually easier. Specially with an Otter Box Defender. Note 2 is REALLY REALLY Wide.
        – Faster screen response time
        – Light and easy to put into pocket
        – Personally recognizable interface and even though it’s iOS7, the basis is still familiar
        – Nice camera with really clear images. Megapixel is not as important as most people think. As an amateur photographer, I like the quality of the image. Taking a photo is FAST.

        iP5 Cons
        – 4″ Screen, games are not as fun
        – Non-changeable battery
        – Glass and aluminum very fragile

        Note2 Pros
        – 5.5″ AMOLED display, colours are fantastic
        – Beautiful camera, great pictures, bright vivid colours
        – Cheangeable battery (needed)

        Note2 Cons
        – Battery can’t last for shit (the one that came with the phone originally and my new ORIGINAL battery are both performing similarly…about half day)

        – LTE is nice, but not stable, could be the line, but my iP5 doesn’t have that problem with data stability
        – flimsy battery cover…I feel like I’m gonna snap it by accident everytime I open it to change the battery
        – large and thin…some think of this as a benefit, but for me, it feels like I can’t put it in my pocket and I am scared of sitting in the wrong position that may cause it to crack.
        – S Pen butt of the pen colour already wearing off, showing the nasty dirty white plastic that it’s made of. Very cheap build.
        – Camera – delay in taking a photo causes the shot I want to disappear…specially uncontrollable scenes…like animals, etc.

        – Facial recognition “Auto On” or “Smart Lock”, etc…whatever it’s called…doesn’t work very well.

        So, that’s my opinion…you all have your own…but don’t be haters…there’s no better phone. They’re both good phones with their own pros and cons. So, for those of you who like to talk about which is better…YOU’RE WRONG!

        There….that’s my two cents.


  • lil_yos

    The Note 2 is about to break a record for being the longest phone out without an update lmao. I love my note 2 and can wait but I don’t like running into those IPhone “trying to figure out what apps to delete” situations. Only way I upgrade to a Note 3 is to get the 32 GB or 64 GB version. Verizon kills the game with freaking bloatware. I’m a person that uses my whole phone eff that. Why pay x amount for a phone is you are not going to use the entire phone for what it’s worth.

  • nyist

    in Africa and yep; got the 4.3 update already!

    • Are you sure? Can you share your Screenshot?

  • Stpid

    I f*ing flashed a 4.3 ROM a few days ago and *BOOM* IMEI gone. My note 2 turned into a tablet :(

    I’ve flashed back to stock but still no signal, I really hope warranty will cover it. (and maybe in the service center they’ll flash 4.3)

  • nirajsha

    My note 2 crashed the second time ! Any Gyan ?

  • nirajsha

    Though the bad news is….I too love the note 2…and don’t think the upgrade to note 3 is worth the dough…

  • Nishant

    Some news that there are updates available in service centers .. but its not true. i have called 3 centers including the on samsung’s toll free call center and all said that they till not having the 4.3 updates for NOTE 2 and they are not aware that when the updates will OTA or from service centers.


  • Mishel

    Why i cant update my note 2 to 4.3 or 4.2.1 ?? im runing it on 4.1.2 and when i check updates it tels me that i have already install the latest updates…

  • Mishel

    Why i cant update my note 2 on 4.3 or 4.2.1?? Im runing it on 4.1.2 and wheh i check the software updates it tells me that i have already install the latest updates…

    • Daniel Khoo

      Because 4.1.2 is the latest for now. Samsung skipped the 4.2 update and is going straight to 4.3. You’ll just have to be more patient.

      • Mishel

        Thanks Daniel .

  • seeker1026

    bought a Galaxy Gear for the Note 2 when ever the up date is coming. Hope soo.

  • Zoya Khan

    I just received this
    Is this worth upgrading !???
    Help me please