Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update rolling out in the U.S.

by: Chris SmithJanuary 15, 2013


In case you happen to own one of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets, you’ll be happy to hear that the South Korean Android device maker is finally rolling out the appropriate Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for your device.

Specifically, firmware update version JZO54K is available for the GT-N8013 Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi version, either as an over-the-air (OTA) download, or via Kies. In case you’re still unable to find your Jelly Bean build, then you should keep trying, as we have received tips that the update is indeed rolling out now.

While you may have been rocking a Jelly Bean-based custom ROM on your Galaxy Note 10.1 until now, you’ll be soon getting official access to Google Now among other Jelly Bean interesting features, not to mention Multi-Window support.

And in case you forgot, we’ll remind you that the 4G LTE version of the Galaxy Note 10.1, complete with Jelly Bean on board, will soon be available via Verizon.

Did you install Jelly Bean on your Galaxy Note 10.1 yet? How does it feel?

Thanks, Adam!

  • Adam

    No problem!! I was pretty stoked and I love the premium suite!!

  • Got it! New Jersey USA!

  • AD3Supa

    After being in the dark for the longest time about when we would finally get the Jelly Bean update, we are finally here. I’m quite happy that I can download this, but I hope that, in the future, Samsung will at least let us know how long we have to wait.

    • Ecko380

      where r u download it from becaz i can not find i try ota and Kies

      • AD3Supa

        I was actualy going to come back and comment on how I, for some reason, cannot update mine (it gives me a message about software update servers or something).

        I’m from KY (not the hillbillly/redneck portion) and I still can’t offically download this yet :(

        • Ryan

          Me too but I had to dibit through samsung Kies give that a try and whenit startes the process dont touch anything

      • AD3Supa

        I was going to come back here and say that, upon trying to download, I get a message regarding not being able to get through the software update servers.

        I’m from KY, by the way. I’m from the not redneck/hillbilly part ;)

  • AD3Supa

    REPEATED TEXT! (I’m quite new to this site :D)

  • Freshnic101

    Just downloaded from Samsung Kies. The tablet is like butter smooth… love it

  • Ryan

    Man I just got done downloading the software and checking it all out, and I love it. It’s so buttery smooth and better then I thought. .. But what is the distance Between 4.1.1 and 4.2.1? Does any one know.

    • AD3Supa

      I think 4.2 allows for multiple user accounts and lock screen widgets. I also think it has screensavers (daydreams as Google would call them).

  • What about GT-N8010?

  • luigy

    Just how I dreamed my tablet to be.
    Everything runs so smooth

  • Arch Thor

    So yeah, I bought N8013 in New York, but I live in Brazil, I’m not sure I’ll be able to update… will I? I’ve been trying and trying but nothing yet.

    • Try using a vpn with the US ip. Thats what im going to attempt here in Kuwait.

      • Hey guys no need to do that, youll get the update when the country that the tablet is from gets the update, where you actually are has no bearing on the update process when youve purchased from another country. – KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

        • Yeah you’re right. as soon as i turned the wifi on it started downloading the update. it took 10 mins OTA and it switched from GT-N8010 to GT-N8013. So happy with the BUTTER!!

        • gvd

          pretty new to this stuff. purchased gt-8010 in canada. out of the box 4.04. when i click on Software update it says none available. should i wait for the update or do i download and do the changes my self?

  • Cleyton

    it is great, i love it… i was little disappointed they took so long, but now i see it was worth it.. i got my through Kies!

  • johannes

    I have an n8010…. I live in us but I bought it in Switzerland… when will my update come?

    • Im in Kuwait and I got the update on the 16th. mine was the gt-n8010 but after the update it became gt-n8013.

      • sjv

        Im in kuwait too but it shows no update availablefor me…wht do i do

      • Esa

        are you for real…everyday i check the update…till now nothing. can you please tell me how’d you do it…thanks.

    • Sammy

      same here I have n8010 and I live in switzerland. No update yet.

  • Bruce

    Just keep getting the message: “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later.”


    Everyone seems to love except me. My note n8013 is running slower than ever. I had JB 4.0.4 and udated to 4.1.2 yeaterday and i hate it! It constantly goes back to the home screen when I want to back up one page. I play a video and back up it goes to home screen instead of the page I came fromand closes all others. Pages are taking up to a minute to open. Sometime when I ttpe, nothing happens then it jumps and catches up. Talked to samsung and they said sorry for your problems but nothing can be done about. It has made my top of the line note 10.1 a piece of junk and bearly usable.

  • Sheila

    Anyone else having a problem with Switching to a Keyboard from using the S-Pan since updating? I can’t get a Keyboard to Come up unless I reboot, Then if I use the pen, Can’t smith back to Keyboard . writing this with-pen

    • jay

      i have same issue….not sure how to fix it….. only way out is to reboot….

  • Fred

    I downloaded the new jelly bean. Now every time I turn on my tablet I get a msg that states I must sign into my network. Well I’m already signed into the network. So when I access the browser it takes me to my at&t internet account. Does anyone know why this is? How do I fix it? Any ideas? Btw I have to reboot the tablet for it to connect to the internet.

  • Vikrant Tambade

    Daer adam,
    3 dayz back i received the same update for my note 10.1 N 8000 but after updating my tablet’s speaker’s volume has dropped drastically. Now even in full volume it is not audible.
    Please help me out.