Galaxy Nexus, XOOM 2 Release Dates Leaked in Roadmap

by: Conan HughesNovember 8, 2011
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A leaked photo of Verizon’s upcoming product launches shows the U.S. release of the Google Galaxy Nexus to be on November 21, four days past the smartphone’s global launch.  However, the roadmap also marks the date to be “web-only,” a product launch similar to the Nexus One.

The leaked roadmap first appeared on Droid Life and also revealed the release dates of other upcoming devices on Verizon Wireless.

Delaying the release for four days seems intended to coincide with the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, in order to rake in tremendous sales during one of the biggest shopping times of the year. Being the first smartphone to ship with Android’s latest version, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, this delayed launch is indeed a smart strategy.

The last day of November, on the other hand, will see the release of the Motorola XOOM 2, with both 8-inch and 10-inch versions available. Its price – a huge factor that brought the original XOOM’s demise – will be cheaper this time. This successor is also comparably thinner, sleeker, and faster.

Other devices in the list include the Motorola DROID Razr and HTC Rezound, although launch dates for these two have already been unveiled before. Another Samsung smartphone called the Samsung Illusion, along with the BlackBerry Curve 9370 and Casio G’zOne Ravine 2, will become available on November 17, whereas the remaining devices in the list are scheduled for a December launch.

Have you started shopping for your next Verizon smartphone?  What smartphone is on your mind?

  • Anonymous

    eh. Not crazy about web only considering there is a Verizon store directly across the street from where I live. Now I’ll have to wait on the sorry ass mail man (I think they use FedEx) and hope somebody doesn’t swipe it off my doorstep. Plus I’ll be headed home for thanksgiving prolly when it arrives unless they overnight it or have a preorder where it actually arrives on the 21st. I can just see I’m not going to be happy how they handle this launch at all.

    • Woohoohockey

      then just order it when you know you’ll be home lol

      • Anonymous

        lol sounds simple enough doesn’t it? let me give you some back story though. i had a GSI but i dropped it in the supermarket about 2 months ago, killing the screen and forcing me back to my P.O.S. Touch Pro 2. 3 weeks ago, the screen on my TP2 cracked in my pocket, forcing me back to my Moto Q9c. i’m just to the point now where i’m out of patience using old phones and waiting on this device. if i have to wait until i know i’ll be home, then that means waiting past release day. i’ll have to make do with whatever they decide but i was just venting a little really.


    will the unlocked galaxy nexus be available in the us by nov end

  • Asdf

    I believe this “roadmap” is fake. Looks like it was doctored in MS Word. Do your really think Verizon would send out a document with the red spell check lines under the words?!?