Galaxy Nexus Takes Video Recording to Another Galaxy

by: Will G.October 22, 2011
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Since the release of the first set of rumors, fans of the Nexus series believed that Samsung had definitively cut its users short in terms of the number of megapixels in the Galaxy Nexus. Of course, as always, a few bumps and bruises occurred with their demo of the face unlock and the projector, but these were small grievances that didn’t affect the success of the event. Getting into the important side of the article, the event showed that the 5MP camera wasn’t all that people thought it would be.

As people were typing furiously on their laptops, a video was displayed, representing an ocean shore. From personal perspective, the video was absolutely crisp and smooth. The colors lightened up the room with vibrance and clarity. Below is a video of how amazingly spectacular the video capturing really is:

The Galaxy Nexus will bring 1080p video recording and a wide variety of improvements to video capture. As for the technical details, little has been divulged at this point – but you can be sure we will put it through a very thorough review once we get a hands on!

What do you think?

  • Jcampos719

    Suck it siri

    • Anonymous

      Haha Yes… I think this phone will have no problem winning over people that are into video.

  • Blah

    That’s time lapse photography. It’s nothing to do with video capture.

    • popa

      3rd and 5th clip weren’t time-lapse buddy, they had everything to do with video capture

      • Nick

        This is true, but the video quality was still pretty good for a cell phone

      • Sheesh Man

        i mean sheesh man…that was as good as its gonna get for a phone taking video. i swear there is always one person who just can’t give credit where credit is do. i mean i could understand if you said that “you couldn’t wait for what they do next!” but good grief.

        besides, they even announced during the event that the video was using an effect. they were showcasing not just the camera, but the fact that you could apply effects.

  • Djuropucar

    Video is pink same as steel photos not good same problem as nexus one

    • Nick


    • Balastrea

      Actuall, they said in the presentation that the “white balance” had been manually tweaked to give it that warm “sunset” feel.

    • UntitleD

      Have you been out of your house to look at real sunset b4? What’s the actual colour may I ask?

  • Skeptik

    What the heck? Did they mount the Nexus on a dolly or something? How the heck can you get that rock-steady of shots with a hand held cell phone? Smells fishy…

    • UntitleD

      It was on rail,b4 they show the video they emntioned the photographer which is also 1 of their engineer made a rail specifically for this phone just to take the beautiful sunset scene. Next time,please do read and watch b4 putting out words thru your fingers or mouth son.

      • Skeptik

        Hey, turd burglar, there is no emntion (I mean, mention) of any rail in the article or in the video.

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