Smartphones seem to have shorter market lifespans than supermodels, as it only takes a couple of months for the absolute top-of-line product to become obsolete. That may be the case with hardware, but when the phone continually receives the latest OS updates, it helps keep the product from being stale.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the launching platform for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in December 2011, and also the first smartphone to receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean this July. The Android phone’s excellent resume doesn’t seem to be stopping Rogers from discontinuing the pure Google phone, though.

Mobile Syrup received a leaked document which has all but confirmed that it’s the end of the road for the Galaxy Nexus on Rogers.

Effective immediately the Galaxy Nexus (NEXUSGBLK) is no longer available to be ordered on Rogers. It will continue to be available on Fido.

When a phone is discontinued, customers can still usually purchase whatever stock the carrier has left of the device. We’re not sure if that applies to the Galaxy Nexus, as the memo clearly states that customers won’t be able to order the phone from Rogers.  You won’t even find the Galaxy Nexus on the Rogers website anymore. At least you can still pick up the the Galaxy Nexus on Fido for only $29.99 with a three-year contract.

We’re not sure if the Galaxy Nexus just isn’t selling well on Rogers or if it’s a precursor to a new Nexus phone. It’s a bit too early for the latter, though.  What do you think? Is this a bad move on the carrier’s end?

Bams Sadewo
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  • LeDerp

    They should keep it… only phone available with Jelly Bean on the market!

    • Sir, you should head over to xda and look there… running jellybean on my infuse right now! Sammy & rogers aren’t going to bother updating it – so do it yourself…

      • RTWright

        Sammy has not much to do with the Nexus, once it’s out it usually gets everything updated well before any other device on the market. So Samsung and Rogers have no real control over the Nexus. But yes, if you root a device you can update it all yourself.

        • tanveer

          galaxy nexus released in canada (Yakju version) is controlled by sammy and will only get the JB when sammmy feels like releasing it. i had nexus from rogers and i ended up converting it from “yakju” to “yakjuxx” to get the JB straight from Google. so dont be fooled cuz all the nexus phones being released in canada are controled by sammy and the carriers they are offered from.

  • Its cause none of rogers ‘add-on’ bloatware is on it and rogers isn’t wanting something they can’t make money on…

  • ryanmmoore

    rogers usually doesn’t have a long shelf life for its phones. the only reason the gs2 lasted so long was because they added the gs2 lte, or x, etc…

    just sucks there’ll be no availability for a nexus phone…

    the other possibility of it is that Google’s trying to sell the phone via the play store, but they probably have agreements with the carriers to only sell through there. once the carriers stop, they can sell via the play store in Canada (and then it’d come with the proper TAKJU build instead of the odd-ball YAKJUUX one).

  • anthony

    If the 4.1 OS was released in july, and m using a galaxy nexus which is updated by google, why my phone didnt request yet to be updated to 4.1 , m still using 4.0.4

    • undermemphis

      You should be glad. Mine is still on 4.0.2!

      • Alex

        You are using branded rom. Re-flash it to Google stock and you will receive all future updaes.

    • tan

      just head over to “” search “how to convert “yakju” to Yakjuxx”. follow the steps..hit the “check for software update button” and bingo there you have the JB update waiting for you to install. canadian NEXUS arent supportes by google