Galaxy Nexus Release Date December 8, Says Leak

by: Ken EastNovember 20, 2011

After several speculations about the most-awaited big release of the Galaxy Nexus, the hope that it will finally be available this November seems to have evaporated, as new leaked information points to a release date further back–on December 8.

Tipsters sent Droid Life screenshots of documents allegedly for Verizon’s internal use.  The screenshots suggest December 8 to be the real release date of the Galaxy Nexus.

Although the document  says that the Galaxy Nexus will be released nationwide on December 8, accompanying descriptions suggest that it could also be the date for  a marketing campaign for the device.

The document also noted that the accessories for the Nexus have begun to ship to various locations. This seems to fit with the previous rumors that Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories were popping up in Verizon and Samsung sites.

The source of this document is unknown but this launch date seemed to be in perfect timing. The rumors about the shipping of the Galaxy Nexus’ accessories plus the release date of December 8 coincides perfectly.

It is possible that someone could be fooling around making this up to make fun of the Galaxy Nexus release, but the contents are pretty convincing and the most-awaited release of this Ice Cream Sandwich device might really be coming this December.

Samsung just won’t tell anybody about its plans, so it’s just a matter of waiting for this report to materialize on December 8 and we will know whether this really is true.

Many, for sure are somehow  disappointed that the release date has been pushed back a few weeks. We hope that these delays are due to some final fixes to iron things out for the perfect release of the Galaxy Nexus.

Why do you think are Verizon and/or Samsung finding it hard to pin down and announce a release date for the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Cothranr

    I have been hanging on to the LG Touch waiting for a phone I like – it seems I’ll have to wait a bit longer

  • That’s ok.. I needed time to save up $299 anyways.

  • Alpha4005

    A minor point, the description as visible in that image is about marketing tools. Also, the date is highlighted in red, which usually denotes an end date. It could be a marketing campaign and the device launch is at another time. Also they might launch the online sale before the in store sale like they have with other phones, which could put the device launch earlier. Rumor also says that people in Europe expected it to release Monday the 21st. time will tell. I can’t wait to be honest.

  • Justnelis

    I’m done waiting. My OG Droid is seriously on its death bed. I’m going to Verizon today, buying a Razr to hold me over and exchanging it whenever the bleep Verizon decides to release the GN. Apparently any devices bought after Nov. 15th, you will be able to return until Jan. Soo……that’s just what I’m gonna do. Every hour I find myself googling Galaxy Nexus to see any updates, its an obsession I’m quite over.

    • Ricky Martin

      Yes I almost wonder if the OG Droid has planned obsolescence. Some press needs to seriously investigate this. It sounds like a HUMONGOUS % of OG Droid users had our phones crap out, all for the same problem, all at the same time. Justnelis let me guess- your digitizers are fried and the touch screen is now possessed by demons that make the phone nearly impossible to use (and oh so frustrating). Are we supposed to believe that a $600+ device can’t last 20 months before the majority of them fail and that this was not a deliberate by Motorola to sell more handsets?

      I have been sitting on an upgrade since July waiting for this stupid phone. Justnelis can you really return a Razr thru January even if it’s been used? And not pay a penalty or have to sign new contract? I really can’t use this OG droid for even 2 more weeks. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t even place or receive phone calls or use any apps b/c the touch screen is so bad. I tried all the EZ fixes like hair dryers. Still sucks. I hesitate to ever buy a Moto phone again after how bad the OG droid has held up over time despite being babied and never dropped or abused.

      I really suspect VZW is holding the Nexus because they need a couple extra weeks to shove Razr’s w/ their proprietary UI down everyone’s throats first. This is bad business and will lose them customers.

      This is yet another example of why T-Mobile / AT&T can never happen. We need the competition to stop companies from abusing their atrociously high % market share.

      • Go Lsutigers

        Anytime u purchase a new phone, you have a 30-day trial to see if you like it or not. U can switch however many times u want

  • TechPro

    None of this information is from Verizon OR Samsung. Until Verizon announces it, it has never officially been announced/delayed. Not once has Verizon given a specific date. EVERY one of these ridiculous articles are based on internet rumors. If this stops you from buying a phone that has never been announced than you are the definition of naive and gullible.