Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) Gets Measured Up

by: Daniel KimOctober 16, 2011

The long awaited Nexus Prime will soon debut in a few weeks, and as we all know, will be fairly substantial in size.  The flagship Android device from Samsung and Google will feature a massive 4.65” screen size, which is quite an aberration from the usual 3.5”-4”-4.3” screens we see on today’s high-end smartphones.  This immense size might frighten consumers and make them say “How will I carry that around?”, or “Will it fit in my pocket?” Do not fret though – because once you do some careful observation of the physical specifications of the phone, you will realize it really isn’t that big.

Nexus S VS Nexus Prime

As you already may or may not know from the leaked Nexus Prime videos before, the Nexus Prime will not feature the capacitive or physical Android keys. In the previous leaked video, it was seen that the keys are actually on the display itself, much like the Honeycomb 3.0 UI on recent Android tablets. So this means that the screen must have be extended form the normal 4.3” in order to accommodate the on-screen buttons. A recent mockup of the Nexus Prime from Reddit user thantik illustrates how the Nexus Prime will compare against other stereotypical Android phones.

The mockup shows a total display screen size of 4.65”, but the feasible screen will only amount to 4.3”. This transitions to the on-screen buttons to use 0.35” of the display.  By watching the leaked video of the Prime, one can say that this looks very possible. Current Android phones’ buttons take up space on the phone itself, it’s just that they are not part of the actual screen. All in all, the screen dimensions allude the estimated size of the phone; that the Nexus Prime will be the same size as the Galaxy S II devices or typical 4.3” smartphones.

Other specs tell us that the Prime will be incredibly slim, have a contour/curved display, and be pretty light. However, 4.3” is still a large screen size for Android phones, but rumors say it should feel very comfortable in the user’s hands. What do you think? Will the Galaxy Nexus find Prime time in your pocket? Do you wish it to be smaller? Larger?

  • Anonymous

    I think it’ll be the perfect phone for me. Love big screen, its super amoled HD, curved glass, ics, and it’ll be a very thin and light weight phone thanks to Samsung. For me, this is a no brainier of a purchase, and I cannot wait to finallly hold this baby. Oh, and did I mention its my first nexus ever! Even more icing on the cake lol anyone want to buy my sensation? Lol

    • Anonymous

      same here. Initially i had reservations about the rumored screen size but once I saw that leaked video a while back and realized that it had no buttons, it only made sense that the extra screen size was for the on screen buttons. I had been looking at the Vigor/Resound but after owing a GSI, Super AMOLED is really the only way to go, especially on that HD screen. That, ICS, and the Samsung name meant more than Beats Audio too me, which is better than what’s in most phones but not a killer feature even to a music head like myself. No question this is my next phone, and first Nexus as well.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I feel same about HTCs new phones, I don’t like the direction they’re going in with making everything a beats phone

  • Gome2758

    Can’t wait for this phone. I was Going to buy the bionic but I decided to wait for this beast. Apple users will rue their trendy iphone4s’s…VIVA LA ANDROID!

  • I would like to know if i can use my battery and battery charger of GS2 with Nexus Prime… we buy many acessories and if we want to change the phone, we have to change all of then..

    • Materpie

      I want bigger the saying is bigger is better and that is true always….

  • Mamoonnoorestani

    I wish for it to be 4.7 inches at the least or 4.8 inches because of the 8 on-screen soft buttons which take up some space.

  • Jeff

    Omg I want this soooo bad. I do wish the screen was bigger too :p

  • Mamoonnoorestani

    I might get the Samsung Galaxy S3 instead of this phone because it is going to come with a 4.7 inch Super Amoled HD Plus Display.

  • Cosovan_nicu

    nexus s doesn’t have a 4.3 inch screen it’s 4 inches
    …so it’s more a galaxy 2 vs nexus prime size comparision

  • rsc

    I guess this means that if you upgraded a phone with a 4.3″ screen, for example, from Gingerbread to ICS the “feasible” amount of screen would actually become a little less since on screen buttons are incorporated into the UI. So, if you like that 4.3″ and don’t want to get smaller, this has to be taken into consideration ….AND the physical buttons at the bottom will become useless. Am I correct?

  • Thereugo67

    This will definitely be my next phone, my last for a while. It will have everything I need. I’m just hoping that its build is better than the last Nexus.


    Can’t wait for mine. I don’t think it looks too large at all. I rather like the screen buttons vs the buttons, just a bit longer screen on the bottom. The AMOLED+ display is what I am especially excited about.

  • Dara Parsavand

    I’d want bigger. I’d ideally prefer a phone with a 5″ 1280×800 display. This puts it at 302 DPI compared to 316 DPI for the Nexus (if it is 4.65″ 1280×720). I don’t know the exact dimensions of the Nexus Prime, but let’s say it turns out to be 125 mm x 67 mm (11 mm borders top and bottom, 4.5 mm side). That turns out to be about as long a phone as I would want, but I can easily go wider (up to 75 mm). A 5″ 1280×800 is tight on 125×75 mm, but it is doable (8.7mm and 3.8 mm borders). The extra pixels in the width direction are useful in many ways – on screen portrait keyboards, landscape movie viewing with subtitles not in the way of the movie, displaying 3:2 pics with smaller black borders, etc.

    I was really interested in the Note since it has the resolution I want, but that size – 147x83mm is really too big (but I’m still going to check it out). There is no reason to take a 1280 x 800 screen and stretch it to beyond 5″ (i.e. go below 300 DPI), save for screen technology reasons. If Samsung can’t do 3 sub-pixels on the Note (it i supposedly Pentile), then I don’t know how they are going to do it on the Nexus Prime which is denser yet and not that much later in product development. We’ll see.

    I don’t get this curved screen business either. Seems like it is less comfortable in my pocket (my phone fits vertically in my front pants pocket and my leg curves the other way), and I don’t see any ergonomic advantage (really swiping is more comfortable?). But I see cost disadvantages and possible disadvantages in reflectivity problems.

    • Hi Dara,

      I echo your thoughts with regard to having a large device, like a 5inch one. I think you will find the Nexus Prime to be suitable, for sure. The Note is a substantial device – but I still want one too. As for curved screens, they take a bit of warming up to, but in reality, they help with light reflection issues a lot. And yes, the Galaxy Note is Pentile, but at the resolution it is at, it shouldn’t matter.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      And this relates how?

  • Anonymous

    So i wonder if that extra real estate will be useable when watching vids and in apps and such. Im assumin it would but the video doesnt seem to show it. Cant wait for tuesday!!!!!

    Edit- oh, maybe it does when he switches to the camera. :)

  • Jersey John

    the big question is will the camera be a 5 or 8mg and can it support this screen.
    The Bionic camera was a dud.

  • Kenny Bradley

    Likely 5.24 inches tall, 2.58 inches wide for the phone as a whole. I can tell because of the pixels from the docomo leak.

  • Anonymous

    It’s still a 4.65″ screen. For typical apps, the buttons remain at the bottom giving the 4.3″ display, but when using apps/function that you really care to have the full 4.65″ like watching videos, and I’m sure many games, the buttons get out of the way while remaining accessible.