In addition to the Google Nexus 7 tablet that runs Android 4.1 out of the box, other Nexus devices including the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S smartphones have also received their taste of Jelly Bean, at least in certain markets. But it looks like it’s not a flaw-free roll out for Google’s latest mobile operating system.

A few days ago we heard that Vodafone had to postpone the Nexus S Jelly Bean upgrade in Australia, as the ROM did not mean certain local regulations and now new reports suggest that the Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1 build comes with an unexpected GPS bug.

Apparently Galaxy Nexus users are unable to get a “precise GPS fix” after installing Jelly Bean, and this leads to the inability of the phone to track their location. Talk Android says the bug doesn’t affect all users, but that those that suffer from such GPS issues can easily fix it.

To check whether the problem affects your Galaxy Nexus device you should open an app that uses GPS to track you, preferably Google Maps, and then see whether you get a flashing icon with your “Searching for GPS…” notification. In case the icon is absent then your GPS is not functioning properly and needs to be manually fixed.

To do that, you’ll have to go to Settings > Location services and then “uncheck and re-check ‘Google’s location service.’” It should be as simple as that, but let us know in the comments section whether you have any GPS problem on your Galaxy Nexus freshly adorned with Jelly Bean.

  • And if any of you took the time to investigate this before posting it you could have find that the problem is not in either Jelly Bean nor the Galaxy Nexus but a problem with Google’s Location services that have been fixed already and was experienced in both JB and ICS!!!

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Granted not apples to apples, but i had this issue with one of the roms on my VZ Gnex. Reflashing the update cleared the issue. The uncheck, check did not work in my case.

  • Ok i have a major problem always whan i do try to update my google nexus s 4.0.4 to jallybean!!!((Im going in to “about the phone ” > “surching update” andat notification that update is downlowding show up , but actualy nothing happens!(( And this is happeninig for two days already!!!! Plase any idea what to do ?? Skopje Macedonia “one -opratoor

    • Sounds like u have a slow internet connection, the same thing happened to me . Try downloading over WiFi :)

  • Amar

    Issue persists for me. I disabled location, gps and location sharing and switched on everything else but the gps and it fixed the issue for a bit. The next time I tried google now and typed “weather saturday” in the search it went back to Las Vegas when I live in NJ!

  • Aasim

    A few things I came across. My galaxy nexus after this jelly bean update always vibrates while typing. And also the notification light never glows. Any fix for this?

  • aNJO

    Major problem is GPS not working…. only the message is SEARCHING ON GPS…..

  • Avi

    Still not working for me. stock nexus s with JB.