Galaxy Nexus headed towards Canada via Fido and Rogers

by: AlexanderJanuary 4, 2012
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Good news for Android fans in Canada looking to score a Galaxy Nexus without paying full price for it. We all know by now the greatness of the Galaxy Nexus, there’s been a lot of coverage on it by us and every other Android blog in the universe, and soon Canadians can get some Galaxy Nexus love.

Starting January 10th you will be able to get the Galaxy Nexus from Fido and Rogers in Canada and within a week it will be available at various stores in Canada. After The Galaxy Nexus launches at Rogers and Fido it will become available at Telus, although Telus has given no indication of this yet, still just a rumor.

So far there is no wording of the device with rebate but it would be mostly the same as what Bell and Virgin Mobile are selling it at, starting at $159.99 on a three-year contract – yes Canadian carriers do three year contracts and not two year – and $649.99 for an unlocked Galaxy Nexus.

Those of us in the US can get an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus for just $559.99 from Mobile Daily Steals, hurry up and buy one before the sale ends or they run out.

Any of our Canadian readers looking to purchase the Galaxy Nexus? Does the three-year contract make the rest of our readers happy we all have two-year contracts? I know I never wait two years to upgrade my device. It usually gets upgraded every six months.

  • RabidRotty

    only if it is 32gb

  • Abc

    3year contracts suck. we’ve had no option but to get stuck in one until recently. New carriers Mobilicity and Wind Mobile offer contract-free, pay in advance plans. The coverage isn’t the greatest yet, but better than where it was a year ago. If I try and get out of my contract with Rogers, it’s going to cost me well over 500 dollars. The only way to get an upgrade is to renew your contract for another three years. It’s horrible. They’re rates are three times what the new carriers charge and most people I know, like the new carriers service. I’m still stuck with my three year contract because I don’t want to pay 500 dollars yet with other, more important expenses piling up.

  • Nick

    No 32gb model and no LTE model in Canada… we get the short end of the stick as usual