Galaxy Nexus 2 / Plus (GT-I9260) – here’s what we know so far

by: Chris SmithSeptember 30, 2012

The Nexus-related news keep coming in these days, which is only natural considering that every Android fan and their grandmother expect Google to unveil at least one new Nexus smartphone in the coming months if not more. Of those, we keep hearing about a Samsung GT-I9260 handset, whose model number is awfully close to last year’s Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250).

The Leaks

We’ve seen the GT-I9260 in several leaks so far, with various sources spotting it in a number of instances. Naturally, the device is not official yet and we have a plethora of names for it: the Galaxy Nexus 2, Galaxy Premier, Galaxy Nexus Premier and Galaxy Nexus Plus. Of those, the last two name versions seem more credible because we’d be surprised to see Samsung use “Nexus 2” in any name combination for its devices and because “Galaxy Premier” is not exactly a suitable name for a Nexus device.

The Galaxy Nexus Plus can be spotted right away when going to Carphone Warehouse’s site (thanks to our tipster). Once you try to trade-in your Galaxy Nexus handset – just type in Galaxy Nexus on this page here – you’ll notice how two choices appear: the Samsung Korea GT-I250 / Galaxy Nexus (the current model) and the Samsung Korea GT-I9260 / Galaxy Nexus Plus (the Galaxy Nexus 2 we keep talking about).

Sure, this is a mistake made by the staff of the UK electronics retailer. The same staff put up a trade-in page for the Galaxy Nexus Plus (see image below) but the handset can’t be ordered just yet. In fact, searching for the handset on the site will not return any results.

A few days ago, we saw a few images captured with the camera of the Galaxy Nexus 2. The images, uploaded on Picasa, revealed that they were taken with the GT-I9260 and shared some details about the camera’s characteristics.

Before that, the User Agent Profile of the GT-I9260 has popped up, basically confirming that Samsung is working on a new Galaxy Nexus version, the “Superior” version we heard of back in August.

Specs and features

Although the GT-I9260 is likely to be a Nexus-branded handset, it doesn’t mean we’re looking at a flagship device by this year’s standards. In fact, should Samsung launch it as the Galaxy Nexus Plus, then we can only expect it to feature a limited number of improvements, just like other Samsung smartphone “Plus” versions did before it.

There’s isn’t a clear set of specs and features yet for the device, but here’s what’s expected of the device:

  • 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD display
  • 1.5GHz Cortex-A9 dual-core processor
  • 8-megapixel camera with f/2.65 aperture and 4mm focal length
  • 16GB storage
  • microSD support
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

When it comes to design elements, common sense suggests that the handset will be rather similar to its predecessor, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung try to include some of the design lines of the Galaxy S3 / Galaxy Note 2 in this new Nexus, especially considering its ongoing legal squabble with Apple.

It’s worth noting that we’re only speculating on the design of the GT-I9260 for now, as we don’t have any leaked images of the handset.

Release date and pricing

We have no idea really when this device will hit stores, but considering what we know about the Galaxy Nexus’ launch, and its delayed release especially in the U.S. last year, we would expect the handset to hit stores by the end of 2012, with European markets likely to get it before North American ones. As for pricing, the Galaxy Nexus Plus could be launched for $99 on contract, considering the price of its predecessor (currently available for $349 unlocked), but also the fact that the Galaxy S3 is still a hot handset, already selling for less than its original $199 on contract price. Not to mention that the Galaxy Note 2 will also be launched in several markets in the upcoming months.

galaxy nexus jelly bean

Finally, we can’t disregard the other Nexus-related rumors out there. According to those, it’s not only Samsung that’s making a Nexus smartphone. LG, Sony and HTC are also rumored to work on their own Nexus handsets. Product names like the LG Optimus Nexus, Sony Xperia Nexus and HTC Nexus 5 have already been mentioned in the wild, albeit unofficially.

Moreover, a recent rumor suggested that LG may be providing a high-end Nexus smartphone this year, largely based on the recently introduced Optimus G flagship.

We’ll be back with more news about the Galaxy Nexus 2 / Nexus Plus once we have them. Meanwhile, let us know what you want from your next Nexus handset in the comments section below.

  • True_Neutral

    Could these be deliberate disinformation by Samsung? I mean, they must know it’s insane to launch their next Nexus device as such a minor upgrade over the SGN1, especially when there is a possible powerhouse from LG competing (Quad Krait will wipe the floor with a dual-A9)

    • Absolutely – I would expect the spec to be leading-edge, whereas what is being described here is definitely destined to gather dust on the shelves of phone retailers. Disappointing if true.

    • Equis HM

      lets hope so cause this is starting to sound like a boring phone.

    • Terrence Greene

      Nexus devices are historically boring and mediocur. they dont use the latest and greatest in any aspect.. even the processer and storage has always been less then amazing. Its the latest android os that makes the phone shine. Much like how apple makes the best of min specs for its phone.. google does the same with their nexus line up…

      Anyways besides all that i highly doubt that it will have an sd card Slot given google current feelings towards them..

      • True_Neutral

        I would argue that the Nexus 7 actually had an amazing processor, given its price. Of course, one could argue that Google did that to revive Android’s flagging efforts in the tablet arena.

        That said, past performance is not indicative of future results. Just because previous Nexus devices aren’t cutting edge doesn’t mean that future devices will be the same way. I think that, given the leaks from the Wall Street Journal and NTT Docomo, Google may be changing its game with regards to Nexus phones.

        In any case, hopefully we will find out for sure sooner or later.

        • ray01000101010101

          Tegra 3’s GPU is a piece of crap compare to SGX 543 MP3 or MP4, and even though Nvidia dominates PC GPU. The only android phone with decent GPU are S4 Pro with Adreno 320 which only showed up in LG Optimus G or Xiaomi MI2. I wish more CPU manufacture use Imagination’s GPU solution.

          • Tech_Forever

            I agree on that. However,S4 Pro can’t beat Enxyos 4 Quad’s GPU (Mali-400). Mali-400 is almost good as SGX543MP3 or SGX543MP4, depending on benchmarks.

      • just sayin

        You’re a dumb ass

  • MasterMuffin

    So if I’m getting this right, samsung isn’t going to make the flagship nexus, lg or sony or htc will make the flagship nexus instead?

  • Equis HM

    i have an S3 looking to switch to a nexus at the end of the year but if its a minor upgrade i will have to pass on it.

  • Johnny Thunder

    Give me a decent screen (not some ridiculous phablet), a battery that will comfortably see me through the day, a good camera, a better processor and at least 32 gigs. LG, HTC, Sony or Samsung, it doesn’t matter.

  • ray01000101010101

    It would be nice if they put a OMAP 5 in that thing.

  • Misty

    I hope they’ll make a lot of improvements which is battery life, fortified glass into corning gorilla glass instead, sd card which is mentioned above. and i;m looking forward to have the rumored android key lime pie os on it.

  • If the specs don’t rival my s3, I’ll pass. Would love to rid myself of touchwiz. Google you better hurry cause I’m about to go buy a iPhone5. I want the nexus to kick ass!

    • boeder

      Strip the damn touchwiz on the S3 by installing a custom ROM like CyanogenMod!

  • When will Samsung drop OLED? And if that is a sample pic of the camera…I’ll pass.

  • ALCapitalist

    My Galaxy Nexus was terrible. I had it replaced 3 different times and finally VZ admitted they have never had the number of radio complaints they have had with the G Nex. I was sent a Motorola Razr Max as my fourth replacement. Google has to do a better job on product verification or hard core anti cult guys like me are eventually going to embrace the cult (read IPhone) due to the significantly less number of bugs and issues which effect productivity. Still holding out but hanging by a a thread.

  • JJR