Hands-on photos of Galaxy Mega 6.3 show just how huge it is

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 12, 2013

galaxy mega  6.3 galaxy s3

The recently announced Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 blurs the line between smartphones and tablets. A set of hands-on images shows just how big the device is compared to a “regular” smartphone.

On Thursday, Samsung took the wraps off the new Mega line, and let’s just say that, if a device ever deserved its name, it’s the Galaxy Mega 6.3.

The 6.3-inch phone/tablet has already garnered a fair share of hyperbole and epithets, with bloggers and tech journalists particularly favoring terms like “monstrous” and “gargantuan”. However, without an etalon to compare it, it can be hard to visualize how large the Mega 6.3 really is.

We’ve already seen the Galaxy Mega 6.3 put aside the Note 2 thanks to an early review from Ubergizmo. The stylus-equipped Note 2 seems puny in comparison to its boisterous new sibling, even if the Note 2 is, at 5.5-inch, a very large phone by most standards.

Samsung Galaxy Mega design

If the Mega 6.3 dwarfs the generously sized Note 2, how does it look aside a regular smartphone, like the Galaxy S4, which features a display of just 5 inches?

We don’t have to wonder anymore, thanks to a user in Asia, who uploaded these two pics to the web.

galaxy mega 6.3

galaxy mega  6.3 galaxy s3 21

While it’s hard to size up the Mega from the hands-on image alone, the second one speaks volumes. At 6.3-inch, the Mega is decidedly entering tablet territory.

Do you think that 6.3-inch is too much for a device that’s supposed to function primarily as a phone? Or bigger is better for you?

  • Bullydogger

    Size matters!!

  • gorgon

    it’s a BBC!!!!

    • fixxmyhead


  • LEX

    the size is outta controll man…must say the device would be very uncomfortable to hold….!!!

  • I want this phone. That is the size the note 3 should be

  • Zombieman

    I think the 5.5-5.7 inch range is the biggest I can go for a phone. I like the Note 2 a lot, but that Mega is just too mega.

  • I want, but it needs a bigger battery!

  • this would be perfect for NBA players who have basketball size hands..

  • TechGuy

    Great size if the phone is not the primary use and the main use is browsing, media playing etc.

    • lil bit

      I dont see how you can use it mainly for browsing with so low PPI, i found my Note 2 hard enough to use, going to full HD on Xperia Z really improved things a lot for me. Low ppi is the reason why i steered away from small tablets, esp samsungs Tab 2 7 is terrible, whats the use of a big display when small fonts become unreadble any way? Just so you can hold it further away from the eyes? Thats what Full HD (or more) 10.1 inchers are for.

      • CyBrix_21

        Maybe for watching a movie?

  • dogulas

    Does this mean I could hold my graphing calculator up to my ear now and people won’t look at me weird anymore?

  • MasterMuffin

    Dem pixels with the resolution!

  • eric

    It would be even more impressive If the Screen was the size of the whole phone, meaning edge to edge display with a small area at the top for the camera with possible curved display edges…………… ah what could be

    • lil bit

      You really never wondered how to hold a phone like that? Trust me, wait till the Galaxy S4 is out, it will be hard enough to handle, expect constant accidental touches. As for the space on the bottom, Galaxy S3 and Note 2 are already impossible to use in some games thanks to the capacitive buttons that goes all the way to the bottom, also in some games, where you need to slide your finger the S3/note2 and other phones with capacitive buttons are hard to use beause a slide-over will be registered as a PRESS on that button, but this does not happen with onscreen buttons like on Xperia Z and Nexus 4, they can differentialte between slide and touch on the buttons.
      Its already over due time we get a serious discusion on this topic, we need clear space top and bottom bezels to play games in landscape mode, and we need onscreen buttons to avoid “slide-over touches”. So far the only highspecced phone that takes care of all these things is the Xperia Z. I had note 2 before so i am very aware that its a real problem, and a severe problem in some games. Even while writing text messages on the go you get acidential slides over the back button on NOte 2, never happened on the Xperia Z, not a miracle since it knows when you slide and it knows when you press, while Samsungs have no idea what you are doing.

      • freedomspopular

        Sounds like you just have issues. I have zero problems like that on my Note 2.

      • olbp


        Man, I Really feel for you! /sarcasm

        I don’t seem to be that clumsy on my Note 2 .


      • This sounds like a case of, “White people problems.” haha

        Sounds like you need to grow up and use your phone to learn something or make money – not just wasting time playing games… of course unless you are a kid.

        • CpuKnight

          Capacitive buttons suck. Especially in games like Fruit Ninja where you need to keep swiping and I always press home by accident on my Padfone 2

      • Imagine how small his ***** is.

  • Why you would have a device with such a large screen with such a shitty resolution is mind boggling. If this beast sported a nice resolution, it would be a hit.

    • freedomspopular

      If you want a big screen but aren’t willing to pay the cost of the Note.

    • carlisimo

      In a lot of countries, people pay full price for a phone. Mega pricing isn’t out yet, but it could cost a few hundred dollars less than the Note II.

    • Ralph Lawrence

      Business Users.

      I really, really want that phone. I don’t care about resolution. This isn’t for watching movies. It’s for getting work done in a pinch.

  • lil bit

    OC mah niggah, OC.

  • Gustavo

    Please.. DO NOT kill me.. but, isn’t that phone a Note II? I have a SGS3 and I am having difficulties trying to compare the sensors position against mine. Also the LED indicator doesn’t seem to be in the exact same position as the phone in the picture. Could it be a different version of the S3?

    • lil bit

      You are right, thats mah niggah. I wondered about the home button shape but then forgot about it. Yes thats the home button of Note 2.

    • lil bit

      However on the picture in the car, the refection shows a Galaxy S3, the location of the speaker is S3.

    • freedomspopular

      Actually, it’s an S4. That’s most definitely not the LED that’s on the left side as it’s not that visible. That’s one of the new sensors they added.

  • lil bit

    Smaller display with higher resolution is better for browsing, i know, i upgraded from Note 2 to Xperia Z and the Z can fit more content on the screen thanks to the superior clarity the high PPI gives. Htc One on the other hand, does not offer any improvement, its too small and has no more pixels than Xperia Z, the Z win again.

    Ofcourse a 5.5 inch Full HD display would be better than Xperia Z for browsing, if its a decent phone with stable software, but such a phone do not yet exist, G Pro is a question and not a solution, actually a very poor phone in too many ways.

    • CyBrix_21

      Wait for Note 3…

  • V-Phuc

    please improve your screen resolution, Samsung! Such a shame to have a big screen and only a mid-to-low level of resolution by today’s standards! Like having a Ferrari chassis and only a 4-cylinder, 180hp to go with!

  • freedomspopular

    How’d this guy manage to get his hands on an S4 AND a Mega already? I’d love to be in his shoes.

  • ryq24

    This phone should include a free Bluetooth headset in order to maker calls easier!

  • OrangeFox

    Once you go Samsung, you never go back ;-)

  • olbp

    I’d actually rather see it up against an apfail.

  • 2DIN opening in dash and amp and you have a CarPC that you take with you. Can’t be stolen if it isn’t there.

  • Frank Bales


  • tudd

    Next up: The 15 inch phone. Have fun holding that up to your ear.

    • CyBrix_21

      No… Maybe it will be better for Video Calls and calls using loudspeaker… I think people are not too crazy to put a 15 inch phone (phablet?) on their ears…

  • I dream about totally bezelless huge screen device.
    Imagine this Mega 6.3 just screen.

  • paul mc quaid

    youll need a towbar n trailer for this one !!!!!!!!

  • Jerry McAfee

    Asking “is it too big for a phone or too small for a tablet?” is irrelevant. Device size is relative to the user’s wants and needs. For example, those who thought the original Galaxy Note would flop due to its size were completely wrong. If it’s too big for your hands or pocket or purse, then don’t buy it. Sales determine success or failure. Period!

  • amy hensley

    Love it. bigger is better for me,!!

  • Jillxz

    Oh , I would never have that. Too small for a tablet and too large for a phone. It’s a freak.

  • Nionx

    I want it! Give it to me now!

  • Nacos

    Any phone with a physical screen size over 5″ inevitably bares an increasingly higher inconvenience factor. While there will always be users willing to make all sorts of weird compromises, this madness will certainly come to an end very soon because although (as already proven) it goes very well alongside pretence, arrogance or hypocrisy, it also goes against human anatomy.