The Galaxy K Zoom makes a woman very happy in this promo video

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 16, 2014

No, not happy in that way. But Samsung’s chubby smartphone-camera hybrid makes the lady in this promo video smile non-stop, so yeah, we stand by our headline. Silly jokes aside, this 2:30 video is a pretty good rundown of what makes the K Zoom special.

Following a first-gen version that leaned towards the point-and-shoot category, Samsung worked to make the Galaxy K Zoom more useable as a smartphone. The result is a thick, if not huge device, that at least some users will find nice enough to carry as their daily driver.

The K Zoom’s namesake optical zoom lens is what sets it apart from every smartphone out there. But the device has a bunch of other tricks up its sleeve, including optical image stabilization, Xenon flash, 60 fps Full HD recording, a large BSI sensor, and a variety of more or less handy software features including Selfie Alarm, which simplifies the arduous task of shooting one’s own face, and Pro Suggest, which suggests filters and settings based on lighting conditions and scene.

Samsung has yet to reveal pricing and availability features for the Galaxy K Zoom, but rest assured you’ll find them here as soon as we get them.

  • Aravind J Nampoothiry

    I thought it was “that” happy

  • Anonymousfella

    Pay me enough money and even I will act “happy” in a video!

  • Ivan Budiutama

    speaking of which, the other day I was browsing though some gadget store for some spare battery for my Galnex which was very rare apparently, when well how I should say it, people were kinda well lining up for an accessories that I am still having difficulties to believe it is ACTUALLY exists, it is called selfie stick (try Google it yourself). So, this “Camera Hybrid” phone will sell like a hot cakes if they include official tripod and official (oh god why) selfie stick. At least here in SE Asia.

    • Jesus

      Yep that’s what I saw in my Malaysia trip… people holding onto these sticks with their phones in the end, to take selfies. It’s totally normal there lol… they take it everywhere too. Like in the water of the beach.

      Good stuff and good to know that they take their selfies seriously, but it looks funny cuz it’s really not what I’m used too.

  • Sal

    She must have gotten good money just to be happy.

  • No thanks,i think i would look like a jerk carrying a rock around and capturing everything i see using that so that people start pelting stones at me

  • BTW ,out of topic,what is the use of a heart rate sensor

  • The Breaker

    She probably got a lot of money for it… If someone paid me to do it, i would gladly do it…

    And why do they still make Zoom phones o.O Isn’t it better to make an Android camera (i think they made a model in the past) o.O

  • kyeongwoo nam