Samsung may be working on its own Padfone-like device that could be used as either a smartphone or a tablet, a new trademark application seems to indicate.

The Galaxy Hit may be Samsung’s first tablet/smartphone combo, as Samsung is apparently interested in this particular trademark, according to data available from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (see image below).

Galaxy Hit

In the description of the filling, it’s clearly stated that the Galaxy Hit trademark is needed for a device that could be placed in multiple categories, including digital cameras, smartphones and tablet computers.

The fact that Samsung is registering another Galaxy-related trademark should not surprise us, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the company will actually release a Galaxy Hit in the near future. However, we’ll remind you that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch trademark was discovered long before the device was actually launched.

We’ll also point out that Samsung on Christmas day received good news from the Commissioner for Trademarks (see following image) who sent the company a “notice of publication” for the Galaxy Hit trademark, noting that the name “appears to be entitled to registration.”

Galaxy Hit

Interestingly, this is not the first time we hear that Samsung may be looking into developing Padfone-like devices. The company has been awarded one design patent on July 9, 2013 that describes a “Terminal for wireless communication.” When browsing through the first images in the patent application, we see a strangely shaped smartphone that looks nothing like what you’d expect from a phone.

Samsung tablet / smartphone patent

However, the ninth image (see above) makes everything clear: the strangely shaped smartphone may be docked into a tablet. In fact, even Samsung provides a clear description for the image that says so:

FIG. 9 is a rear view of the terminal for wireless communication of FIG. 1 illustrating an example of how the terminal for wireless communication of FIG. 1 may be docked to a tablet PC.

From the looks of it, Samsung may be getting ready to unveil some kind of a Padfone-like smartphone-tablet combo next year, but is that really so? We’ll remind you that products described in patents do not always become reality.

That said, we’ll be keeping an eye out for the Galaxy Hit, which may be the next interesting thing coming from the South Korean Android device manufacturer. After all, Samsung is rumored to released a variety of new smartphones and tablets in the coming months.

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  • Guest

    too far samsung. . . foo far!

  • AndroidBoss

    Samsung always copycats Asus. Asus is always the one who invents ideas and makes its own devices; then companies like Samsung, Hp, and Dell use that idea to make its products. Asus have really nice products and I can’t wait for their Nexus 10.

    • MasterMuffin

      I’ve had only bad experiences with Asus. I wouldn’t buy anything from them unless it’s a Nexus

      • Jacques Hragar


      • AndroidBoss

        Well I’ve had good ones. Their laptops are hella good. But I don’t buy padphones or fonepads or transformers etc.
        Their Nexus are also real good. I mean imagine if Samsung made them…

      • teotsi21

        i have an asus tablet, and i love it, the build quality is EPIC!

      • BBXiong

        not sure what problem u had, but there were a research few years back to show that Asus has the least warranty claim rate among laptop OEM. my TF101 is still living despite not being treated with extreme care and the build quality is still quite good after 2 years+ of usage

    • Ady

      I have a padfone 2 – its great, build qualitiy is good, spped, power are great, however, updates to newer android os really sucks. Padfone 2 has bluetooth 4.0 but really its needs os 4.3 to benefit the device and make it compatable to bluetooth gadgets. I wont buy Asus again for this reason.

  • ♜Donzzy™

    What’s next, smartphones with holographic capabilities?

  • Krzysztof Bryk

    filling date August 20, 2013
    are you for real dude ?

  • Tuấn Ankh

    Well, I’m not even a bit interested in something like this, but I believe it will be better built than the Asus’ Padphone. I don’t even trust Asus devices anymore, except for the Nexus 7 tabs which were backed by Google. Samsung, on the other hand, seems to get things right. At least better than Asus (display, software update, and built quality in my experience)
    Back to this Padphone-like device. I think it’s a waste of money. The Padphone already cost too much for what it offered. You could get a good smartphone AND a good tablet for the same price, or for even cheaper. The one good thing I see in this type of product is that it allows you to rape your unlimited 4G data plan with your tablet, which some people may enjoy a lot. I’m not one though.

    • Checkov

      define good? good = $250 aldi tablet and $650 mid range mehphone? if thats good enough for you, good for you. padfone 2 has a quad core 1.5ghz processor, 2gb ram – literally a laptop without keyboard in your hand, with the optional screen to match