Tizen comes to U.S. owners of the Galaxy Gear

by: Andrew GrushJuly 21, 2014

samsung galaxy gear aa 12
Back in May, Samsung began rolling out an update for the Samsung Galaxy Gear for select global markets that removed the Android-based OS on the watch in favor of the Tizen platform. Now this same update is making its way to users in the United States.

If you bought the Galaxy Gear largely because of the fact it was based on Android, it’s important to note that Samsung isn’t forcing the update on anyone and makes it clear that the ‘upgrade’ is optional. That said, they suggest that switching to Tizen will bring a pretty noticeable level of improvement to the device.

So what exactly is different here? First off, Tizen OS has around 140 apps, double of what’s available to the Galaxy Gear running Android. Second, the update brings some of the Gear 2’s special features like the ability to store tunes onto the watch and listen to them through Bluetooth headphones.There’s also more choices for wallpapers, fonts, home screens and a revamped UI. Samsung also says that there are improved fitness/health functions and, arguably most importantly, the Galaxy Gear’s battery life will be noticeably improved by making the move.

What do you give up when switching? Being based on Android means it is more than possible to sideload Android apps onto the watch, including alternative launchers. This also means its easier to tinker to your heart’s content an add custom ROMs. Regardless of your choice, it’s important to remember that once you make the move to Tizen, it can’t be undone — at least that’s Samsung’s claim.

So how about it Galaxy Gear owners, plan on ditching Android in favor of Tizen? For more details on how to make the switch, you’ll want to head on over to Samsung’s website.

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  • Magnetic1

    They should learn something from linux live CD. The ability to boot different OS is a right, not a nice to have.

  • fredphoesh

    Samsung, stick your Tizen up your Touchwiz!!!

  • BZ

    Samsung man up and just release Tizen in the US, we are already used to releasing crappy products and then improving upon them by releasing multiple versions in the following month. But please do it already! We want to see what you are capable of. Of course it is likely that it’ll never happen since samsung was and is nothing without Android in the US and EU market.

  • TekGadgt

    Actually, there is a guide on XDA on how to revert from Tizen to Android. Not that difficult either, if you know how to work Odin.

  • June Day

    I would love to update my Gear OS..except that you have to do it through Samsung Kies. This sucky software has never even recognized my phone, much less my Gear.