The Galaxy Gear smartwatch may not join the Galaxy Note 3 in that 10 million club anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean Samsung is ready to stop marketing a device that hasn’t seen the best of reviews.

In a new one-minute TV ad entitled “Galaxy Family – Santa’s Secret,” Samsung – or better-said Santa – is going through the smart features of the Gear in a presentation for the elves, emphasizing the fact that the device is no ordinary watch.

A few weeks ago, some reports claimed that Samsung may have sold only 50,000 Galaxy Gear units, but the South Korean giant quickly hit back announcing that it has shipped 800,000 smartwatch units. We won’t get into the shipped vs sold discussion, but it’s clear that even at 800,000 sold units, the device is not exactly selling like hot cakes.

As for the ad itself, this isn’t Samsung’s first Galaxy Gear ad. Not too long ago, the company put together a couple of commercials showing smartwatch concept from several popular movies and TV shows.

Then again, we’re not surprised to see Samsung spend whatever it needs to spend to sell as many devices as possible. The company is reportedly going to top $14 billion in marketing and advertising expenses this year, a budget other companies can only dream of.

That said, are you impressed with Santa’s secret? Will you be buying the gadget this Christmas?

  • Mohamed Khalil

    This is a really nice ad. I also got a chance to play with the gear for a while. I like its build quality…other than that its only an indication to what’s coming next. I think the upcoming gear or whatever it’s name is will amaze people with what it will do. For now I see quite a huge gap between gear and other smart watches, because using this makes you feel like you’re really using a smart watch

  • Kenny Woodard

    Yeah I will try one.. If you reasonably price it.. Seriously this thing needs to be about $99.99 at the most.. The smart watch craze hasn’t really started yet, so why should Samsung price a watch so high? It isn’t like a smartphone.. Everyone needs one of those, but they should have made this watch or a slightly downgraded version (less memory) at a competitive price point so that people would be willing to give it a try.. And then later on make a high end model so people will feel compelled to go for it. Watches themselves are reallyy outdated. So you can’t really expect the generally consumer to dish out so much money on one. Even if it is “smart”

  • Jermaine Smit

    I would so get it if it did not cost so mutch