Samsung Galaxy Gear on sale at Best Buy for just $150, today only

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 14, 2014

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Earlier this month we learned that Samsung slashed the price of the Samsung Galaxy Gear in India to Rs. 15,290 ($244), abut an $120 price cut. At the time, we also heard rumors suggesting a similar series of price cuts would be making their way to other markets such as the United States and Europe in the “weeks to come”.

Interestingly enough, the Galaxy Gear is now on sale from Best Buy for just $149.99, basically 50% off its original asking price. Now it’s important to note that this is a “deal of the day” offer for Valentine’s, but it could certainly be followed by a permanent reduction, though that’s just speculation on our part.

Either way, if you’ve been thinking about picking up the Galaxy Gear but were put off by the price, you might want to jump on this offer. Sure, the Galaxy Gear had it’s problems out of the gate, but with improved device support, more apps and enhanced notifications – the watch has certainly improved with age.

For those that haven’t been at all impressed by what you’ve seen with the first-gen Gear, you might want to save your money and wait for the Galaxy Gear 2. If the rumor mill is correct, we could see the next-gen watch as early as MWC.

How about it: anyone planning on picking this one up, or would you rather wait it out and see what Samsung’s next offering brings to the table?

  • Jack Swag

    I have a Galaxy Gear and I love it. The software updates really made a huge improvement. I can’t wait until the Galaxy Gear 2 is released! I have owned several Samsung products and I am very impressed. I was so impressed by their products that I bought their front load washer and dryer!! I encourage those that wanted a Galaxy Gear….go get one today!!

    • cycad007

      What are you…a Samsung ad!? Even a Samsung exec admits their Galaxy Gear “lacks something special”. I’ll go further and say it was a ugly POS. Returns for that product were extremely high.

      Go get one today?! How about waiting for version 2 to come out, read some reviews and then decide? Better than shelling out $$$ to become a Samsung beta tester.

      • Jack Swag

        I suppose that you can read seeing as though you responded to my post. I said, “For those of you that want one!!” So obviously I wasn’t talking to you. The only thing I dislike about posting an opinion is that people like you feel like because your opinion is different than mine…my opinion is automatically wrong!! People that like Samsung have their own reasons why. Just like Apple heads have their own reasons for buying Apple products!! So I guess if I like black and you like blue, black is automatically the wrong color to like? Get real!! If Apple and Samsung products were so bad they would not be industry leaders! No product is perfect, so people please stop looking for perfection. Do your research, weigh your options, then make a decision. If you wanted a Galaxy Gear then $150 is a decent price. Also, if a person wanted a Galaxy Gear…it’s obvious they already like Samsung products since that’s the only phones the Gear will work with Duh!! Such strong opinions from a person that probably doesn’t and has never owned a Samsung product! I on the other hand own several!!

    • Mike Bastable

      Nice to see Sammy PR interns read AA…

      • Jack Swag

        Lol….very funny. Yes, I like Samsung products. But, I also like LG. I own both. By the way…The LG G2 is very nice also.

        • Mike Bastable

          Thnx was a friendly ribbing :-)

    • JoeSchmoe


  • JT

    ya i’m saving my money for the gear 2. it’s to close to coming out.

  • mustbepbs

    That’s still too expensive for it.

    • Tuấn Ankh

      Personally, I agree. I’ll never buy a smartwatch with the same functionality of the Gear for more than $100. Still, that price ($150) is very good comparing its competitors.

    • AndroidBoss

      This thing is so ugly compared to the pebble steel.

  • rubbaluvva

    lol cant even give them away.

  • Arturo Raygoza

    I’ll save 150 and just pull out my phone to call people lol