Galaxy Gear update brings full notification support to Samsung’s smartwatch

November 15, 2013

    samsung galaxy gear aa 16

    The Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s first attempt to break into the wearable computing market, but so far reception has been fairly lukewarm.

    The Gear is a pretty cool looking gadget with a lot of potential, but the problem is that it also arrived to store shelves feeling  a bit unfinished. Not only did the Gear solely support the Note 3 at launch, it also has been hindered by limited apps and a notification system that often requires you to whip out your phone to actually find out what’s going on.

    The good news is that Samsung is slowly but surely looking to alleviate some of the issues plaguing its smartwatch. Recently the Korean giant started rolling out support for the Gear to more Samsung devices, and now Samsung has vastly improved the watch’s notification system as well.

    Samsung is obviously dedicated to improving the Gear experience through future updates, but the big question is whether or not it's too late into the game to make any difference.

    Thanks to a new update to the Galaxy Gear Manager, the Galaxy Gear has added full notification support for just about any Android app, including social networks, weather apps, email apps and so much more. The only catch is that you will need to upgrade your watch’s firmware to the recently released V700XXUAMJ update.

    The addition of improved notifications certainly doesn’t solve all the Gear’s issues, but it’s a solid start. Samsung is obviously dedicated to improving the Gear experience through future updates, but the big question is whether or not it’s too late into the game to make any difference.

    What do you think, can continued software improvements help the Galaxy Gear win over new fans, or will it take a few more hardware generations before the idea of a Samsung smartwatch really catches on?


    • VasyaPupkin

      nobody cares till they cost so much.

    • TheRichard

      Yeah, it cost the same price as a brand new phone on contract …and some phones off contract. The price definitely needs to drop.

      • SebaKL

        Personally I don’t mind the price. In here everything is expensive, so in comparison to my 850$ S4 32LTE, this seem like a bargain.

    • sfasljkas

      Fantastic can’t wait to purchase mine by Christmas

    • MasterMuffin

      Flexible display and lower price, then Samsung’s got the winner!

      • Mozaik

        How can you forget good battery life .

        • MasterMuffin

          It’s so obvious that I forgot it :)

    • guest

      This update just made me wanna buy it now……

    • bobEveryman

      Does it work with CM10.2?

      • Shawheim

        no it needs touchwiz and 4.3

    • vespa

      that’s great, this means I can see BBM notification on watch now ?
      but it’s still pricey, will wait till drop below $200

    • sayed mohamed alzalzalah

      i can not see any different …it still doesn’t support whatsapp

      • miko

        it does support whatsapp.

      • Andrew Tan

        It does support WhatsApp. Make sure you on latest firmware for GEAR + latest GEAR Manager for phone.

    • ggareis

      Mine will not update. What am I doing wrong?

    • Andrew Tan

      Finally all important notifications I need working perfectly. ;)

      Thanks Samsung. ;)

    • John Doe

      Sorry, if it does not work with phones other than Samsung, I am not interested, and they are closing themselves off to a huge market segment! (unless I am missing something here ..)
      Also Battery life is a huge problem here .. If they cannot make it work at least 2~3 days without a recharge then what is the point!! I mean really …

    • Noel

      Oh great. The Galaxy Gear gets an update. Meanwhile I’m still waiting for Samsung to actually issue an update for my Note 2 before I can even consider buying/using a Gear. Thanks, Samsung. -,-

      • Briana

        Finally all important notifications I need working perfectly. ;)

    • A Googler

      yeah i want to strap a brick to my wrist and look like a total dork wearing one of these not to mention being eyed suspiciously by anyone with kids having a pervo camera on it.

    • Nian

      May I remind everyone that if you bought a normal watch with a nice display and functions, it would cost allot more from Citizen, Tissot and Guess… Plus most others.